Justice for Samuel Strahan – like with Justice for Ryan Holyk that began in the beginning of the Sheriff’s last election cycle – Samuel Strahan begins in this one. With another dark cloud over the truth in Knezovich’s effort to get re-elected and keeping the public completely in the dark!

Samuel Strahan, like Ryan Holyk, another victim of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff’s cover-up and conspiracy in getting re-elected in 2018.

Rumor has it, that Samuel Strahan’s murderer, Caleb Sharpe, who had been sent for a mental evaluation based on known threats to other students at Freeman High School was, in fact, greeted on his return to school by the Resource Officer, Deputy Nye, who asked him the very same question that the bus driver did: “what’s in the bag Caleb?”

What was in the bag was is rumored to be his father’s AR-15 .223 caliber, a handgun, and several .308 caliber clips… that didn’t fit the rifle and rumored to resulted in his decision to use the handgun instead.

Caleb Sharpe – another victim of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff’s cover-up and conspiracy in burying the truth and his role in hiding the truth from the community while trying to get re-elected in 2018. Doesn’t Caleb deserve Justice too?

Caleb, responded to the inquires with the same answer – golf clubs! An answer rumored by a source to the Rattlesnakes MC that was accepted without any verification by both his school bus driver, who asked Caleb that question while placing the bag in the buses storage bin, and even the School’s Resource Officer, Deputy Nye who asked Caleb the very same question when arriving at Freeman High School.

In either case, and if this rumor is completely untrue – then why wasn’t the contents of Caleb’s bag ever verified on the very same day he was arriving back to school following being sent for a mental evaluation for making death threats against other students? Students who even properly reported the threats to school counselor’s and staff? Where was the adult oversight? And, why isn’t the local de-press-ed asking this obvious question while again participating in Knezovich’s cover-up in yet another death of a child… and where is the Mormon Church is this continuing pattern? Is not their continuing silence in these deaths evidence of their own support of a Knezovich in the deaths of these children?

And, where is Prosecutor Haskell in asking these questions? Why is he so consumed in making more victims in this matter rather than pressing Knezovich for the truth? Did he not exonerate Knezovich and Bodman in any accountability in Holyk murder? How many more children must be murdered before anyone starts paying any attention?

In either case, in the aforementioned question that I raised prior to the public Samuel Strahan Memorial, on Facebook, and before the event that I attended and was arrested at by Sheriff Knezovich for sitting too close to the front near Sam’s Family – that was open to the public, at a public high school, at University High School, that I, my kids, and my grand-kids and great grand-kids have or are attending. Keeping in mind that Knezovich also threatened to arrest me towards the beginning of my efforts in the Ryan Holyk investigation – in calling out the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board and in my efforts in re-opening the investigation resulting in the truth that Deputy Bodman did, in fact, strike Holyk… and the resulting 1 million dollar settlement.

With my presence at University High School, and the Strahan Memorial, Knezovich moved quickly in misinforming the Deputies in attendance that I had been under investigation for well over a year in making “death threats” against him and his wife… and the Deputies began in a process of harassing my peaceful attendance… and later a public flogging and arrest that would be “dismissed” the following Monday by Prosecutor Larry Haskell. Knezovich, clearly had just one goal in his scheme – to keep me from having any contact with the Strahan family and in discussing these concerns.

And, as it became apparent that the Knezovich’s efforts had violated my Civil Rights, the Deputies involved amended their individual reports, in distancing themselves from Knezovich’s unfounded vendetta under the color of law.

Knezovich, pointed to a SCSO Investigation in legitimating the death threats as he alleged… and that have now been determined to be non-existent. He implied that the SPD and WSP played a role in the Investigation… which again was found to be non-existent. And, in a final desperate effort, Knezovich asked the FBI to Investigate Scott Maclay… again, with no results. So, where is the SCSO, the SPD, the WSP, the DOJ, and the FBI NOW?

Where is the Mormon Church???

Along with Ryan Holyk – All victims of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with Blood on his hands…

Pretty desperate efforts by a man now facing being placed on the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office Brady List – along with possibly being De-certified as a Washington State Law Enforcement Officer and a healthy Civil Rights and Defamation Lawsuit?

And, how did Knezovich respond… with the usual assistance of the local press that hasn’t mentioned a word about any of this? In the usual manner in blaming everyone else while avoiding any of the obvious questions above… Samuel Strahan AND Caleb Sharpe – both victims of adult oversight and responsibility and no adult concern for the truth and their support of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with Blood on his Hands…

With no real investigative questions from the local de-press-ed… there are no real answers… and just more questions. None of which, like in the Holyk murder will ever get addressed until after Knezovich’s next election. Are you beginning to see a repeating pattern herein? Or, do you need to be arrested and have the SCSO, the SPD, the WSP, and the FBI in giving you a “spinal tap” in encouraging you in not doing so??? Think about it…


Sheriff Knezovich and the Local Press – more Unholy Alliances – Right?

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