Is Sheriff Knezovich still running for Congress… or Chief of the SPD… or Sheriff… or Mayor… or FEMA Director… I’m confused, and I think he is too?

This active page on Facebook confirms that Sheriff Knezovich is still actively planning on running for Congress… follow the Facebook link below.

KHQ News: Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich has announced via Twitter that he is running for Congress to replace Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who has been appointed a position in President-elect Trump’s cabinet. See the link below…

Interesting, I just can’t, even, seem to find anything at the PDC, as required, following this Official Announcement… I mean, I’m thinking about running for Sheriff… but haven’t officially announced… so, Sheriff, how does this work, again? I think one of us is confused?…/spokane-county-sheriff-ozzie-knezovich…

The Sheriff even has an active Facebook Page dedicated, specifically, to his Campaign for running for Congress for the public:

And, even though the content has just been removed, following this post, no worries, we already captured it all…

I invited all my friends to “Like” the page, and you should too : )


Several sources indicate he very well may be considering a run. Could that be the real reason behind his move from the Reardan acreage he sold to the rental in North Spokane? Pre-election who is going to run rumors always circulate but this one interested me. Brian Breen –

Brian Breen for Sheriff?

Hard to say what he is running for, right now I myself am considering a run for Sheriff against him: Brian Breen:

If, the Sheriff is running for Congress… well, then, I want to run for Sheriff… right? If, the Sheriff is running for SPD Chief, then, I want to run for Sheriff… right? But, I am confused… is the Sheriff running for SPD Chief of Police, Sheriff, or Congress… I mean, he’s announced for all three… right? But, not for Mayor, even though that rumor is still alive and well. How can I make-up my mind until he makes up his??? I guess when he figures it out, then I can too. So, maybe, this is his strategy… in just keeping me from a formal announcement – Scott Maclay.

Jackie Murray was contemplating a run for Sheriff until last Friday when she met with Sheriff Knezovich and Dan Hanson of the 63rd Militia… she was so shakin by the Sheriff’s mental instability and in threatening to make complaints to the PDC and the FBI removing her security clearance required for employment, and threats against Scott Maclay that she reported the incident to the FBI…

Jackie Murray is a another in the Sheriff’s Basket of Deplorables who has been thinking and openly discussing with others about running for Sheriff.

Until, last Friday, when after she met with Knezovich and Dan Hanson from the 63rd Militia, and she ended-up leaving the meeting “scared to death,” and subsequently reporting the incident to the FBI.

Apparently, along with her concerns for Scott Maclay’s safety, she felt her own employment and welfare had been threatened… she phoned me and provided specific details of the incident warning me that the Sheriff would likely kill me and given the opportunity… that I subsequently placed into a narrative and attempted to provide to the FBI – who refused it (?). The narrative has now been delivered into the hands of Brian Breen…

And, finally, as a closing comment:

Knezovich actually got in some bit of controversy for those billboards, with a complaint filed before the Public Disclosure Commission, objecting to billboards with the sheriff’s face on it while he was running for reelection. That complaint was dismissed, though he was fined for using sheriff’s department resources during his campaign.

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