More Unholy Alliances – this past post as featured on Dump Ozzie on Facebook seems very timely in light of the current debacle with Knezovich and Tyler attempting to hide their respective roles in abusing and discriminating against female employees in the Spokane County Jail.

Scott Maclay is not a racist… but Knezovich and Tyler did abuse and discriminate against the female employees in the Jail…

March 18, 2017

An Open letter to the Members of the Spokane Valley City Council:

I am writing to you in response to Phillip Tyler’s recent comments before you last Tuesday evening, and as coordinated by Pia Hallenberg’s subsequent “fake news” in the Socialist Review.

Contrary to their assertions, I never posted on Tyler’s facebook page, and I did not participate in proliferating any such post – learn more on the Rattlesnakes Motorcycle Club Faceook Page provided below.

Additionally, and contrary to the rest of their assertions and requests before you, it should be noted, that some 38 years ago, I was appointed by SCSO Captain “Corky” Braun, in serving as a Field Agent in a position that resulted in my participation in the “dismantling” of the Aryan Nations, and their notorious hate group – The Order. My relationship with Capt. Braun continued for several years and until he retired. I presented with another identity during that period, and Capt. Braun subsequently supported my selection into another federal agency – the details for which I am not at liberty to discuss.

And, except for some of the remaining cold warriors of that era, that I spoke to in making this decision in writing to you, I have never spoke of it publicly… until today. Therefore, I find it abhorrent that Hallenberg, Tyler, and Sheriff Knezovich would participate in such a defamatory, and ignorant orchestration.

As, a founding member of the City of Spokane Valley, I am both passionate and vigilant for our Valley City, and for which none of the aforementioned characters ever assisted in establishing, and that are actively and deceitfully plotting to disassemble while returning us to the Downtown Crown that we fought so hard for our liberty.

Therefore, I continue to work for accountability, openness, transparency and complete independence from these “carpetbaggers.” I remain committed in establishing our own Valley Police Department – a government service closer to the citizens and free of those who continue in getting away with murder while not even living in this Community, in this County, or even in this State.

In contemplating my candidacy for Sheriff, I would work tirelessly to establish just such a reality and for the memories of Pastor Scott Creach and Ryan Holyk and their families… and the costly and continuing cover-ups, lawsuits, and phony CAB investigations by our Bully Sheriff who encourages litigation by Deputies, instead of demanding the truth, and against life-long residents of the Valley and our elected Valley Leadership – “absolutely intolerable in a civilized society while exceeding all possible bounds of decency.”

In light of the current “firestorm” in the press, concerning the Sheriff and his comments against Obama’s “war on cops” while implicating “color,” I feel it is incomprehensible that both Hallenberg and Tyler are not completely focused on the Sheriff… instead of participating in fake news in assisting the Sheriff in “deflecting” his own debacles. Clearly, none of these individuals have any integrity, or vested interest in the future of the Spokane Valley, and are desperately trying to establish themselves where they have no legitimate agenda or purpose other than undermining all that we have achieved and stand for.

Because, the next open forum before the Council is now some 10 days away, and my opportunity to appear and respond before you, in a timely matter will be unnecessarily prolonged, please accept my enclosed response in my complete respect and support of the work that you are all doing, and in making our Valley City the Jewel of the Inland Northwest that it has become – stay vigilant – it is an honor to be in the service of our future.

God Bless…
Scott Maclay

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