Deputy Bodman, forced into early retirement as Knezovich presses towards another re-election without regard to the blood shed in our community by Pastor Creach, Ryan Holy, Zed Zillmer, William Berger, Lt. Terry Canfield of the SFD, and maybe a dozen or more inmates in the Spokane County Jail.

Justice for Ryan… justice for Joseph Bodman… Justice for Knezovich and the entire community.

My prayers go out to Deputy Bodman and his family… there can be no healing, for anyone, not even the Holyk family until Bodman come completely clean and tells the truth about Knezovich and his conspiracy and cover-up in being forced to participate in the unfortunate death of a child. It won’t be easy Joseph, but it will be worth the price of the peace you, and your loved ones, so desperately need. Please… for the sake of honor and integrity… honor God and stand with those in the Department who want to stand with you. Don’t let Knezovich get away with this… Ryan is gone, but you can help in making a difference and in making this right, you can do this Joseph… We can do this… don’t let Knezovich treat you like his used baggage full of his dirty laundry in his current bid for election… he already used you in his last one, so when is enough, enough?

The Sheriff placed a mysterious letter on the SCSO website claiming I had been asked to cease and desist… but unknown to Knezovich was that members of the family were actually funding our protests and our efforts in pressing for a re-investigation. What is truly amazing, is that Knezovich was actually acting like he was working on the behalf of the family!!!


SFD Lt. Terry Canfield and his wife & family. 










Pastor Wayne Scott Creach… A Baptist

Minister who formed the Greenacres

Baptist Church and the Valley Plant Farm.








William Berger… A Reserve Whitman Co.

Deputy who was chocked and tazed to

death on the South Hill while leaving a gym.

Army Veteran and Purple Heart recipient Zed Zillmer. Shot to death by more than six SCSO Deputies while on his knees with his hands in the air – surrendering.









For all the unknown inmates who have been murdered or committed suicide in the Spokane County Jail.






For Scott Maclay – DumpOzzie Dot Com, who has given the past 18 years of his life in standing-up to a corrupt and murderous Sheriff with blood on his hands…. for the false arrest, floggings, incarceration, multiple restraining orders, defamation lawsuit, FBI/JTTF Investigation and the subsequent loss of his employment as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. A Formation Member of the City of Spokane Valley, Past Valley Chamber Board Member, CVSD Graduate – and all this for simply standing and telling the truth…



Justice for Samuel Strahan – like with Justice for Ryan Holyk that began in the beginning of the Sheriff’s last election cycle – Samuel Strahan begins in this one. With another dark cloud over the truth in Knezovich’s effort to get re-elected and keeping the public completely in the dark!

Samuel Strahan, like Ryan Holyk, another victim of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff’s cover-up and conspiracy in getting re-elected in 2018.

Rumor has it, that Samuel Strahan’s murderer, Caleb Sharpe, who had been sent for a mental evaluation based on known threats to other students at Freeman High School was, in fact, greeted on his return to school by the Resource Officer, Deputy Nye, who asked him the very same question that the bus driver did: “what’s in the bag Caleb?”

What was in the bag was is rumored to be his father’s AR-15 .223 caliber, a handgun, and several .308 caliber clips… that didn’t fit the rifle and rumored to resulted in his decision to use the handgun instead.

Caleb Sharpe – another victim of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff’s cover-up and conspiracy in burying the truth and his role in hiding the truth from the community while trying to get re-elected in 2018. Doesn’t Caleb deserve Justice too?

Caleb, responded to the inquires with the same answer – golf clubs! An answer rumored by a source to the Rattlesnakes MC that was accepted without any verification by both his school bus driver, who asked Caleb that question while placing the bag in the buses storage bin, and even the School’s Resource Officer, Deputy Nye who asked Caleb the very same question when arriving at Freeman High School.

In either case, and if this rumor is completely untrue – then why wasn’t the contents of Caleb’s bag ever verified on the very same day he was arriving back to school following being sent for a mental evaluation for making death threats against other students? Students who even properly reported the threats to school counselor’s and staff? Where was the adult oversight? And, why isn’t the local de-press-ed asking this obvious question while again participating in Knezovich’s cover-up in yet another death of a child… and where is the Mormon Church is this continuing pattern? Is not their continuing silence in these deaths evidence of their own support of a Knezovich in the deaths of these children?

And, where is Prosecutor Haskell in asking these questions? Why is he so consumed in making more victims in this matter rather than pressing Knezovich for the truth? Did he not exonerate Knezovich and Bodman in any accountability in Holyk murder? How many more children must be murdered before anyone starts paying any attention?

In either case, in the aforementioned question that I raised prior to the public Samuel Strahan Memorial, on Facebook, and before the event that I attended and was arrested at by Sheriff Knezovich for sitting too close to the front near Sam’s Family – that was open to the public, at a public high school, at University High School, that I, my kids, and my grand-kids and great grand-kids have or are attending. Keeping in mind that Knezovich also threatened to arrest me towards the beginning of my efforts in the Ryan Holyk investigation – in calling out the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board and in my efforts in re-opening the investigation resulting in the truth that Deputy Bodman did, in fact, strike Holyk… and the resulting 1 million dollar settlement.

With my presence at University High School, and the Strahan Memorial, Knezovich moved quickly in misinforming the Deputies in attendance that I had been under investigation for well over a year in making “death threats” against him and his wife… and the Deputies began in a process of harassing my peaceful attendance… and later a public flogging and arrest that would be “dismissed” the following Monday by Prosecutor Larry Haskell. Knezovich, clearly had just one goal in his scheme – to keep me from having any contact with the Strahan family and in discussing these concerns.

And, as it became apparent that the Knezovich’s efforts had violated my Civil Rights, the Deputies involved amended their individual reports, in distancing themselves from Knezovich’s unfounded vendetta under the color of law.

Knezovich, pointed to a SCSO Investigation in legitimating the death threats as he alleged… and that have now been determined to be non-existent. He implied that the SPD and WSP played a role in the Investigation… which again was found to be non-existent. And, in a final desperate effort, Knezovich asked the FBI to Investigate Scott Maclay… again, with no results. So, where is the SCSO, the SPD, the WSP, the DOJ, and the FBI NOW?

Where is the Mormon Church???

Along with Ryan Holyk – All victims of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with Blood on his hands…

Pretty desperate efforts by a man now facing being placed on the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office Brady List – along with possibly being De-certified as a Washington State Law Enforcement Officer and a healthy Civil Rights and Defamation Lawsuit?

And, how did Knezovich respond… with the usual assistance of the local press that hasn’t mentioned a word about any of this? In the usual manner in blaming everyone else while avoiding any of the obvious questions above… Samuel Strahan AND Caleb Sharpe – both victims of adult oversight and responsibility and no adult concern for the truth and their support of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with Blood on his Hands…

With no real investigative questions from the local de-press-ed… there are no real answers… and just more questions. None of which, like in the Holyk murder will ever get addressed until after Knezovich’s next election. Are you beginning to see a repeating pattern herein? Or, do you need to be arrested and have the SCSO, the SPD, the WSP, and the FBI in giving you a “spinal tap” in encouraging you in not doing so??? Think about it…

Sheriff Knezovich and the Local Press – more Unholy Alliances – Right?

More Unholy Alliances – this past post as featured on Dump Ozzie on Facebook seems very timely in light of the current debacle with Knezovich and Tyler attempting to hide their respective roles in abusing and discriminating against female employees in the Spokane County Jail.

Scott Maclay is not a racist… but Knezovich and Tyler did abuse and discriminate against the female employees in the Jail…

March 18, 2017

An Open letter to the Members of the Spokane Valley City Council:

I am writing to you in response to Phillip Tyler’s recent comments before you last Tuesday evening, and as coordinated by Pia Hallenberg’s subsequent “fake news” in the Socialist Review.

Contrary to their assertions, I never posted on Tyler’s facebook page, and I did not participate in proliferating any such post – learn more on the Rattlesnakes Motorcycle Club Faceook Page provided below.

Additionally, and contrary to the rest of their assertions and requests before you, it should be noted, that some 38 years ago, I was appointed by SCSO Captain “Corky” Braun, in serving as a Field Agent in a position that resulted in my participation in the “dismantling” of the Aryan Nations, and their notorious hate group – The Order. My relationship with Capt. Braun continued for several years and until he retired. I presented with another identity during that period, and Capt. Braun subsequently supported my selection into another federal agency – the details for which I am not at liberty to discuss.

And, except for some of the remaining cold warriors of that era, that I spoke to in making this decision in writing to you, I have never spoke of it publicly… until today. Therefore, I find it abhorrent that Hallenberg, Tyler, and Sheriff Knezovich would participate in such a defamatory, and ignorant orchestration.

As, a founding member of the City of Spokane Valley, I am both passionate and vigilant for our Valley City, and for which none of the aforementioned characters ever assisted in establishing, and that are actively and deceitfully plotting to disassemble while returning us to the Downtown Crown that we fought so hard for our liberty.

Therefore, I continue to work for accountability, openness, transparency and complete independence from these “carpetbaggers.” I remain committed in establishing our own Valley Police Department – a government service closer to the citizens and free of those who continue in getting away with murder while not even living in this Community, in this County, or even in this State.

In contemplating my candidacy for Sheriff, I would work tirelessly to establish just such a reality and for the memories of Pastor Scott Creach and Ryan Holyk and their families… and the costly and continuing cover-ups, lawsuits, and phony CAB investigations by our Bully Sheriff who encourages litigation by Deputies, instead of demanding the truth, and against life-long residents of the Valley and our elected Valley Leadership – “absolutely intolerable in a civilized society while exceeding all possible bounds of decency.”

In light of the current “firestorm” in the press, concerning the Sheriff and his comments against Obama’s “war on cops” while implicating “color,” I feel it is incomprehensible that both Hallenberg and Tyler are not completely focused on the Sheriff… instead of participating in fake news in assisting the Sheriff in “deflecting” his own debacles. Clearly, none of these individuals have any integrity, or vested interest in the future of the Spokane Valley, and are desperately trying to establish themselves where they have no legitimate agenda or purpose other than undermining all that we have achieved and stand for.

Because, the next open forum before the Council is now some 10 days away, and my opportunity to appear and respond before you, in a timely matter will be unnecessarily prolonged, please accept my enclosed response in my complete respect and support of the work that you are all doing, and in making our Valley City the Jewel of the Inland Northwest that it has become – stay vigilant – it is an honor to be in the service of our future.

God Bless…
Scott Maclay

Why is none of the local de-press-ed holding Sheriff Knezovich accountable for throwing the female employees, in the Jail, under the bus at the hands of Phil Tyler? More Unholy Alliances with Sheriff Knezovich.

Well, finally, several weeks after the real story surfaced, and forced to participate thanks to the breaking story in the Inlander, Brother Vestal and the Spokesless-Review Newspaper, a Soap Tabloid, again, steps over Brother Knezovich in reporting most all the facts but ONE… the Sheriff himself in ignoring all these facts beginning in 2011 while throwing the female employees in the Jail under the bus and continuing in supporting Tyler for City Council!?!

Buried in the S-R story, is the fact that Knezovich knew in 2011 when 10 Sergeants in the Jail signed a “NO CONFIDENCE” letter that Tyler had Sexual Abuse and Discrimination problems with females…

And, to date, Knezovich has yet to take responsibility in his own continuing relationship in supporting Tyler for public office while throwing the female employees in the Jail under the bus, while abandoning them in a hostile work environment under the threat of retaliation, and as you and KREM 2 News, once again, are deflecting the real issues and questions in avoiding the painful answers that would destroy Knezovich in this cover-up and conspiracy to defraud the public and these public servants.

Even Daniel Walter’s of the Inlander skipped over the Sheriff’s debacle in the Jail.

Is Sheriff Knezovich still running for Congress… or Chief of the SPD… or Sheriff… or Mayor… or FEMA Director… I’m confused, and I think he is too?

This active page on Facebook confirms that Sheriff Knezovich is still actively planning on running for Congress… follow the Facebook link below.

KHQ News: Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich has announced via Twitter that he is running for Congress to replace Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who has been appointed a position in President-elect Trump’s cabinet. See the link below…

Interesting, I just can’t, even, seem to find anything at the PDC, as required, following this Official Announcement… I mean, I’m thinking about running for Sheriff… but haven’t officially announced… so, Sheriff, how does this work, again? I think one of us is confused?…/spokane-county-sheriff-ozzie-knezovich…

The Sheriff even has an active Facebook Page dedicated, specifically, to his Campaign for running for Congress for the public:

And, even though the content has just been removed, following this post, no worries, we already captured it all…

I invited all my friends to “Like” the page, and you should too : )


Several sources indicate he very well may be considering a run. Could that be the real reason behind his move from the Reardan acreage he sold to the rental in North Spokane? Pre-election who is going to run rumors always circulate but this one interested me. Brian Breen –

Brian Breen for Sheriff?

Hard to say what he is running for, right now I myself am considering a run for Sheriff against him: Brian Breen:

If, the Sheriff is running for Congress… well, then, I want to run for Sheriff… right? If, the Sheriff is running for SPD Chief, then, I want to run for Sheriff… right? But, I am confused… is the Sheriff running for SPD Chief of Police, Sheriff, or Congress… I mean, he’s announced for all three… right? But, not for Mayor, even though that rumor is still alive and well. How can I make-up my mind until he makes up his??? I guess when he figures it out, then I can too. So, maybe, this is his strategy… in just keeping me from a formal announcement – Scott Maclay.

Jackie Murray was contemplating a run for Sheriff until last Friday when she met with Sheriff Knezovich and Dan Hanson of the 63rd Militia… she was so shakin by the Sheriff’s mental instability and in threatening to make complaints to the PDC and the FBI removing her security clearance required for employment, and threats against Scott Maclay that she reported the incident to the FBI…

Jackie Murray is a another in the Sheriff’s Basket of Deplorables who has been thinking and openly discussing with others about running for Sheriff.

Until, last Friday, when after she met with Knezovich and Dan Hanson from the 63rd Militia, and she ended-up leaving the meeting “scared to death,” and subsequently reporting the incident to the FBI.

Apparently, along with her concerns for Scott Maclay’s safety, she felt her own employment and welfare had been threatened… she phoned me and provided specific details of the incident warning me that the Sheriff would likely kill me and given the opportunity… that I subsequently placed into a narrative and attempted to provide to the FBI – who refused it (?). The narrative has now been delivered into the hands of Brian Breen…

And, finally, as a closing comment:

Knezovich actually got in some bit of controversy for those billboards, with a complaint filed before the Public Disclosure Commission, objecting to billboards with the sheriff’s face on it while he was running for reelection. That complaint was dismissed, though he was fined for using sheriff’s department resources during his campaign.

Sheriff Knezovich wants you to believe a lot things about Scott Maclay, but none of these…

Scott Maclay, pictured far left, on top of Sacred Heart Medical Center with a medical flight crew… I qualify to participate… just need a little more experience : )

A Registered Respiratory Therapist, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Instructor, a Trauma Specialist working in a Critical Access Hospital in the E.R. with an Acute Cardiac Life Support Certification, as a Certified Nursing Assistant, with a Neonatal Resuscitation Program Certification and as a Pediatric Acute Life Support Specialist – also Certified in Neonatal Resuscitation.

A life-long resident of the Spokane Valley, a Central Valley High School graduate, a Past Chamber of Commerce Board Member, the leading resale, real estate broker in the Valley for two decades, and even a formation member of the City of Spokane Valley.

With kids, grandkids, and even great-grandkids galore, all of which have, or are, attending Spokane Valley Churches and Schools. So, next time Knezovich wants to tell you something negative about Scott Maclay, in holding him, accountable for his role in dead kids and pastors and multi-million dollar settlements in the Spokane Valley… ask him how the weather is… in his home state of Wyoming? And, ask him if the rumor is true that he once got a DUI there?


Sheriff Knezovich wants Caleb Collier to publicly “DENOUNCE” Scott Maclay, but why isn’t Knezovich “denouncing” REDACTED and Barb Howard for their Facebook harassment on Twat McGay on Facebook and in their Unholy Alliances with Knezovich who is also violating the Department’s Policies and Procedures?

A photo from Twat McGay on Facebook as posted by Redacted and commented on by Barb Howard in stating that Maclay has “crabs.” Seriously, why is the Sheriff involved in such Unholy Alliances and in participating in such childish activities while working with Redacted in the construction of a  Support Deputy Pendell Facebook Page that ultimately resulted in his placement on the Brady Cop List in Spokane County – all activities that violate my Civil Rights, Constitute Defamation, Harassment and Violate the Sheriff’s Departments Policies and Procedures… in doing so. And, while demanding that Collier denounce me? Why doesn’t the Sheriff denounce any of this???

REDACTED seems to have no other political agenda in life other than assisting Sheriff Knezovich in “denouncing” and “harassing” Scott Maclay.

Yes, Redacted and I were married, and for a period of less than a year and well over a decade ago… which could of have been even less if she had been willing to have participated in an amicable dissolution – and in properly establishing any debt claimed owed to her with my willful participation as outlined in a post further below on my timeline.

I’m only responding to this non-sense because Redacted continues in a relentless life-long pattern of vicious harassment and torture involving just about anyone who will listen and while soliciting other third parties accordingly.

But, what has followed since our short-lived relationship has become an unceasing campaign and vendetta, along with her co-conspirator Barb Howard, in a pattern in assisting Knezovich  while ruthlessly attacking and disparaging me and my  political efforts towards accountability, openness and transparency – which continues and remains to be denounced by Knezovich. And, for which has actually been encouraged by the Sheriff in violation of the Sheriff’s Department’s Policies and Procedures that Knezovich claims do not apply to him as an elected official, such activities and Unholy Alliances, including the following involving Redacted;

In re-filing for a Court Action in Superior Court for the monies she claimed is owed  in violation of the Bankruptcy Code – a defined act of intentional harassment under the Bankruptcy Code.

In organizing and staging a false protest against me with known supporters of the Sheriff’s and members of his Republican’s of Spokane County while protesting and alleging “racism” before the Valley City Council in support of Phil Tyler (as the then NAACP President), another known Unholy Alliance of Knezovich’s currently resulting in them both receiving some unhealthy press. And, while disseminating the event to the local press while contacting my family members and soliciting their support accordingly while Mayor Higgins  responded – “not raising to a level of concern for any action.”

In participating in a multitude of conversations aimed at disparaging my reputation and political voice while expressing disparaging views and opinions to political friends and family and neutral third parties with too many political leaders to detail herein… most of whom that have shared their experiences accordingly and that have been well documented and placed in the hands legal representation… and just waiting for the right opportunity to be forced to respond.

In participating in the construction of the Deputy Pendell Support Page along with Knezovich while making even further false, disparaging and slanderous comments under the orchestration and Unholy Alliance with Knezovich – while again, violating the Policies and Procedures of the Sheriff’s Department while participating in a multitude of Unholy Alliances accordingly.

In running Twat McGay on Facebook in attacking and disparaging me and my family members with pictures from our own Facebook Pages while and standing out-front of the Valley Police Department holding a sign in support of Knezovich. Again, with no concern or any denunciation from Sheriff Knezovich.

In appearing, on numerous occasions, before the Valley City Council in claiming to be a Valley resident while knowingly misleading the Council in presenting false comments and in arranging and participating in private and public meetings with City Council members for the sole purpose of attacking and disparaging me.

Nasty… so, what’s next… probably a healthy lawsuit. Not hers, but mine, and to include anyone involved in such Unholy Alliances accordingly… right? Maybe, the Sheriff may think he can recuse himself… but, not when involving third parties in such a scheme in enlisting other third parties in defrauding the public’s trust.

Looking forward to depositions…

Trust me… I’m looking forward to seeking that “denunciation,” in Court, and before a Judge, from Knezovich and in finally receiving an economic remedy. Unholy, and costly Alliances… I guess there’s a reason for Policies and Procedures and all those who participate in violating them. $tay tuned.

Update to Story 03.15.2018: Twat McGay looks like an episode of “Redacted Tonight” on RT – Russia Today – freshly sanitized by sad, sickly, and soon to be sorry Sheriff Minions that any Judge could easily examine from “before” to “after.” But, still “liked” by the likes of Brandi Peetz and the Wilhites… more Unholy Alliances of the Sheriff. Keep it up girls… can’t wait until you succeed in achieving your own demise, and your unholy alliances, in Court : )

Now that the facts are out, other than the ones that the S-R negated in ignoring a Letter of NO CONFIDENCE from the women jailers working under Tyler in the Jail, why has the Spokesman Review ignored this story involving a lawsuit filed against Knezovich for abuse and discrimination?

Phil Tyler, looks to Jesus for saving grace… and finding none, he looks to his good brother Sheriff Knezovich… who like with Bob West, is dug-in over at the Sheriff’s Office waiting to see what everyone else really knows before emerging in playing a phony Mormon Saint.

“And for the life of me, I can’t explain how this history got missed,” Knezovich said. “It’s all in records.” Say what???

And, there you have it folks, the Wizard is finally forced to say something… and that’s all he’s got. No apologies to the female public service, employees abused and discriminated in the Jail by Tyler as Knezovich turned a blind eye to their cries for help!

Well… maybe, Tyler may get an Investigative Reporter job over at the S-R in doing more “cover-up” stories for the Cowles and the paper… I mean, he’s a perfect fit, isn’t he? He really has a knack for putting the “shine” on the facts, just sayin!

By Buffalo Brian Breen: Obviously, it was the Sheriff who hired Tyler that is at fault, not Ozzie, it is never his fault, even though the record clearly shows there was more than enough cause for Ozzie to get rid of Tyler during Ozzie’s tenure as Sheriff. Did Ozzie know about Tyler’s DV history, as well as his abusive behavior towards women when he shared the Stage and Microphone with Tyler during the various we support women and victims shows? HELL, YES, HE DID, and the record is clear he did, I even pointed it out to him during the Ozzie/Buff Episodes, but even before that he knew. Did Knezovich say one word to anyone, did he object, or did he just use the user or could it be all about Ozzie’s statements to Breen in the attached Ozzie/Buff Video #7 where Knezovich responds that, “He’s the NAACP President?”

Unholy Alliances – the Three Stooges – Phil Tyler, Knezovich, and their good buddy Prosecutor Larry Haskell.

And, where is KXLY, the Spokesless-Review and the rest of the local de-Press-ed? Brian Breen is really the one who broke this story!

After Inlander story on Phil Tyler, Spokane NOW demands leaders rise up against domestic violence… Say what?

Posted By  on Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 9:53 AM

And because of the We Will Rise video, we request that all of the men who appeared alongside Tyler: Spokane Mayor David Condon, Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, and Spokane Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer release their own statements regarding domestic violence. We, and the Spokane community, would like to understand the measures you will take to ensure the City and County agencies, over which you have authority, are offering services and protections to women in abusive situations – as well as how you plan to follow through on your claim to rise with us against sexual harassment and assault. Until we hear your words and obtain your assurances, your promises in this video will remain unfulfilled…

We finally encourage Mayor Condon, Police Chief Meidl, Sheriff Knezovich, and Fire Chief Schaeffer to invoke their friendships with Tyler to encourage him to take onus of his actions so our community and the women involved can begin healing – NOW!

And, where is KXLY and the Spokesless-Review? The Cowles, Shawn Vestal, Mayor Condom, Larry Haskell, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, or our County Commissioners… Nope, nothing. Unholy Alliances folks… Unholy Alliances. Only reporting the truth after Brian Breen has gathered all the facts and written the undeniable story… right?

The allegations are very serious. Violence against women is a problem plaguing our country and dominating headlines nationally, and Spokane is no different. Too many women are victims and we have more speaking up every day. Mayor Condom.

What? And, what about Sheriff Knezovich???

But, apparently, this is not the opinion over at the Sheriff’s Department with Knezovich… as just like with Bob West… it may be yet another week before he may MTFU and accept his role in this disaster while trying to find some  “safe place” from the truth, and, specifically; his own sad role in it… how long is the local press going to continue in supporting these clowns and all these Unholy Alliances?

Brian Breen really has earned all the credit in Breaking this Story…

At 16:44 minutes into this Ozzie/Buff video with Brian Breen – Knezovich throws the public women employees being abused in the Jail by Phillip Tyler under the bus! What else could the Sheriff do? Decide for yourself… even NOW is putting out a “call to action.”

The Sheriff is asked by Brian Breen if he “covered-up” for Phil Tyler? If, he is aware of all the complaints against Phil Tyler? Complaints of Sexual Harassment? Were you honest when you said you weren’t aware of his Domestic Violence Arrests?

Breen: So, when you hired him you didn’t check his background? Were you aware of his physical contact at a soccer game – while driving a County vehicle? Are you a friend of Phil Tylers? Knezovich: Yeah, I am! You speak very highly of him? Knezovich: Yeah! Breen: But, he had all those complaints? Knezovich: Yeah! Breen: And, he had lots of complaints didn’t he? Knezovich: Yeah! Breen: So, if Phil Tyler did such a good job, why was he forced to quit, and what are the other (10) Jail Sergeants say about Tyler?

Decide for yourself…

Phil Tyler calls on men to “rise-up” for women…

Seriously, Knezovich and Tyler… what a couple of phonies!! Click on the link above to read the article in The Inlander…

While NOW calls on leaders to “rise-up” against Tyler…

Next… everyone should be “rising-up” against the KingPin in this abusive treatment of public women employees in the jail… Tyler’s good friend Sheriff Knezovich. Unholy Alliances… right?