A corrupt and murderous journalist… with blood on his hands. A requirement in blindly supporting a corrupt and murderous Sheriff?

Tom Clouse, and the Spokesman Review: As, It is now a matter of Public Record that Laura Renz lost her appeal today, before Judge Price in seeking a baseless Restraining Order – the fourth such failed attempt by Ozlicans since placing my name on the¬† ballot for Sheriff, and for the truth… I would simply like to thank you for constructing a public flogging against me for simply being community minded and in wanting to share the truth about Sheriff Knezovich.

All, I am trying to do, in changing my name to DumpOzzie Dot Com, is in making more voters aware of the truth about our corrupt and murderous Sheriff by asking the questions that you, and the rest of the local de-press-ed won’t ask, and in exposing the truth about Sheriff Knezovich… so, thanks for the public flogging – that’s just so community minded of you.

For the record, I have NO criminal record. NO active restraining order against me, and despite multiple recent attempts by Bob West, Brandi Peetz, Sheriff Knezovich and Laura Renz.

I have had two completed medical bankruptcies related to my diagnosis with Asbestos. I am on SSDI and a patient at the Center for Asbestos Related Diseases in Libby, Montana. I do not consume alcohol, and I actively assist others in achieving the same outcome – I do not party naked or have had anyone hold a gun on me or do I even play with guns – and I have a legal Concealed Weapons Permit.

I worked for the Sheriff’s Department for 3 years as a Field Agent for the SCSO under Capt. Corky Braun in dismantling the Aryan Nations and the Order – I was there. I have an “inactive” Washington Real Estate Broker’s License that I may activate at will. I am an accomplished licensed pilot and worked at Rocket Engineering/Jet Prop at Felts Field.

I was a Registered Respiratory Therapist with an Acute Cardiac Life Support Certification, a BLS/CPR Instructor, a Pediatric and Neo-Natal Specialist working in a Critical Access Hospital in the E.R. until your article resulted in my “termination.” You should be proud.

Do you enjoy disparaging the handicapped and the truth?

Is this why you became a professional Journalist? Now it’s my turn to target you and the Spokesman-Review through a “defamation lawsuit” – against you and everyone who participated in your “con” against the community.

I will be elected as Sheriff, and I will prevail in suing you and yours accordingly. Seriously, what is wrong with you people in protecting a corrupt and murderous Sheriff at all costs???

Scott Maclay / DumpOzzie Dot Com, 509.714.7974 Scott@scottmaclay.com

As your Constitutional Sheriff, I will “terminate” this cozy relationship between the local de-press-ed and Sheriff Knezovich that has never, ever resulted in a real investigation against him by the Spokesman Review in all his cover-ups, conspiracies, unexplained deaths, phony CAB Reviews, and costly lawsuits… as exposed here on DumpOzzie.com


Why, should I even talk to the local media? Matt Shea doesn’t…


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