So, how will the Spokeman-Review respond should Sheriff Knezovich and Deputy Pendell be INDICTED in the death of SFD Lt. Terry Canfield? And just prior to the next election?

This would likely be the most embarrassing moment in the history of the GOP… and along with Knezovich’s endorsement of CMR – would terminate her political future as well. If, triple murderer Roy Murry can be convicted without a murder weapon, then why not Deputy Pendell who gave Murry his guns back from the LVPD, from his personal residence, in the middle of the night – guns that could have easily been converted to the caliber of the missing murder weapon – resulting in his placement on Prosecutor Haskell’s Brady Cop List for lying to Investigators, and should a Deputy on the Brady Cop List be a Resource Officer at Medical Lake High School? And, while Knezovich prematurely cancelled the Investigation… and immediately initiated defamation lawsuits against Matt Shea and Scott Maclay on behalf of Pendell for questioning his involvement? This isn’t FAKE NEWS folks, and one would have to question why the S-R is constantly creating FAKE NEWS against both Maclay and Shea – why is Tom Clouse and the S-R not investigating and reporting this story? CMR would be well-advised to distance herself from, and denounce Knezovich’s or the S-R’s endorsement. Stay tuned, for more details on these Unholy Alliances ; ) See the excerpt in the “blue box” from by SPD Retired Detective, Brian Breen:

And, CMR, how could the S-R have missed all this… and, why would you even contemplate accepting an endorsement from, or endorsing Knezovich?

JUST RELEASED – More troubling developments for Sheriff Knezovich – the resurfacing of the missing Brian Standow Family Video of the execution of Army Veteran Zed Zillmer – not included in Sheriff Knezovich’s original Investigative Report with NO Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) Formal Review:

Raising even more questions for the local de-press-ed in covering-up for a corrupt and murderous Sheriff with blood on his hands… you won’t find this in any of the local de-press-ed:

These are the Deputies who will shoot you even if your on your knees and with your hands in the air. Justified… Decide yourself!?! Apparently, surrendering is not always an option under the current leadership at the SCSO?

Other Daily News: And, while Spokane has become #3 in the nation for Property Crimes, it has become #1 in the nation for inmates killed in the Spokane County Jail… Seventh Inmate killed in Spokane County Jail in Fourteen Months  at the hands of Knezovich Minions… so, if it’s not too much inconvenience for the S-R, maybe, we could ask for the running total since Knezovich became Sheriff?

A Message to Northwest GrassRoots… maybe, this is why Knezovich turned on a political entity that once supported him?

Meet the Candidate: Dumpozzie Dot Com (I)

Meet the Candidate: Dumpozzie Dot Com (I)Sheriff

Posted by Spokane Talks on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Spokane County: #3 in the Nation in Property Crimes… #1 in inmate deaths in the Jail – think about that for one more moment. How is Knezovich making you and your family more safe?

Post Election Results: Why Lisa Brown (D) should consider endorsing DumpOzzie Dot Com (I) and before Sheriff Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?) who really knows, targets in replacing her… and as he has rumored to do.


In Fleecing Sheriff Knezovich out of 27,500 votes – it didn’t cost us a cent in campaign costs. And, here’s how Lisa Brown (D) could best serve the community in assisting The Dumpster (I) in permanently removing our shared archenemy and FAKE Republican, Sheriff Oddly Knezovich (?). See my call out to my Democratic friends below…

We’ll look to Brian Breen at for the exact estimations in the morning, but based on the preliminary numbers, has earned, and or cost Sheriff Knezovich in the Under Vote – voters who did not vote for either candidate for Sheriff – an estimated 27,500 votes!!! So, while he may be extremely proud of the wool he is pulling over the eyes of the uninformed voters, is certainly giving him a fleecing : )

And, we didn’t spend a cent in accomplishing that deficit to Knezovich.

Folks, those voters aren’t coming back to Knezovich, so, imagine, what could be accomplished if each and everyone of you who voted for all of us informed or converted just a few uninformed voters in the next 90 days before the November election…

It’s inevitable that Knezovich will end up getting caught covering-up some conspiracy in the death of some innocent victim in that period… so, keep-up the good work, we can now begin to see the end of a corrupt and murderous Sheriff with blood on his hands – The Dumpster : )

To my friends in the Democratic Party: Some of you have expressed your concerns in supporting me as an Independent as you believe that I and Matt Shea are political allies – we are not friends and not by any definition. While Matt and I have served together in the trenches in demanding accountability, openness and transparency of Sheriff Knezovich (R), and in fighting his militarization of our local Law Enforcement, the MRAP, and his plans in the expansion of the Spokane County Jail… what Democrat would object to that… and we honestly haven’t communicated in well over a couple of years and while I haven’t even sought his endorsement for Sheriff. I have a Labor Degree from EWU, and interned under Sean Harrigan of the UFCW. I worked at URM Stores as a Teamster and served as the Shop Steward while today enjoying a partial retirement related to my condition with asbestos. I am not a member of Grass Roots, I am not a member or active in the local GOP/RSC – mostly made up of FBI Informants and Ozlicans anyways, and I have supported local Democrats like Char Lichty for Mayor and Jocelyn Cook in her bid for Spokane County Prosecutor and to replace Larry Haskell. I am an Independent, a conservative, and I often attend St. John’s Cathedral Episcopal Church – I am not that narrow minded – and I am my own unique individual. I am unique, with experience in both political parties and I am most comfortable as an Independent. I recently even stopped in and introduced myself at the Democrat Headquarters… and at Lisa Brown’s Headquarters… I am not a known supporter of CMR – who blessed Spokane County in assisting Knezovich in his appointment into his role as Sheriff and while remaining silent in his corrupt, murderous and costly lawsuits. And, it seems to me, that if politics can make strange bedfellows, and with the wave of Democratic victories tonight in the local primary… somebody ought to be thinking about what this The Dumpster (I) – who is an Independent for the truth and justice could accomplish with your support and with this opportunity to slay the most powerful, remaining Republican Monster that we will all will have to continue to deal with and for the next four years…

If, you truly care about accountability, openness and transparency, as I do… and without regard to party politics – then why not help me slay Knezovich now… if, you take the votes you earned and add them to the votes I earned and displaced tonight – Knezovich is likely history, think about it. Will deal with our differences later. You may not get another opportunity such as this, and it is his known intent to replace CMR or Lisa Brown… whichever comes first. So, why not assist me in replacing him first?

The Biggest Winner: as featured in yesterday’s S-R’s article – somewhat of a retraction – however, not on the Sunday front page edition: In this edition I am only referred to by the S-R as a “Conspiracy Theorist,” thankfully not as a “bigot” or “racist” or “psychopath.” This is a big improvement:

The saddest loser in the S-R’s recent hit-piece against the Dumpster. My “estranged” sister, Sheri Herberholtz: Her biker bar, Cruisers, shut-down at Stateline, Idaho, for her own nudity, and permitting other females in doing so by the Idaho Liquor Control Board – along with a $25,000 dollar fine. She sold-out, moved to Florida, and then apparently had another unfortunate encounter with law enforcement there. As, I don’t drink alcohol and encourage others not to consume alcohol accordingly, I guess it’s kinda “strange” that the S-R didn’t Google her name and share this in their FAKE NEWS hit-piece against me while misleading all of you… Sad, very sad, Sheri stated in the article that she moved to Florida to get away from me… but apparently she took all her past problems with her and had to get naked again while being booked into the County Jail there : ) Sheriff Knezovich never denounces his supporters when he is “using” them – Phil Tyler, Deputy Hirzel, Deputy Bodman, Deputy Pendell, Bob West, Brandi Peetz, Laura Renz and Brian Standow?

Another, swing and a miss – this is well over three strikes!?! Another big loser in the recent S-R’s hit piece against me: Sheriff Supporter Laura Renz who now – along with the likes of Bob West, Brandi Peetz, and even the Sheriff… have all lost in their attempts to gain Restraining Orders against me and in silencing this website. So, who’s next? You would think that Knezovich would be “denouncing” any affiliation with this kind of on-going nonsense… Not so, FBI Informant and Ozlican, Republican, State Committeeman Brian Standow is likely next… stay tuned! And, who is fake Facebook Page, Barry White:

Primary Source Documents for this post available at:

And, finally, the FBI’s JTTF must be devastated… the resignation of Brian Standow… maybe, it would be easier, and a lot more affordable if they just recruited me… to spy on myself – just sayin : )

Called it, I seriously warned Brian Standow not to get involved with Knezovich and his band of Merry Ozlican’s… anyone, and everyone, is expendable. And, there is no loyalty to anyone, especially; Conservative Christian Republicans…


Scott Maclay – DumpOzzie Dot Com can be reached at 509.714.7974 or at or Face Book at

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