When it comes to accountability, openness and transparency… Scott Maclay is already the Sheriff of Spokane County.

I spend a lot of time, today, in North Idaho and Montana where I have family and employment as an RRT. The Sheriff will be quick to point out that I do not own a home in Spokane County, but neither does he… and while the City of Spokane Valley is my legal residence… I seriously doubt I would even be alive, today, if I spent too much time there with his Ozlicans always seeking to harass me.

DumpOzzie.com is about the story of Scott Maclay and his journey in standing for accountability, openness and transparency with a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with Blood on his hands. Decide for yourself…

I attended Opportunity Elementary, North Pines Junior High, University High School, and then graduated from Central Valley High School.

I attended SCC, and graduated from EWU with a degree in Economics and Labor Relations. I worked full-time for U.R.M. Stores in the Warehouse as a member of the Teamster’s Union, where I earned a retirement pension, while raising a son and a daughter who also attended Valley schools, and remain here in the Spokane Valley while now raising my grandchildren – and in the very community and in the very schools that we all attended.

I am the direct descendant of Senator Samuel Maclay, Pennsylvania, who was their first Senator and attended Congress in New York City. Historically, he was the most Anti-Federalist of all our Forefathers, and the Godfather of our Jeffersonian, or Republican-Democratic system. And, I completely share in all his heritage; Pro-God, Pro-gun, Pro-life, and less government.

I interned under Sean Harrigan of the UFCW, and later became the leading, resale, real-estate broker in the Spokane Valley, for nearly two decades, and served as a Board Member on the Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce while working towards Incorporation of the Valley, and in establishing the City of Spokane Valley where I still legally reside today. And, contrary to a recent article in the Spokesman-Review, my Washington, Real-Estate Broker’s License is currently in Inactive Status with the DOL.

I also worked for a short period as the Director of Sales for the Mid-South Region for Rocket Engineering in the sales of JetProps and in my continuing love of flying.

Scott Maclay is not a racist… but Knezovich and Tyler did abuse and discriminate against the female employees in the Jail…

After being diagnosed with Asbestos from my early childhood years in Libby, Montana, and between my fifth and seventh grades as my step-father and mother worked for U.R.M. Stores there… I was confronted with the reality of adjusting to my developing, complicated health and lung issues, costly hospital stays with pneumonia, bankruptcy, and then in returning to SCC to complete two years of advanced classes in A&P, Biology, Chemistry, Math, and was accepted to medical school graduating with a Degree in Respiratory Care while completing successful clinicals in all the local area hospitals.

Today, I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist, working ER, PACU, Trauma, and as an Acute Care Life Support Specialist, a Certified Pediatric Acute Life Support Specialist, a Neonatal Resuscitation Program Specialist, and a Basic Life Support Instructor in outlying Critical Access Hospitals and local hospitals as well. I am currently licensed in Idaho and Washington.

Daring to tread… in attempting to squash the Rattlesnakes MC in holding Knezovich accountable. Who else, but Scott Maclay has been able to get to the truth?

I began confronting, then, Sergeant Knezovich, and his interventions into the City of Spokane Valley’s development as a member of the Law Enforcement Committee. I had served the SCSO as a volunteer member of the Dive Team, and while working undercover in the Federal Task Force that dismantled The Aryan Nations and The Order. My experience resulted in my selection and an employment opportunity with the Central Intelligence Agency, and my placement in the USAF Honorary Commander Program.

Me and a good friend of the Spokane Valley riding the North Fork of the CDA River.

I was well equipped to challenge then Sergeant Knezovich who represented the Spokane County Sheriff Deputy’s Association, and who was busy in, basically, “bribing”  candidates for our new Valley City Council in return for control of our Law Enforcement Contract – a practice that continues today – and that has resulting in the payments of thousands, and tens of thousands of dollars from the Deputy’s Association into the unwarranted interference in the affairs of the City of Spokane Valley, and while openly violating the Polices and Procedures of the SCSO. In fact, of the initial candidates that were elected, I was the only candidate who didn’t accept any contributions – but ask Diana Wilhite and Mike DeVleming how much they accepted next time you see them.

And here’s the math, to date, and over 18 years, this practice has cost us, the taxpayers of the City of Spokane Valley, 2 million dollars a year – which has now accumulated to some 36 million dollars, over the past 18 years, that Knezovich, who is not even a resident of the Spokane Valley, has continued in doing so… a total disrespect for the determination of the Voters in the Valley in Incorporation…

A City of Spokane Valley Police vehicle on his way to work early one morning in North Idaho – how much is this really costing us, the taxpayers, and why was Deputy Hirzel “fired” for this very same reason? Often, these Deputy’s can be seen speeding with their lights and sirens in the State of Idaho where they have absolutely NO authority. As Sheriff, this practice would come to an immediate end!

In effect, and since the Incorporation of the City of Spokane Valley, Knezovich has participated in undermining our cost-savings proposals to the taxpayers  while “bribing” Liberal Democrats and Progessives to run for offices in the Valley as Republican’s, and with no Republican history or values, against our Christian Conservatives while taking a stand against our Valley Legislators, while endorsing and supporting candidates who always vote for his costly law-enforcement contract and with deadly outcomes – and while violating the Sheriff’s Departments Policies and Procedures.


I orchestrated a protest at the Spokane Valley City Police Station, and with over 800 local citizens in attendance, and Deputy Moffett’s comments in that the MRAP was necessary for Constitutionalists amassing guns and ammunition – and why you never even disciplined the Deputy who said it. Here are some clips worthy of your consideration:

So, what has Sheriff Knezovich given us in return for our support?

A phony Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) and Investigations that even includes a missing Report in the Pastor Creach assassination…  shot on his knees with his hands in the air… while Knezovich scoffed at the taxpayers who endured a costly lawsuit and settlement while he continues in defending unmarked patrol vehicles – maybe, because, he drives one (?).

Your lucky I didn’t f#cking shoot you! Your SCSO Deputies under the leadership of Sheriff Knezovich. This is what happens when you “militarize” your local law enforcement department. No apologies… even when we do f#cking shoot you!

“Your lucky I didn’t f#cking shoot you,” Deputy Robert Brooke told the homeowner, who’s home his partner Deputy Evan Logan had just entered from the back through an unlocked door.

The only problem is, they’re snooping around the wrong house while investigating a potential burglary. They had been given the correct address, but they couldn’t find the house and assumed the caller was mistaken. Deputy Evan Logan walks around back and shines his light through the windows. He checks the handle on the double French doors that lead into the basement, and finding it unlocked he enters and begins to search the home!

Conner opens the door, and he’s ordered out of his house and onto his knees. The deputies put him in handcuffs at gunpoint, according to court documents. Conner filed a federal civil lawsuit against Deputy Robert Brooke and Deputy Evan Logan and Spokane County, including; claims of assault and battery, false arrest and imprisonment and negligence in a lawsuit that a Federal Judge ruled in June of 2015 – may be pursued – and with a likely outcome at taxpayer expense.

And, what leadership and integrity has Knezovich provided concerning these two deputies… not even an apology to their victim – Real Mormons do not commit assault and battery, false arrest and imprisonment and negligence without seeking restitution… just sayin Sheriff. Is anyone noticing a pattern here?


Brian Standow, now State Committeeman for the local GOP… filmed the execution style death of Zed Zillmer in the Spokane Valley… he subsequently lost his guns and his gun rights under questionable circumstances… along with the video of the Zillmer execution. He now can be found carrying a concealed weapon, supporting Sheriff Knezovich, but, hasn’t got a clue what became of the Zillmer Video… Unholy Alliances… right?

Brian Standow filmed the shooting of Zed Zillmer at the Spokane Valley Mall – claims to have given a copy to Treasurer Rob Chase, but he isn’t talking either. I’ve personally seen his video that shows Zillmer on his knees with his hands in the air. It appeared that possibly one Deputy may have accidentally fired one round… followed by a multitude of Deputies shooting Zillmer at least a dozen times… Standow then lost his guns and his gun rights at the hands of Knezovich under circumstances that would offend any law bidding citizen – along with the video of the Zillmer shooting. A coincidence?

Whether or not Standow will use his new position as a Republican State Committeeman in pressing Knezovich for accountability, openness and transparency, or in just becoming a part of the on-going problems in the GOP is now well understood… Standow’s desire to conceal carry a concealed weapon without a permit is apparently being permitted by Knezovich in exchange for Standow’s support of him in the Republican Party… more Unholy Alliances… right?


Phil Tyler, looks to Jesus for saving grace… and finding none, he looks to his good brother Sheriff Knezovich… who just like with Bob West, is dug-in over at the Sheriff’s Office waiting to see what everyone else knows before emerging in playing a role as a phony Mormon Saint.

Well, it is an election year, and a good time to practice cultural diversity… unless, it’s with Knezovich’s good friend Phil Tyler, and their cover-up of abuse of the female employees in the Spokane County Jail.


Mark Fuhrman supported Sheriff Knezovich….

Mark Fuhrman and Sheriff Knezovich have been friends for years… Fuhrman supported Knezovich for Sheriff… and just like with Tyler, Knezovich doesn’t say much about their relationship anymore…


Another 2.25 Million Dollar Settlement at the cost of the Taxpayers! Again, Knezovich is always in support of Deputies that really should have been held accountable, and fired!

Intentional cover-ups and conspiracies are taking the life and liberty of too many Spokane County Citizens to ignore. And, are costing us, the taxpayers, millions and millions and millions of public taxdollars!

This story really sums-up why I am preparing to run against a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff:


A Pro-life protester harassed and detained in violation of his Civil Rights… If, it wasn’t for a Valley Activist, Kayloni Bonner, this individual likely would have been arrested.

“This man (Deputy Lawhorn) should be disciplined by God himself,” can be clearly heard by the author who captured it and who has become one of the Valley’s most respected Activists – Kayloni Bonner.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Department recognizes the right of persons to lawfully record members of this department who are performing their official duties. Members of this department will not prohibit or intentionally interfere with such lawful recordings – SCSO Standard of Conduct. Yeah… right!?! And, another law biding citizen is denied his Constitutional Right for standing on the Word of God without any concern or intervention by Sheriff Knezovich.

At this point, you must be asking yourself the obvious question – why are there no video cameras in any of our City of Spokane Valley Patrol Vehicles or Body Cams on any of our City of Spokane Valley Police Officers? And, I think the answer is also obvious, because, dead Pastors, kids, and the violation of Citizen Rights would not be happening if Deputies/Officers were held accountable…

Decide for yourself, and ask yourself, how long will it be before Deputy Lawhorn gets himself into progressively deeper problems just like Deputy Hirzel did… ?

One thing we’ve learned by now with Sheriff Knezovich, is lessons unlearned in giving deputies complete freedom with no supervision, are lessons to be repeated. I thought most Mormons were pro-life? Apparently NOT according to Sheriff Knezovich… but, he’s not a real Mormon anyways is he? Watch the video and decide for yourself…


Rob Lee, pictured left, Matt Shea and Scott Maclay in the foreground were all in, in holding Knezovich accountable when it involved his son… but, not so much when it comes his best friends Maclay and Shea, and now that he has his settlement.


Sheriff Knezovich claims to have fired some 60-70 Deputies… but not one, not a single one, has ever been convicted for anything? How can you trust the integrity of your Sheriff’s Department under these circumstances???

Not even Deputy Cole Speer who committed Statutory Rape with a female student well over 5 years his junior – a legal requirement justifying Prosecution. Or Deputy Bodman, now missing from the SCSO in this election year for driving 75 m.p.h. down Sprague Ave., in the dark, with no lights and sirens in striking and killing Ryan Holyk – why does Prosecutor Haskell keep giving Knezovich these free passes? As Sheriff, this bullsh#t comes to an end.

Sheriff Knezovich says Ryan Holyk just fell off his bike… can you imagine what would of happened if he had said this to one of his fellow Mormon Families about their Mormon child?

The Sheriff placed a mysterious letter on the SCSO website claiming I had been asked to cease and desist… but unknown to Knezovich was that members of the family were actually funding our protests and our efforts in pressing for a re-investigation. What is truly amazing, is that Knezovich was actually acting like he was working on the behalf of the family!!!

I objected to Knezovich that Ryan Holyk had simply fell off his bike – suffering massive head and chest injuries, intubation and mechanical ventilation, and massive head and chest injuries… Knezovich threatened to arrest me and even stated that the Family wanted me to Cease and Desist. I appeared before the Sheriff’s CAB and demanded the truth, and that they not prematurely exonerate Knezovich as based on his own provided evidence… they didn’t listen.

Justice for Ryan… justice for Joseph Bodman… and, most importantly – Justice for Sheriff Knezovich.

And, nobody is listening to them now. A costly lawsuit and a Million dollar settlement was achieved for the family, and at taxpayer expense… but with no apology from the Sheriff. Who even built a phony video, at taxpayer expense, in staging a false outcome while misleading the public in getting re-elected. Who does this? Well, Sheriff Knezovich does this… all the time.

Knezovich has asked many, many community leaders to “denounce” Scott Maclay. Yet, other than for Phil Tyler, none have… why is that? Could it be because most of them also want the truth?


Sheriff Knezovich has asked the entire Valley City Council to “denounce” Scott Maclay, and specifically, Caleb Collier.

In fact, Knezovich has even texted me a number of individual demands to others… but, never a confirmation from any elected official.

Respect is earned, and even though there are those who don’t agree with my tactics… no one has even said that they disagree with my results!



I’ve asked to participate in the Sheriff’s Citizen’s Academy, and was rejected. I asked to participate in his CAB and was denied. I questioned his version of the truth in a multitude of outcomes with deputies that were never disciplined – not one – and while being disparaged for doing so.

Brother Deputy Pendell participated with Sheriff Knezovich in initiating a Defamation Lawsuit against Scott Maclay in attempting to silence his inquiries into the missing gun in the Terry Canfield triple murder. But, in the end, it is Pendell who now finds himself on Larry Haskell’s Prosecutor “Brady Cop List.” Are both the Sheriff and Pendell now involved in a cover-up and a conspiracy with criminal implications?

I’ve endured a baseless defamation lawsuit, and with the assistance of a team of people interested in the truth, we have proven the truth in precise detail… resulting in Deputy Pendell being placed on the Spokane County Prosecutor’s “Brady Cop List.” And, of all of Knezovich’s fears in this election year, the possibility that Deputy Pendell did, in fact, personally hand over a gun to Roy Murry in the middle of the night, at his personal residence, that was capable of being converted to the murder weapon in the SFD Terry Canfield family murders… is now very likely. Resulting in very serious criminal implications for the both of them. As Sheriff, I would get to the bottom of this matter and Knezovich and Pendell’s role in it. Brian Breen, a retired SPD Internal Affairs Detective with 40 years experience engages Knezovich:


Samuel Strahan, like Ryan Holyk, another victim of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff’s cover-up and conspiracy in getting re-elected in 2018. Did Deputy Nye check Caleb Sharpe’s golf bag when arriving at Freeman High School, or didn’t he? The School District had sent Sharpe for a mental evaluation… and knew he had made death threats… and even when he was returning to school. So, either way, the SCSO shares liability with all the victims in this incident, including; Caleb Sharpe. Where were the adults?

In detail: On the 23rd of September, 2017, I attended the Samuel Strahan Memorial at University High School. A public memorial, at a public high school that I once attended, as my kids, and even my grand kids.

I was surprised to see Knezovich there with a large contingent of City of Spokane Valley Police Officers. Knezovich, incited the Officers by stating that I was under investigation by the SCSO for making death threats against him, his wife, and his family.

Incredible and outrageous allegations that have now been proven completely false by the FBI. The Deputies harassed me while, as my public servants at a public event at a public high school, threatened to arrest me for Trespassing if I didn’t immediately leave… and I didn’t.

Knezovich initiated an incident in shoving me following the event, and while his Officers falsely arrested me, while giving me a very public flogging followed by solitary confinement in the Spokane County Jail. The Spokane County Prosecutor “dismissed” his charges the following Monday – and a Civil Rights lawsuit is now being formulated.

Bob West, past Co-Chair of the Sheriff’s Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB), “fired” from the City of Spokane for accessing City Computers and providing proprietary information to his daughter, Valley City Councilwoman Brandi Peetz in stealing an election from Caleb Collier… both were members of the Sheriff’s CAB that often exonerated Knezovich in matters like Ryan Holyk.

I personally appeared before the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) in urging the Board not to close the Holyk Investigation and in exonerating Deputy Bodman and Knezovich. I asked, with Knezovich in attendance, why the Board would even make this decision with an active lawsuit against the SCSO and Knezovich? Knezovich asked me what could possibly be missing from the evidence as provided in the three-ring binders in front of each and every one of his appointees to the Board? I asked if I could have one of the binders to inspect for myself in answering his question… and he replied… NO! Well, today, we know what was missing. It was the hat-band imprint from Ryan’s cap on Deputy Bodman’s Patrol Vehicle… and now even Deputy Bodman is missing from the SCSO???

Brandi Peetz, were still waiting… you participated in unethical activities in stealing an election while endorsed and supported by Sheriff Knezovich in violating the Policies and Procedures of the SCSO… you should step-down!

Bob West, misusing his position as Co-Chair, now past co-chair, of the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board… in contacting Brooks Clemmons – Pend Oreille County Prosecutor. Your tax dollars hard at work… right?


For all the up to the minute updates on all these developing stories, check in with Brian Breen, a Retired SPD Internal Affairs Detective with 40 years investigative experience at https://examplepro.me


Brian Breen is the King of the Sheriff’s Deplorables. Without his continuing dedication, guidance, spiritual inspiration and involvement in pressing Knezovich for accountability, openness and transparency, I am sure I would personally be in jail… or even worse.

I’ve never met Brian, and he doesn’t even call me a friend. He is dedicated to the truth, and anyone who is a friend of the truth… well, he tolerates. If you want detail, and the documented facts on all these stories as provided here on DumpOzzie, then stay informed and decide for yourself… https://examplepro.me

When confronted with the truth, no one should be forced by a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff in remaining silent… and that is why many in the Sheriff’s Department and our Community are supporting me and will benefit from new, decentralized, Leadership. Please vote for Scott Maclay and DumpOzzie Dot Com. The truth is now in your hands, and the truth will return us to Mayberry RFD.









Maclay vs. Knezovich – The Main Event… Coming in May. Are you ready?

So, who will it be? A Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with Blood on His Hands from Wyoming? Or a man with passion and a vision for accountability, openness and transparency from our own City of the Spokane Valley? The choice is coming… and the choice is yours!?! Also stay informed with Brian Breen at:


Justice is coming for Ryan Holyk… and it’s me. Mathew 5:5

Scott Maclay

Editor’s Note: Scott Maclay has served as a Field Agent for the SCSO on the Federal Task Force that dismantled the Aryan Nations and the Order. He was never a Confidential Informant or a member of the FBI’s JTTF and regardless of what the local reckless press may construct, orchestrate, or otherwise misrepresent – I present with no criminal convictions.

More Unholy Alliances – Sheriff Knezovich says that no one can get elected as a Republican – but, maybe as a little bit republican (r), a lot Democrat (D), a Progressive (p) or whatever (?) works – the Fake Republicans = Ozlicans!

Sheriff Knezovich has said that no one can get elected as a Republican. So here is the Sheriff’s new approach in convincing Liberal Democrats, Progressives, and even Immigrants in voting for him…

Fake Republicans Bob, West, and his daughter Brandi Peetz, hanging out at Democratic Leader Sally Jackson’s home in the Spokane Valley as Republican Sheriff Poser Knezovich snaps the photo.

First you got make the Democrats believe that your… really a Democrat. Here is a picture of Bob West, fired from the City of Spokane, for improperly using proprietary computers and information in the service of his daughter, Fake Republican Brandi Peetz, who used the intelligence while running against a known Valley Christian Conservative – Councilman Caleb Collier. Caleb lost to Peetz who apparently didn’t lose any integrity while appearing at Valley Democratic Leader, Sally Jackson’s, home while posing for a picture with Sally, her father, and Sally’s grandson – Chris Jackson (D).

But, sometimes, that just not enough in convincing the Democrats, so Knezovich took an additional step at Sally’s home embracing past Valley Democrat Legislator – George Orr. But why not Valley Republican Legislators Matt Shea, Bob McCaslin Jr., or Senator Mike Padden?

Sheriff Knezovich has developed a healthy appetite for Democrats in the Spokane Valley as in this mailer for Amy Biviano – over the Valley’s favorite Republican son – Matt Shea. And, when Knezovich is confronted with the truth about Biviano – we get this nonsense:


And, Knezovich kicked Republican County Commissioner, Josh Kerns, to the curb over Democrat Candice  Mumm. Most all these photos can be found on Dump Ozzie on Facebook.


In fact, Knezovich supported Ben Wick for Valley City Council over Conservative Republican Ed Pace. And, as Wick, campaigned and worked hand-in-hand with Peetz while often waiving on street corners and in yard sign placement and maintenance – a first even in the Spokane Valley!

And, Knezovich endorsed yet another nobody with absolutely no Republican experience in Brandi Peetz. Brandi, and her father, Bob West, were both on Knezovich’s Citizen’s Advisory Board exonerating Knezovich while the rest of us funded his costly debacles in both the Pastor Creach and Ryan Holyk – in his cover-ups, conspiracies and costly lawsuits. And, while kicking yet another established Republican and Christian Conservative, Caleb Collier to the curb.

Finally, in violating the Policies and Procedures of the Sheriff’s Department in each and every one of these examples in endorsing and supporting candidates, most Democrats, who are as equally desperate in re-gaining their stronghold in the Spokane Valley as Knezovich is in holding on to control of our Law enforcement contract – which represents some 70% of his budget. Knezovich endorsed Linda Thompson – another Republican nobody – over established Republican, and Christian Conservative, Mike Munch.

Clearly, if ever there was a “snake in the grass,” Knezovich is fully prepared and willing to shoot any pastor, or run down any kid, or bully and intimidate anyone, anyone who gets between him and the Valley’s law enforcement contract. And, the beatings will continue, until he has complete control of our Valley City – and, even if that costs us an additional two million dollars, a year, and year after year after year, over forming our own Police Department as we promised the Voters in achieving Incorporation. Welcome to the new world of our Ozlican Sheriff.

Even, if, he has to create his own FAKE Republican Party to achieve it.


To be continued… stay tuned.

It would be impossible to debate Knezovich… as he is his own expert, provides his own evidence, and is the keeper of all his own facts in framed debates – and because he often doesn’t answer Public Record Requests, he is now the respondent in a lawsuit against him accordingly… and, again, at public expense – Updated 09.01.2018.

Brian Breen, a retired 40 year veteran of the SPD as an Internal Affairs Detective, has filed a lawsuit against Knezovich for deceptive practices in responding to Public Records Requests… and, often, Knezovich doesn’t even respond at all.

It would be impossible to debate Sheriff Knezoich, as he is his own “expert” in all his own debacles… and the keeper of all the facts in all of his own cover-ups, conspiracies and Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) Investigations, and outcomes, into all the questionable deaths in the community. And, he cannot afford to respond to Public Record Requests (PRR) accordingly… so now, all of you, the taxpayers, are going to fund his intentional violations of the State’s Public Disclosure Laws.

Will Matt Shea and Mike Volz possibly become involved in protecting the best interests of all the rest of us against an elected public official with a total disregard for accountability, openness and transparency?


More Unholy Alliances – A Redacted Post due to an ex-wife – some 13 years ago – attempting to tag me with a Restraining Order and in silencing me while in the service of the Sheriff and in keeping me from effectively debating the Sheriff at any Public Event – Updated 09.01.2018.

Scott Maclay, Rumored candidate for Spokane County Sheriff. DumpOzzie.com and the Rattlesnakes MC – “Liked” by Anonymous.

This post was once redacted due to an attempt by my ex-wife, Laura Renz, whom I was married to some 13 years ago… and for just a few months. She lost her bid for a Restraining Order against me, and an appeal, and because it was demonstrated in Court that she was working in the support of Sheriff Knezovich in filing this legal action against me. It is her name that is redacted throughout this post accordingly.

In the last 6 months, since contemplating announcing for Sheriff, Knezovich has, personally, falsely arrested me while providing me with a very public flogging – followed by incarceration in solitary confinement and for simply attending a Public Memorial at a Public High School that I even once attended for Samuel Strahan from Freeman High School.

Knezovich provoked his arresting deputies in stating that I had been under investigation, for well over a year, for making “death threats” against him, his wife, and his family… and while even stalking him at his church.

Brian Breen likely saved Scott Maclay’s political career, and maybe his life!

Thankfully, Brian Breen, an Investigative Reporter and Spokane Police Department (SPD) Internal Affairs Retired Detective, with some 40 years experience, took mercy on me.  He began filing Public Record Requests (PRRs) in search of attempting to verify the Sheriff’s statements and his subsequent decision that was clearly retaliatory. This was obliviously for my continuing efforts in simply attempting to hold him accountable. I owe Breen my heartfelt gratitude for likely saving me some false time in the jail and maybe even my life.

Breen began in questioning Kenzovich’s statements.  It appeared  a multitude of Deputies involved in my arrest had subsequently “amended” their reports apparently in an attempt to distance themselves from Knezovich’s personal vendetta and false provocation. Breen filed a PRR to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office – with NO results demonstrating any basis for Knezovich’s false statements and Report.

Breen was on the case like a blood hound in a relentless pursuit of the truth… following the trail of Knezovich’s continuing lies with PRR’s to the SPD, the WSP, and now even the FBI!  Again and again, with absolutely NO results implicating me with Knezovich’s outrageous accusations of “death threats” made against him and his family – accusations he shared to provoke  the Deputies into arresting me at the Samuel Strahan Memorial, as well as, to each and every one of the aforementioned Law Enforcement Departments and Agencies. He lied.

Bob West, father of Brandi Peetz – Valley City Councilwoman. Both past members of the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) in the Holyk Cover-up and Lawsuit. West was  recently “fired” for using City of Spokane Computers, and for illegally  accessing protected information, and in assisting Peetz in getting elected over Caleb Collier.

In the mean time, he participated in a false Anti-Harassment/Protection Order as constructed by Bob West on behalf of himself, his daughter, Brandi Peetz… and Knezovich.  The order claimed that there was ongoing harassment which was found to be totally baseless.

The Court threw-out the Order as it was deemed insufficient and based purely on social media.




Scott Maclay’s deranged sister, Sheri Herberholtz, constructed a false three-ring binder against her brother and delivered it to the FBI. Also attempted to assist Knezovich in interfering into the Pend Orielle County Prosecutor’s investigation. Without result… but clearly with much emotional manipulation by Knezovich. 

In fact, over the past 6 months, I have been investigated by the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), as well as the SPD and the WSP. The Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office concluded after a Formal Review to “dismiss” all my charges as initiated by Knezovich. Then at Knezovich’s insistence, the Spokane Prosecutor sent his charges to Pend Orielle County for a Formal Review, and as Knezovich actively “interfered” into their investigation. An action that even included the intervention of my disgruntled sister, Sheri Herberholtz, a past biker bar owner – and a Florida resident recently arrested for shoplifting as posted on Dump Ozzie on Facebook. Redacted, has participated in no less than 3 Restraining Order attempts, against me, on behalf of Sheri Herberholtz, and apparently Redacted is now calling in the favor against me – Unholy Alliances with Knezovich – all of them!

Deputy Pendell participated with Sheriff Knezovich in initiating a Defamation Lawsuit against Scott Maclay in attempting to silence his inquiries into the missing guns in the Terry Canfield triple murder. But, in the end, it is Pendell who finds himself now on the Prosecutor’s “Brady Cop” list. Are both the Sheriff and Pendell involved in a cover-up and a conspiracy? I think so… and as Sheriff, I would immediately re-open this investigation.

Knezovich, with NO evidence in support of his illegal actions and allegations in violation of my Civil Rights, then turned the Attorney General’s Office, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI – and again with NO result! – At this point Breen was preparing to make a complaint to the Spokane County Prosecutor, Larry Haskell, by having him placed on the County’s “Brady Cop List” and De-Certified as a Law Enforcement Officer…  similar to what has and is happening with Deputy Pendell and his failed attempt in claiming he is NOT a Public Servant. In his Defamation Suit against me and Matt Shea for calling attention to yet another of Knezovich’s cover-ups and conspiracies involving SFD Lt. Terry Canfield and the murder of his family.

Redacted standing out front of the City of Spokane Valley where she is not even a resident – so why is she acting like it over the past couple of years and appearing some 18 times while claiming to be a Valley Resident and harassing my 30+ years of political activities in the Valley – what is her real agenda?

But, if that isn’t enough, Knezovich is now capitalizing on the emotions of my disgruntled ex-wife, Redacted.  In yet another attempt to silence me and restrict my ability in campaigning for Sheriff against him, and as he is constantly provoking Redacted against me.  Why?

Redacted and I were married for about 5-6 months beginning in 2005. She claimed she was owed approximately $6,000.00 which I adamantly  denied – and for some reason has now blossomed into $27,000.00 as Redacted often posts on Facebook.  She openly shares with just about anyone who will listen, especially my political allies and the elected officials on the Valley City Council.

During our divorce, Redacted perfected a claim against me without my notification or participation … and when I filed a response and presented to the County Courthouse to formally respond, I was greeted by a Spokane County Sheriff Deputy and with a Failure to Appear Notice… and I was jailed. I was again jailed when I refused to surrender my Harley Davidson Motorcycle as collateral for her debt – $6,000.00 in debt from a 5-6 month relationship -and for which I had no reason to believe that I owed.

I responded in filing for Bankruptcy. But, after the bankruptcy was completed, Redacted presented herself with another claim in Superior Court and in violation of the Bankruptcy Provisions – resulting in a stern warning while even serving me at a public “Threats we Face” Knezovich event.

Redacted, over the past two years, is attending each and every political event in the Valley in harassing me and my 30-year contribution which includes serving as a past Valley Chamber Board Member and Formation Member of the City of Spokane Valley, a City where I even legally reside.

Redacted, has, over the past two years, met with each and every City Council person in seeking to share my now alleged, and unexplained debt of $27,000.00 and in seeking their support in disparaging me, and while always supporting Knezovich. Ed Pace, a past City Councilman, labeled Redacted, and her followers; the “Clique of Bitterness,” and Redacted has now appeared before the Valley City Council some 18 times, while attending almost each and every meeting, while stating Redacted is a Valley resident – often along with her supporters and other members of the Clique of Bitterness.  And, they are always ready to disparage and harass me with anyone who will listen or as I legitimately speak before the Valley City Council accordingly.

Redacted, is now attending each and every political event in the Valley, but has no vested interest as non-resident, and in sharing our story that now includes a claim of $27,000.00 (?). And, is always in support of Sheriff Knezovich. But, I am not the one traveling to Redacted neighborhood, in looking to share in any of our story that ended well over a decade ago. So, why is traveling to the City of Spokane Valley to interfere with mine so important to Redacted?

Erase the Hate Event at the City of Spokane Valley Offices as constructed and orchestrated by Redacted, Sheriff Knezovich and Phil Tyler. And, despite her organized protest, The Valley City Council “refused” to denounce Scott Maclay.

Redacted, over the past two years, has initiated and purposefully constructed harassing and orchestrated Events, while misrepresenting Redacted before the Valley City Council – some documented 18 times in misrepresenting Redacted residency which is well outside the City of Spokane Valley.

And, while serving NO legitimate political purpose in the City of Spokane Valley or has any legitimate voice other than in Redacted personal vendetta against me and my family and friends, and in retaliation with an invented $27,000.00 monies claimed owed.

Redacted initiated the Erase the Hate Event at the City Council for Knezovich and Phil Tyler in attempting to color me as a racist.  She even contacted my daughter, my significant other, and our grandchild in order to stir up strife in our family – possibly to emphasize that my mixed race great grandchild has a “racist for a grandfather”!  And, Even after being asked, several times by family, to reconsider her course of action as Redacted vehemently insisted on doing so.

And, not even the Valley City Council agreed with Redacted, her Clique of Bitterness, Knezovich and Tyler, or their comments before the Council accordingly in seeking to have me “denounced” by the Valley Council – with Mayor Rob Higgins replying that I had done nothing wrong in warranting any response.

Erase the Hate Event at the City of Spokane Valley Offices as constructed and orchestrated by Redacted, Sheriff Knezovich and Phil Tyler. And, despite her organized protest, The Valley City Council “refused” to denounce Scott Maclay.

So, if it hasn’t bothered Redacted, over the past two years in harassing me, in attending meetings of the City of Spokane Valley while falsely presenting Redacted, some 18 times, while lying about her residency, and disparaging me in an Open Forum, and on the record, while protesting and disparaging me to all my political friends and my 30 plus years of political experience in the Valley? Why, then does it now bother Redacted that I am responding? Over this period, Redacted has also posted some 300 plus disparaging comments with the worst of profanity. Along with harassing me and my family and friends with a false $27,000.00 claim…

Redacted even claims that Redacted is not afraid – well why would Redacted be – as Redacted is freely harassing me in the Sheriff’s Personal Service and as a private citizen with future political hopes…

Twat McGay on Facebook – the Clique of Bitterness – and foul language???

With all this harassment behind Redacted, Redacted then constructed a phony Facebook Page called Twat McGay. In yet another attempt, on Redacted part, at disparaging me and my family and friends. On this page you will find pictures of me and my family along with disparaging comments and extreme foul language – while shaming me and my loved ones. Where is Knezovich in “denouncing” all of this as like when he demanded Caleb Collier to “denounce” me for offering a reward for the defaced Caleb Collier yard signs?

What more proof does one Judge and Jury need? Maybe you’re not convinced?  How about this one… where Redacted has clearly partnered-up in Knezovich’s political service while constructing a Deputy Pendell Support Page.

Brother Deputy Pendell participated with Sheriff Knezovich in initiating a Defamation Lawsuit against Scott Maclay in attempting to silence his inquiries into the missing guns in the Terry Canfield triple murder. But, in the end, it is Pendell who finds himself now on the Prosecutor’s Brady Cop list. Are both the Sheriff and Pendell involved in a cover-up and a conspiracy? I think so… and as Sheriff, I would re-open this investigation.

The Deputy who can’t seem to recall if he ever even received any guns from a Convicted Triple-Murder, Roy Murry, before the SFD Lt. Terry Canfield murders – and even though he filled out the appropriate ATF Forms here in Spokane to receive Murry’s guns from the Las Vegas Police Department. And, then later giving the guns to a friend of Murry’s, in the middle of the night, from his personal residence, and to someone whom he did not know or remember his  name… I’ve been sued for Defamation by Knezovich and Pendell resulting in Pendell being placed on the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Brady Cop List – and who, once again, who is in the political center of this debacle?  Redacted!

With comments like this one by Redacted, it gives new meaning to the term my 90-day finance’ … right?

Redacted: “Everybody please share and like this. This is another officer that was harassed by Maclay, and we all need to show support. Maclay is a preditor and a thief, a con man and whole bunch of other adjectives that I don’t have time to list!”

Well, Redacted, you do seem to find the time to manage Facebook pages, orchestrate protests, harass my family – damn I wouldn’t be surprised if you arranged and attended meetings that all focused on me. Enough is enough… how can anyone sustain such passionate emotion for over a decade from such a short Redacted relationship. It has been suggested to me that there is a very thin line between love and hate and this is all your way of keeping me in your life. Maybe, Redacted, if you need to read it in print – Please leave me, my family, my friends, and the City of Spokane Valley alone. Please move on with your life while you may still find fulfillment and happiness in a family of your own – as you will not find it here with me or mine.