Welcome to DumpOzzie Dot Com – a community effort to expose and replace a corrupt and murderous Sheriff with innocent blood on his hands…

DumpOzzie.com and the Rattlesnakes MC are “Liked” by Anonymous – no political agendas here… just the truth, accountability, openness and transparency.

Welcome to DumpOzzie.com. I changed my name to DumpOzzie Dot Com and placed it on the ballot for Sheriff for just one reason… to bring your attention to the truth.

This is a community based campaign for the truth – accountability, opennessĀ  and transparency… and not about party politics and their selfish agendas. This campaign is simply about bringing attention to dead pastors, kids, veterans, reserve deputies, a multitude of dead and forgotten inmates in the Spokane County Jail, the Sheriff’s phony Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) Investigations, and all the continuing and costly lawsuits against all of us – the taxpayers! As, often ignored by the local de-Press-ed and their liberal agenda.

Is Knezovich really a Constitutional Sheriff, a Christian Conservative, or even a Republican? Is he a part of the Cowles and the Downtown Interests along with FEMA?

For Scott Maclay – DumpOzzie Dot Com, who has given the past 18 years of his life in standing-up to a corrupt and murderous Sheriff with blood on his hands… and why is this such a problem for the local de-Press-ed in disparaging him for simply asking the questions, and providing the answers, that they won’t address???

You will, most likely, will be in disbelief and shock when confronted with the primary source documentation and the truth that demonstrates that Knezovich is, in fact, a corrupt and murderous sheriff with innocent blood on his hands… as supported by the Cowles and their Downtown Agenda constructed in returning our tax revenues to their control and the Liberal, Left George Soro’s Agenda… decide for yourself!?!