Everybody loves Deputy Nye, but was a SCSO mistake made at Freeman High School? Did Deputy Nye meet Caleb Sharpe while actually holding the bag containing the weapons accepting that they were golf clubs… or not? Either way the SCSO has all the liability in knowing when Caleb was returning and not preparing accordingly…

Everybody loves Deputy Nye. Everybody… but what is our Sheriff really up to?

The Strahan family, from Freeman High School, doesn’t know me… and I don’t know them.

So, I was surprised at the Samuel Strahan Memorial, a public event in September at University High School, a public school, that Sheriff Knezovich, a public official, and group of our finest public servants were trying to eject me for “trespassing” at a high school that I, my kids, my grand-kids and my upcoming grand-kids and great grand-kids have or will attend.

Following the event, the Sheriff, assaulted me, arrested me, incarcerated me, and then saw his charges all dropped the following Monday by the Prosecutor’s Office. Knezovich stated in his subsequent report, under penalty of perjury, that I was under investigation for making “death threats” against him and his wife in inspiring deputies to harass and arrest me? And, we now know there was no such investigation – with the SCSO, the SPD, the WSP, and now not even at the FBI. Why? Why did Knezovich lie?

The Deputy/Resource Officer, and the Principal at University High School have now “banned” me from ever returning – for life – and under the threat of Criminal Trespass… for taking pictures of all of the non-working cameras in the foyer to the gymnasium that have all been reported to be non-functional… and not capable of capturing the Sheriff’s debacles.

Why? Why did the Sheriff choose to inform his deputies that I have been under investigation, for over a year, for making death threats against him – resulting in him sleeping with a “double barrel” shotgun for his own protection as outlined in his Certified Statement Under Penalty of Perjury? Why, did the Sheriff attempt to have me trespassed, twice, under the color of law and in violation of my Civil Rights? And, why was the Sheriff even at the Strahan Memorial, but not the Pastor Creach and Ryan Holyk Memorials? And, finally, why is the Sheriff sooo concerned with my attention in this matter???

At the risk of enduring yet another Defamation Lawsuit, as I am currently enduring in the Deputy Pendell matter and his position as a Deputy/Resource Officer at Medical Lake High School – in which, for the record, each and every one of my concerns has now been established… here are the questions, that the press is suspiciously not asking, and that I would like the Sheriff to respond to herein.

Hopefully, the Sheriff will want to respond to these questions instead of running to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy’s Association in search of monetary support as an offering to his Mormon Attorneys in attempting to “sue” me… into eternal silence.

First, in the Freeman matter, the Sheriff almost immediately began in distancing himself from the incident… so much so, that one must ask the obvious question – WHY?


In seeking the answer in my assault and arrest and incarceration and dismissal, I would like to publicly ask the Sheriff the following questions:

Why did all the counselors and staff and the Deputy/Resource Officer ignore all the warning signs as provided by students?

If, Caleb, was returning to school after receiving a mental evaluation, what was the outcome of the Report, and why didn’t the Deputy/Resource Officer meet with him, immediately, on his scheduled return?

Did the Bus Driver handle the duffle bag containing the weapons while placing it in a storage compartment or make any inquiry of Caleb to it’s contents?

Did Deputy Nye handle the duffle bag with the weapons at anytime during Caleb’s arrival or make any inquiry to it’s contents?

Did the Bus Driver or Deputy Nye accept Caleb’s explanation without verifying the contents of the duffle bag was, in fact, golf clubs as asserted by Caleb?

Was Deputy Nye, in fact, placed on Administrative Leave? And, why not the Janitor?

So, Sheriff, what is the exact purpose of your Deputy/Resource Officers if not to prevent outcomes like this?

While everyone loves Deputy Nye. All these kids, including; Caleb Sharpe, deserve better of the adults that are entrusted with their welfare.

And, is it possible that the Sheriff assaulted and arrested me at the Strahan Memorial to keep me from possibly asking these questions, like I did, following other memorials in contributing to accountability, openness and transparency… and possibly the lawsuits that were later leveled against the Sheriff?

Time will tell…

Sooo, Sheriff Knezovich, at the risk of enduring yet another Defamation Lawsuit, as funded by your Deputy’s, and at the hands of your Mormon Attorneys… could you please elaborate and answer these questions proactively? Has Deputy Nye been ordered to be silent, in yet another one of your cover-ups, as with Deputy Pendell, Deputy Bodman, Deputy Hirzel, et al., and as you try to protect your own ego in your failed leadership and false integrity… and at all costs?

No matter what it ends-up costing us the taxpayers in future litigation – possibly after your next election bid – like you did in the Ryan Holyk case in producing a phony video demonstrating Deputy Bodman’s innocence???

Real Mormons don’t hide behind dead kids Sheriff… but you do… right!?!

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