More Unholy Alliances – Sheriff Knezovich says that no one can get elected as a Republican – but, maybe as a little bit republican (r), a lot Democrat (D), a Progressive (p) or whatever (?) works – the Fake Republicans = Ozlicans!

Sheriff Knezovich has said that no one can get elected as a Republican. So here is the Sheriff’s new approach in convincing Liberal Democrats, Progressives, and even Immigrants in voting for him…

Fake Republicans Bob, West, and his daughter Brandi Peetz, hanging out at Democratic Leader Sally Jackson’s home in the Spokane Valley as Republican Sheriff Poser Knezovich snaps the photo.

First you got make the Democrats believe that your… really a Democrat. Here is a picture of Bob West, fired from the City of Spokane, for improperly using proprietary computers and information in the service of his daughter, Fake Republican Brandi Peetz, who used the intelligence while running against a known Valley Christian Conservative – Councilman Caleb Collier. Caleb lost to Peetz who apparently didn’t lose any integrity while appearing at Valley Democratic Leader, Sally Jackson’s, home while posing for a picture with Sally, her father, and Sally’s grandson – Chris Jackson (D).

But, sometimes, that just not enough in convincing the Democrats, so Knezovich took an additional step at Sally’s home embracing past Valley Democrat Legislator – George Orr. But why not Valley Republican Legislators Matt Shea, Bob McCaslin Jr., or Senator Mike Padden?

Sheriff Knezovich has developed a healthy appetite for Democrats in the Spokane Valley as in this mailer for Amy Biviano – over the Valley’s favorite Republican son – Matt Shea. And, when Knezovich is confronted with the truth about Biviano – we get this nonsense:

And, Knezovich kicked Republican County Commissioner, Josh Kerns, to the curb over Democrat CandiceĀ  Mumm. Most all these photos can be found on Dump Ozzie on Facebook.


In fact, Knezovich supported Ben Wick for Valley City Council over Conservative Republican Ed Pace. And, as Wick, campaigned and worked hand-in-hand with Peetz while often waiving on street corners and in yard sign placement and maintenance – a first even in the Spokane Valley!

And, Knezovich endorsed yet another nobody with absolutely no Republican experience in Brandi Peetz. Brandi, and her father, Bob West, were both on Knezovich’s Citizen’s Advisory Board exonerating Knezovich while the rest of us funded his costly debacles in both the Pastor Creach and Ryan Holyk – in his cover-ups, conspiracies and costly lawsuits. And, while kicking yet another established Republican and Christian Conservative, Caleb Collier to the curb.

Finally, in violating the Policies and Procedures of the Sheriff’s Department in each and every one of these examples in endorsing and supporting candidates, most Democrats, who are as equally desperate in re-gaining their stronghold in the Spokane Valley as Knezovich is in holding on to control of our Law enforcement contract – which represents some 70% of his budget. Knezovich endorsed Linda Thompson – another Republican nobody – over established Republican, and Christian Conservative, Mike Munch.

Clearly, if ever there was a “snake in the grass,” Knezovich is fully prepared and willing to shoot any pastor, or run down any kid, or bully and intimidate anyone, anyone who gets between him and the Valley’s law enforcement contract. And, the beatings will continue, until he has complete control of our Valley City – and, even if that costs us an additional two million dollars, a year, and year after year after year, over forming our own Police Department as we promised the Voters in achieving Incorporation. Welcome to the new world of our Ozlican Sheriff.

Even, if, he has to create his own FAKE Republican Party to achieve it.

To be continued… stay tuned.

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