Deputy Bodman, forced into early retirement as Knezovich presses towards another re-election without regard to the blood shed in our community by Pastor Creach, Ryan Holy, Zed Zillmer, William Berger, Lt. Terry Canfield of the SFD, and maybe a dozen or more inmates in the Spokane County Jail.

Justice for Ryan… justice for Joseph Bodman… Justice for Knezovich and the entire community.

My prayers go out to Deputy Bodman and his family… there can be no healing, for anyone, not even the Holyk family until Bodman come completely clean and tells the truth about Knezovich and his conspiracy and cover-up in being forced to participate in the¬†unfortunate death of a child.¬†It won’t be easy Joseph, but it will be worth the price of the peace you, and your loved ones, so desperately need. Please… for the sake of honor and integrity… honor God and stand with those in the Department who want to stand with you. Don’t let Knezovich get away with this… Ryan is gone, but you can help in making a difference and in making this right, you can do this Joseph… We can do this… don’t let Knezovich treat you like his used baggage full of his dirty laundry in his current bid for election… he already used you in his last one, so when is enough, enough?

The Sheriff placed a mysterious letter on the SCSO website claiming I had been asked to cease and desist… but unknown to Knezovich was that members of the family were actually funding our protests and our efforts in pressing for a re-investigation. What is truly amazing, is that Knezovich was actually acting like he was working on the behalf of the family!!!


SFD Lt. Terry Canfield and his wife & family. 










Pastor Wayne Scott Creach… A Baptist

Minister who formed the Greenacres

Baptist Church and the Valley Plant Farm.








William Berger… A Reserve Whitman Co.

Deputy who was chocked and tazed to

death on the South Hill while leaving a gym.

Army Veteran and Purple Heart recipient Zed Zillmer. Shot to death by more than six SCSO Deputies while on his knees with his hands in the air – surrendering.









For all the unknown inmates who have been murdered or committed suicide in the Spokane County Jail.






For Scott Maclay – DumpOzzie Dot Com, who has given the past 18 years of his life in standing-up to a corrupt and murderous Sheriff with blood on his hands…. for the false arrest, floggings, incarceration, multiple restraining orders, defamation lawsuit, FBI/JTTF Investigation and the subsequent loss of his employment as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. A Formation Member of the City of Spokane Valley, Past Valley Chamber Board Member, CVSD Graduate – and all this for simply standing and telling the truth…



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