Why is none of the local de-press-ed holding Sheriff Knezovich accountable for throwing the female employees, in the Jail, under the bus at the hands of Phil Tyler? More Unholy Alliances with Sheriff Knezovich.

Well, finally, several weeks after the real story surfaced, and forced to participate thanks to the breaking story in the Inlander, Brother Vestal and the Spokesless-Review Newspaper, a Soap Tabloid, again, steps over Brother Knezovich in reporting most all the facts but ONE… the Sheriff himself in ignoring all these facts beginning in 2011 while throwing the female employees in the Jail under the bus and continuing in supporting Tyler for City Council!?!

Buried in the S-R story, is the fact that Knezovich knew in 2011 when 10 Sergeants in the Jail signed a “NO CONFIDENCE” letter that Tyler had Sexual Abuse and Discrimination problems with females…

And, to date, Knezovich has yet to take responsibility in his own continuing relationship in supporting Tyler for public office while throwing the female employees in the Jail under the bus, while abandoning them in a hostile work environment under the threat of retaliation, and as you and KREM 2 News, once again, are deflecting the real issues and questions in avoiding the painful answers that would destroy Knezovich in this cover-up and conspiracy to defraud the public and these public servants.

Even Daniel Walter’s of the Inlander skipped over the Sheriff’s debacle in the Jail.



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