Unholy Alliances? Sheriff Knezovich and Phillip Tyler – Is this disparagement towards public employees really appropriate behavior of an elected official and a public servant?


Click on the link embedded above, By Buffalo Brian Breen…

Do the women working in the Spokane County Jail have anything to worry about in their Sheriff retaliating against them for calling their boss, Phillip Tyler, out – for abusing and discriminating against them. And, for 10 Sergeants in the Jail signing a letter of “NO CONFIDENCE” concerning Tyler accordingly? Decide for yourself…

Sheriff Knezovich says Deputies driving 90 mph against traffic in the Spokane Valley is a great recruiting tool! Say what???

Sheriff Knezovich apparently believes that unmarked vehicles on private property resulting in dead pastors, or driving down Sprague Ave. at 75 mph in the dark with no lights and sirens resulting in dead kids, and driving 90 mph down one-way arterials in the Spokane Valley while endangering the entire community “is good for recruiting”… no wonder he can’t get anyone to work for him… and with millions and millions in taxpayer paid settlements following phony Citizen Advisory Board investigations into innocent victims while always exonerating the Sheriff???

The Sheriff claims to have “fired” some 60-70 Deputies and Staff… and yet not one of them has ever been charged or convicted of a single crime???

“I think Live PD is good for the community as it shows the way we treat people,” …are you freaking kidding me Knezovich!?! So, gee, why won’t you support Body and Dash Cams??? Maybe, because that would really  demonstrate how you REALLY treat people – right??

Deadly and mindless acts of violence by the Sheriff’s Department with the full endorsement of, and never an investigative question from, KXLY or any of the other Sheriff’s Cheerleaders in the local press.


Unholy Alliances: Why weren’t any of these deputies disciplined? Does the Sheriff really have a “Last Chance Agreement” with the Deputy Sheriff’s Association that prevents discipline of any Deputy? How is it that NO Deputy is ever disciplined for any illegal act???

Editors Note: Many of these stories weren’t even covered by KXLY, the S-R or any of the local press… with any follow-up or real investigative reporting.

“Fired, or Resigned” but never charged with any crime:
















Are you beginning to notice a disturbing pattern herein… especially; with our local press? And, would you want any of these Deputies driving “head-on” at you on a Valley arterial???

Future Post: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/oct/05/deputy-wont-face-charges-for-shooting-suicidal-man/

Oh, sure, some Deputies do get fired… and when they get themselves into something the Sheriff can’t get them out of with his “Last Chance Agreement” with the Deputy Sheriff’s Association. But, never prosecuted!?! And, a whole lot more Deputies would be getting fired if the Sheriff was supporting Body and Dash Cams… as your next Sheriff, this would be my first priority!



More Unholy Alliances – Sheriff Knezovich and Deputy Pendell – taking aim in silencing Scott Maclay for asking for the truth in the Terry Canfield Murders – during questioning by Brian Breen, a retired SPD I/A Investigative Detective. Is the Sheriff in pursuit of the truth… or in covering-up the truth, decide for yourself…

The end result: Deputy Pendell has been placed on the ‘Brady Cop List” as a result of his own defamation lawsuit as funded and supported by Knezovich… and Maclay’s questions into the triple-murder of the Canfield Family, and the missing guns that likely passed through Pendell’s hands, remain unanswered by the both of them. Decide for yourself…

Does Knezovich really seem interested in getting to the truth in any of these matters during questioning by Brian Breen? Or, maybe he can’t or doesn’t want to get to the truth? As, your next Sheriff, I will get to the truth in re-opening this investigation – trust me!

More Unholy Alliances… Brother Knezovich and Brother Shawn Vestal at the Spokesless-Review aiding Brother Knezovich in covering-up the deaths of dead pastors and dead kids in the Spokane Valley…

Brother Shawn Vestal at the Spokesless-Review. More Unholy Alliances covering-up dead pastors and dead kids at the hands of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff… when is the last time you actually read a true investigative story from the local de-press-ed ???

If, it pleases the Crown, the Spokesman Review, and Reporter Brother Vestal… do you think we could maybe enjoy a real investigative article into the possible conspiracy involving Sheriff Knezovich and the rumors involving Bob West and his daughter Brandi Peetz?

Is there any truth to the rumor that West was placed on Administrative Leave for using his security credentials to access private information on Caleb Collier, in violation of Collier’s Civil Rights, and for the benefit of his daughter, Peetz, from a City of Spokane computer, and who may have stoled an election against Collier while defrauding the voters in the City of Spokane Valley? Did Brother Knezovich maybe participate in this conspiracy while violating the Department’s Policies and Procedures in endorsing Peetz and covering for her father, West – both past members of Knezovich’s Citizen Advisory Board?

I know your very busy Brother Vestal down there in the Crystal Palace buffing out some meaningless story or buffing Stacey Cowles shoes… but, if it pleases the Crown, it would be nice to start off the year with a real investigative story – even if it possibly involves your Mormon Brother -Knezovich.

Isn’t that what real investigative reporters are supposed to do!?!

A Spokane County Deputy harasses a peaceful pro-life protester, and how did our Mormon Sheriff respond? He harassed the Citizen who filmed the entire event while violating her Civil Rights.

Spokane County Deputy Lawhorn, harasses a peaceful pro-life protestor and the person who filmed him in doing so – a Spokane Valley Activist, while violating the SCSO Policies and Procedures that permit such video-taping activities and the Civil Rights of both citizens… but what did we get in response from our pro-life Mormon Sheriff – nothing! Other than his ridicule of the individual who filmed this on the Mike Fitzsimmon’s Radio Program on KXLY. Real Mormons, are Pro-Life, and Real Mormons do not participate in the wrongful deaths and cover-ups of Pastors, and Kids while harassing pro-life protesters… decide for yourself…

More Unholy Alliances… Sheriff Knezovich, Bob West, his daughter Brandi Peetz, and KXLY… and his very own Citizen’s Advisory Board – where would Knezovich be without them covering-up a wrongful death of a pastor, and a child while exonerating Knezovich – A Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with Blood on his hands!

Gee, thanks for clarifying this up for us Bob… and for sharing your investigative opinion on behalf of the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board in the Pastor Creach and Ryan Holyk murders. Let’s see, that’s 1 million dollars on top of 2.2 million dollars… in taxpayer funded settlements… but, your buddy Knezovich isn’t at fault? Well… then, maybe, you are?!? And, where would this conspiracy be without the Murderous, Cover-up Reporters at KXLY…

With this kind of Unholy Alliance with KXLY, and a lack of investigative reporting, Knezovich has been able to get away with the murder of local pastor and a kid who didn’t just fall off his bike!?!