Here are the Top-Ten+ Pictures/Reasons not to vote for Sheriff Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?), whatever… these are the reasons why I placed my name on the ballot for Sheriff – to report the truth – decide for yourself.


Ryan Holyk, the victim of the Sheriff’s cover-up, conspiracy and phony video demonstrating that Holyk was not struck by Deputy Bodman… which raises another question in what Knezovich has done with Deputy Bodman – MIA from the SCSO? Sheriff Knezovich?

Pastor Creach, shot to death on his own property, at the Valley Plant Farm. The Medical Report says he was on his knees, and with his hands in the air, and with his own blood on the back of his raised hands!?! And what has become of the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) Report into his death? Crickets! Bob West, and Brandi Peetz say it exists, so where is it Knezovich?

Pastor Creach’s wife would like to know why it is so important to Knezovich to have unmarked patrol vehicles? I met with her with attending her church several weeks back. I promised her that as Sheriff I will comply with this community concern and make the necessary changes.

Ryan Holyk, does this look like a kid who simply fell off his bike as Knezovich asserts? Ryan died of massive head and chest trauma just days after Knezovich asserted that Deputy Bodman did not strike this child, and even though Bodman told the truth and is still trying to tell the truth while mentally recovering from this ongoing lie! The entire SCSO is outraged in Knezovich in insisting in maintaining Bodman’s silence while seeking to get re-elected – again!!!

SFD Lt. Terry Canfield, and his family were killed at their family home by convicted murderer Roy Murry. I reported that the convicted murderer was in the home of Deputy Pendell just prior in retrieving his guns from Deputy Pendell and the LVPD… Lt. Terry Canfield and his family were murdered, and I and Matt Shea got a defamation lawsuit supported entirely by Knezovich – and that has now resulted in Deputy Pendell being placed on Prosecutor Haskell’s Brady Cop List for lying!!! The Lawsuit is all but dead… as is the truth in this matter under a cover-up by Knezovich, but not when I am elected and I reopen this Investigation in search of Knezovich’s role in it, and his cover-up and conspiracy.

Matt Shea (R) has suffered at the hands of Sheriff Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?) whatever, and more that anyone else in simply wanting to preserve our local Republican Party and free of the FAKE Republicans that Knezovich has created in his Republicans of Spokane County (RSC). Which is made up of Liberals, Democrats, Progressives and host of other posers that Knezovich often calls on to run against the real Christian, Conservative, Republicans that Shea has established – like Ed Pace, Mike Munch, Caleb Collier and others that Knezovich often violates the Policies and Procedures of the SCSO in searching out candidates that will simply support his control of the City of Spokane Valley Police Department – a practice he has been actively involved in for 18 years, and since our inception as a City, I know as I have been fighting to install a more cost-effective law enforcement department and for all those years! Matt Shea on the local media: they are dirty, godless and hateful people – Amen!

Spokane County is #3 for property crimes in the Nation… and #1 for inmate deaths in the Jail. Can you imagine what would happen if the jail were to be expanded, at taxpayer expense, under the Leadership of Knezovich and his minions!?! As, your next Constitutional Sheriff, my office will be in the Jail, while available to any inmate contemplating suicide, and working towards taxpayer cost-saving “diversion programs” with NO JAIL EXPANSION!

Mark Sterk, is the past Sheriff of Spokane County, we haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but I do share his concern about the working conditions in the SCSO under Sheriff Knezovich. Recently, I have attended Sterk’s church in the Valley and attended his Bible Study on a couple of occasions. I have come to respect him, and will seek his presence on my Quality Management Board in running the SCSO.

The Mormon Lavoy Finicum Family… if, ever there a was evidence that Sheriff Knezovich is not a Constitutional Sheriff – or even a dedicated Mormon – this is it. During Knezovich’s last Threats we Face Event, Knezovich stated that he would have starved Lavoy out! Coming from a Sheriff who wouldn’t denounce a Deputy for stating that the MRAP is for Constitutionalists amassing guns and ammunition, left town to avoid an interview with INFOWARS, files Restraining Orders to take the gun rights away from his political opponents – like me, and denies PRR’s in determining his exact role with FEMA… this is not a Constiutional Sheriff or Constitutional anything.

My “estranged” sister, Sheri Herberholtz, who participated in a recent “hit piece” against me with the Spokesman Review. Had her biker bar, Cruisers, shut-down at Stateline, Idaho for nudity by the Idaho Liquor Control Board along with a $25,000 dollar fine. Sold out, moved to Florida, and then had another unfortunate encounter there. As, I don’t drink alcohol and encourage others not to consume alcohol accordingly, I guess it’s kinda “strange” that the S-R didn’t share this in their FAKE NEWS hit-piece against me in misleading all of you… right? Her arrest for in Florida is somehow probably my fault too? But, Sheriff Knezovich never denounces his supporters when he is using them… right… Phil Tyler, Deputy Hirzel, Deputy Bodman, Deputy Pendell, Bob West, Brandi Peetz, Laura Renz and Brian Standow.

Phil Tyler looking to Jesus for help with the pending Discrimination Lawsuit filed against him and his buddy the Sheriff by the women in the Spokane County Jail… when caught in an embarassing situation like this, the Sheriff just starts calling everyone else bigots and racists and white nationalists…

Sheriff Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?) whatever, endorsing Amy Biviano (D), the wife of Andrew Biviano the leader of the local Democratic Party, as pictured on her mail-out to the voters in her recent bid against Rep. Matt Shea (R)… you would think this would be a concern to the local GOP? r=fake republican, D=democrat, p=progressive, which leaves you with ?=WTF? Which is what most real conservatives are asking about the Sheriff’s formation of his own Republican Party called the Republicans of Spokane County, or RSC, who supports him and the fake republicans he supports for offices like Brandi Peetz, Linda Thompson, and Chris Jackson – Valley Democratic Leader Sally Jackson’s grandson.

Another Knezovich (r) endorsement to Candice Mumm (D) over Christian Conservative Republican – Josh Kerns (R), of his own Republican Party. Is anyone starting to question why our Fake Republican Sheriff is endorsing Democrats over established Christian Conservative Republicans?

Rob Chase (R), selected by the local GOP PCO’s to replace Shelly O’Quinn… but not acceptable to Knezovich (r) who supported yet another Fake Republican with absolutely no proven credentials – Mary Kuney (?). This pattern is undeniable and certainly a menace to the Real Republicans in the local GOP diligently working for the good of their own future.

Bob West “fired” by the City of Spokane for misuse of public computers and proprietary programs in assisting his daughter, Brandi Peetz (?) in stealing an election from Caleb Collier (R) in the City of Spokane Valley with the endorsement and support of Sheriff Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?) whatever, while violating the SCSO Policies and Procedures in doing so. Bob West and Brandi Peetz, both hand-picked members of the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) in throwing Ryan Holyk back in the street to make sure he was good and dead while exonerating Knezovich – that, folks, cost us a million dollars in a legal lawsuit.

And, what has become of Deputy Bodman… who struck Holyk and told the truth that “he just hit a kid?” Now missing from the SCSO as Knezovich glides towards yet another re-election? Knezovich silenced Bodman in the last election, and is permanently silencing him in this one – now permanently missing from the SCSO for mental issues related to this on-going cover-up and conspiracy at the hands of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with the Blood of Ryan Holyk on his own hands. Do you think this outcome would have been the same if this had been some Mormon’s kid?










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