Now that the facts are out, other than the ones that the S-R negated in ignoring a Letter of NO CONFIDENCE from the women jailers working under Tyler in the Jail, why has the Spokesman Review ignored this story involving a lawsuit filed against Knezovich for abuse and discrimination?

Phil Tyler, looks to Jesus for saving grace… and finding none, he looks to his good brother Sheriff Knezovich… who like with Bob West, is dug-in over at the Sheriff’s Office waiting to see what everyone else really knows before emerging in playing a phony Mormon Saint.

“And for the life of me, I can’t explain how this history got missed,” Knezovich said. “It’s all in records.” Say what???

And, there you have it folks, the Wizard is finally forced to say something… and that’s all he’s got. No apologies to the female public service, employees abused and discriminated in the Jail by Tyler as Knezovich turned a blind eye to their cries for help!

Well… maybe, Tyler may get an Investigative Reporter job over at the S-R in doing more “cover-up” stories for the Cowles and the paper… I mean, he’s a perfect fit, isn’t he? He really has a knack for putting the “shine” on the facts, just sayin!

By Buffalo Brian Breen: Obviously, it was the Sheriff who hired Tyler that is at fault, not Ozzie, it is never his fault, even though the record clearly shows there was more than enough cause for Ozzie to get rid of Tyler during Ozzie’s tenure as Sheriff. Did Ozzie know about Tyler’s DV history, as well as his abusive behavior towards women when he shared the Stage and Microphone with Tyler during the various we support women and victims shows? HELL, YES, HE DID, and the record is clear he did, I even pointed it out to him during the Ozzie/Buff Episodes, but even before that he knew. Did Knezovich say one word to anyone, did he object, or did he just use the user or could it be all about Ozzie’s statements to Breen in the attached Ozzie/Buff Video #7 where Knezovich responds that, “He’s the NAACP President?”

Unholy Alliances – the Three Stooges – Phil Tyler, Knezovich, and their good buddy Prosecutor Larry Haskell.

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