As Sheriff, here are the changes I will implement along with my silent supporters in the SCSO and the Community… in restoring accountability, openness and transparency to the Sheriff’s Department.


Meet the Candidate: Dumpozzie Dot Com (I)

Meet the Candidate: Dumpozzie Dot Com (I)Sheriff

Posted by Spokane Talks on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Scott Maclay pictured left. I love working with neonates, children, and the elderly… and I am certified and licensed as a Registered Respiratory Therapist accordingly. But, I almost didn’t make through medical school as Knezovich personally attempted to have me bounced in keeping me from achieving this day – in placing my name of the ballot for Sheriff.

I am pro-God, pro-His Word, pro-Constitution, pro-family, pro-gun, and pro-life. I am a dad, a grand-dad, and even a great grand-dad – and I have been active in this community most all of my life. And, Dumpozzie Dot Com is collectively the movement of everyone pressing for accountability, openness and transparency in the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

I will not support expanding the Spokane County Jail – as we cannot even manage the one we have. And, my office with be in the Jail, and anyone arrested, for any reason by a SCSO Deputy, will need to be cleared by me, personally, in gaining access to the jail and in remaining there. Clearly, there are too many people being processed through the Jail that have no business in staying there. And I will work diligently towards establishing a Night and Weekend Court in processing citizens who really don’t belong there – and that we really can’t afford in keeping while expanding home monitoring for those of lessor offenses.

I will seek to restore the trust of the Spokane County Commissioners in regaining control and responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the Jail Facility and in eliminating deaths and the resulting costly lawsuits, as experienced under Knezovich and funded by you, the taxpayers.

If, you are arrested by a SCSO Deputy, you will be read your Constitutional Rights, and you will be informed of your charges, and assisted in procuring legal representation prior to any containment in the Jail – Constitutional Rights that have been eliminated by our so-called Constitutional Sheriff – and as experienced in my recent false arrest and false containment in the Jail, at his hands, following the Samuel Strahan Memorial.

I will eliminate the Sheriff’s Last-Chance Agreement with the Spokane County Sheriff Deputy’s Association – a cozy relationship that hasn’t resulted in a single, arrest or charge of any of the 60-70 Deputies terminated by Knezovich in his entire tenure as Sheriff. And, Prosecutor Haskell will finally be free to conduct investigations and in filing charges without any undue influence by Knezovich, or me, as your new Sheriff. If, as a Deputy, you have an illicit sexual affair with a minor at any High School, or drive too fast at night without lights and sirens in striking a child, or in driving way too fast while chasing a suspect the wrong way down a one-way on Live PD, or violate the SCSO Policies and Procedures, you will be arrested and charged – including; me, as your new Sheriff.

There will be no more violating the Policies and Procedures of the SCSO. No more endorsing or supporting candidates or interfering in the political affairs of the Independent Municipalities within Spokane County. No more posting the Sheriff’s image on Crime Check Billboards, No more posting politically motivated materials or videos on the SCSO’s Facebook or  Webpage. No more discrimination of women Jailers in the Jail. No more using the Public’s gas card in putting gas in the Sheriff’s private vehicle. And, no more seeking to become the Chief of the SPD while serving as the Sheriff of Spokane County. No more violations of the SCSO Policies and Procedures or in seeking to have anyone “denounced,” or sued, as in a defamation lawsuit, by anyone affiliated with the SCSO, including the Office of Sheriff, and under any circumstances.

There will be body cams and patrol vehicle dash cams – and they will work properly or the Deputy in operation will be held accountable, and all patrol vehicles will be properly marked! There will be a Citizen Review Board that is not under the control or influence of the Sheriff or the Sheriff’s Office. It will be truly independent, possess investigative power, and make independent and disciplinary recommendations accordingly that will be accepted.

I will eliminate SCOPE – that has become nothing more than Knezovich’s community re-election campaign offices. I am going to introduce and press for a new Citizen Deputy Program that provides limited legal authority to Citizen Deputies in policing their own neighborhoods and in participating in assisting actual Deputies in patrol assignments. I will look to institute a program where neighborhood pastors will serve in this same role and working in assisting and resolving issues and problems within their own nieghborhoods.

There will be no more clandestine relationships between the Sheriff’s Office and the local de-press-ed… in protecting and promoting the Sheriff in cover-ups and conspiracies, at all costs, over the truth. The truth will come first, and the Sheriff’s personal outcome – last.

I will terminate Knezoivch’s Recruitment Office in the Spokane Valley Mall and also the billboards at taxpayer expense. Their will be no more costly lawsuits related to dead pastors, dead kids, dead veterans, and dead visiting reserve deputies from neighboring counties… just accountability, openness and transparency.

And, if there is a successful lawsuit, and a condemning Report from the Citizen’s Review Board, someone may be getting terminated and prosecuted – period. And, there will be apologies when apologies are due! I will decentralize the leadership in the Department and institute more checks and balances. I will demilitarize the working environment that welcomes casual dress, and a commitment in returning Spokane County to the Mayberry RFD community that it used to be… before Knezovich. And, the MRAP will be sent back… and, there will be no more SCSO participation in the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

I will introduce a SCSO School Safety Support Program in utilizing the Sheriff’s Training Facility for School Districts who want to expand my Citizen Deputy Program into their respective districts and in arming school teachers accordingly. And, yes, I am pro-NRA. I will support a Constitutional Carry County – or at the very least, on-line gun permits for law abiding citizens… and you will not be cited for sipping a latte, or talking on a hands-free cell phone, or, more importantly, for using your weapon in stopping a crime that threatens anyone’s life, liberty… or property!

Justice for Pastor Creach, for Ryan Holyk, Zed Zillmer, William Berger, and Sheriff Knezovich. And, namely, you the taxpayers of Spokane Co.

And, you have my word on all of this, and as a life-long resident of Spokane County… my word is my bond. No one, that has ever been a candidate for Sheriff has ever proven their commitment to self-defense more than Scott Maclay… the press will try to say otherwise, but I have no problem in anyone in pulling one’s concealed weapon and “threatening” to use it… against anyone who is also “threatening” to take anyone’s life, liberty… or property! Any questions? If, we are to preserve the values that mean the most to us here in Eastern Washington, we must work to become the 51st State of Liberty.

You can reach Scott Maclay – Dumpozzie Dot Com – at 509.714.7974 or at

Sheriff Knezovich is actively funding Deputy Pendell’s lawsuit in suing Matt Shea and Scott Maclay for calling him out in the missing murder weapon in the death of SFD Lt. Terry Canfield – and even though the Court has ruled that Pendell is a Public Official with no future prospect of any economic outcome, and as Pendell now finds himself on Prosecutor Haskell’s “Brady Cop List” – for LYING!

The Sheriff’s Mormon Brother Deputy Pendell participated with Sheriff Knezovich in initiating a Defamation Lawsuit against Scott Maclay in attempting to silence his inquiries into the missing guns in the Terry Canfield triple murder. But, in the end, it is Pendell who finds himself now on the Prosecutor’s “Brady Cop list” for lying. Are both the Sheriff and Pendell involved in a cover-up and a cover-up and a conspiracy in the Canfield murders? I think so… and as Sheriff, I will re-open this investigation.

I am really not surprised. As Sheriff, my office will be in the jail, and any inmate placed there by any SCSO Deputy, will have to be approved by me to be admitted. And, any Inmate who needs consultation will have direct access to me accordingly. I will press for a Night, and Weekend Court, and anyone who doesn’t really belong in jail will be booked and released, and I will seek to expand home monitoring accordingly.

Four deaths – four suicides, and in recent months. And, on top of all the others and costly lawsuits against Sheriff Knezovich, Spokane County, and you the taxpayers. When is enough, enough?


Spokane is now #3 in the Nation in Property Crimes… but clearly this has nothing to do with Knezovich… right?

SPOKANE NOW #3 IN THE NATION FOR PROPERTY CRIMES!… and Senator Michael Baumgartner couldn’t hold back on the criticism of Knezovich beginning back in 2016.

The Senator had nice things to say about Knezovich, but also unspooled a litany of critiques: He pointed out that Knezovich hadn’t succeeded in getting his police accountability bill through the legislature.

“I liked the bill, but Ozzie was unable to build much of a coalition behind the bill,” Baumgartner says. “He just doesn’t have much experience in actually building a coalition to turn ideas into actual laws.”

He suggested that Knezovich hasn’t been battle-tested in a tough election. He noted that Knezovich has been pushing for a new jail for years, but has never been able to gather enough support for a tax increase to make it happen.…/sheriff-knezovich-blasts-suggest……/spokane-ranked-3rd-as-most-dangerous-c…

Sheriff Knezovich: can’t control his deputies, claims to have fired some 60-70 deputies – without a single charge from Larry Haskell – and can’t recruit deputies!?! Nothing is going to change in the SCSO until the environment changes, and that’s not going to change as long as Knezovich is Sheriff. Had enough? Vote: DumpOzzie Dot Com.

My good friend – Ryan Holyk’s father, Aaron, at the front doors to the City of Spokane Valley Police Department… this is not why we Incorporated the City of Spokane Valley… we deserve our own Police Department – and I am the perfect candidate in doing so. Photo posted on Facebook by Tim Viall… 










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