With her hand on a bible, Brandi Peetz still occupies a stolen City of Spokane Valley Council Seat… more Unholy Alliances with Knezovich violating SCSO Policies and Procedures in endorsing her…

Brandi Peetz, were still waiting… you participated in unethical activities in stealing an election with your father, BobĀ  West, and a corrupt Sheriff violating the Department’s Policies and Procedures! How far will they go in dis-incorporating the City of Spokane Valley?

Brandi Peetz – trapped between the sins of her father, Bob West, and the “outside force” of a manipulative Sheriff interfering in the affairs of the City of Spokane Valley to control a law-enforcement contract. Sitting in an elected Council seat she didn’t earn “fair and square” and now without the respect of all those in the community who demand higher standards and integrity.

Is this who Brandi Peetz really is? Is this outcome really fair to Caleb Collier? Is this what they teach at Valley Real Life Ministries… And, is this really a fair outcome to the Valley Voters that you deceived?

Brandi, no matter what the Sheriff is telling you, your committing criminal acts, with other criminals, in a conspiracy, a cover-up and a scandal… while remaining in the seat of someone who was cheated… and you are a criminal too, just like your dad, and Knezovich… in doing so… and you are outside God’s blessing and plan for you.

Without honor, respect or God’s peace… you are never going to be blessed in a decision to remain in a council seat you didn’t fairly earn… and you will regret continuing in your self-determination – without God’s peace – or the entire support of the voters of the City of Spokane Valley. Is this really fair to anyone? Or, is this all about your own selfish interests???

You are not in His will for your life, and it will end badly… please, resign.


Bob West, and his daughter Brandi Peetz, both past members of the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board that cleared the Sheriff in the Pastor Creach and Ryan Holyk cover-ups! But, not the resulting lawsuits and the resulting millions of dollars in taxpayer funded settlements…

Taking one for the Team: Bob West would like to thank all of you for focusing on him and not on the other members of the Team, including; his daughter, in a conspiracy to defraud the voters in stealing an election from Caleb Collier… Thank you, everyone, and especially those of you at the Spokesman-Review in attempting to divert the public’s attention away from us… and to Scott Maclay… (really it is Maclay that deserves this award).

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