It would be impossible to debate Knezovich… as he is his own expert, provides his own evidence, and is the keeper of all his own facts in framed debates – and because he often doesn’t answer Public Record Requests, he is now the respondent in a lawsuit against him accordingly… and, again, at public expense – Updated 09.01.2018.

Brian Breen, a retired 40 year veteran of the SPD as an Internal Affairs Detective, has filed a lawsuit against Knezovich for deceptive practices in responding to Public Records Requests… and, often, Knezovich doesn’t even respond at all.

It would be impossible to debate Sheriff Knezoich, as he is his own “expert” in all his own debacles… and the keeper of all the facts in all of his own cover-ups, conspiracies and Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) Investigations, and outcomes, into all the questionable deaths in the community. And, he cannot afford to respond to Public Record Requests (PRR) accordingly… so now, all of you, the taxpayers, are going to fund his intentional violations of the State’s Public Disclosure Laws.

Will Matt Shea and Mike Volz possibly become involved in protecting the best interests of all the rest of us against an elected public official with a total disregard for accountability, openness and transparency?

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