Sheriff Knezovich – Unholy Alliances…

Mark Fuhrman, Kxly and Mike Fitzsimmons… blindly support a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff…

Sheriff Knezovich has, and continues in having relationships that raise eyebrows. Consider the following…

Mark Fuhrman: Knezovich said he’s never been called a racist before, and to be branded as such based on a photo is disheartening. He added he has no control over what Fuhrman or anyone else puts on their Web sites:

Philip Tyler: Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, who ran the Spokane County Jail from his appointment in April 2006 through June 2013, when Spokane County commissioners assumed control, wrote the City Council to support Tyler’s appointment, citing his strong leadership skills, which apparently didn’t take into consideration Tylers termination for abusing and discrimination involving women:

How could Knezovich of been this ignorant of the facts surrounding Tyler when at least ten SCSO Jail Sergeants stated in a “NO CONFIDENCE” letter that he was “abusive” toward women:

And, how did Tyler respond: So, why is Knezovich even sitting next to this clown?

Sheriff Knezovich and his good friend Phil Tyler…




Amy Biviano: A Liberal Democrat, endorsed by a Republican Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich against one of the Valley’s most favored sons Conservative, Republican – Matt Shea? Knezovich claimed this mailer really wasn’t an endorsement of Biviano – who appeared topless in Playboy.

Once, again, Knezovich says this mailer was not an endorsement of Mumm?

Candice Mumm: A Liberal Democrat, again, endorsed by a supposedly Republican Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich against another Conservative Republican – Josh Kerns?


Brandi Peetz: another intervention into the politics of the City of Spokane Valley by Sheriff Knezovich, in endorsing a candidate with no Conservative, Republican values and funded and supported by too many Unions to mention… and in violation of the Sheriff’s Departments Policies and Procedures.

Why? To manipulate the make-up of the Valley Council in securing a law enforcement contract that costs the citizen’s of the City of Spokane Valley Two Million dollars a year more than what we could provide those services ourselves… year after year after year… while providing us with Deputies that do not live here, and travel from North Idaho while driving our patrol vehicles and shooting our pastors and running over our children, with our City’s name on the side, and at taxpayer expense. And, what did we get in return for Brandi Peetz:

But, the Unholy Alliance continues with Bob West, Brandi’s father and fellow Citizen Advisory Board Member, and Knezovich holding hands and sitting together at the monthly meetings of the Republican’s of Spokane County – a FAKE Republican club created by Knezovich’s minions who support Liberal Democrats and Progressives – not reflective of the values of the City of Spokane Valley, but the Spokesman Review, and their endorsed candidate Knezovich and whomever he supports in undermining our new City and our agenda that defied all their goals through our successful Incorporation outcome.

This in their continuing “agenda” I speak about in Knezovich’s support of Liberal Democrats, Homosexuals, and Progressives in undermining our Conservative, Christian Values and public servants in the Valley. And, by funding such detractors by the Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy’s Association – that has funded this continuing battle since our inception – and who has spent 10’s of thousands, of our taxpayer generated, dollars in working against us… don’t believe me, just ask Mike Devleming, Diana Whilhite, Dean Grafo’s or Chuck Hafner or most of the others who have gotten elected… all but any of these: the true Valleyites who reflected our core values. 

The Spokesman Review Agenda in the Spokane Valley did not support any of these candidates other than Pam Haley who bowed to Knezovich’s demands and sacrificed herself accordingly in getting re-elected…

All of Knezovich’s interventions violate the Sheriff Department’s Policies and Procedures… and the Sheriff responds, that as an elected official, he is exempt from the Departments Policies and Procedures. And where has that got us a community? Cover-ups, conspiracies, lawsuits, settlements and phony Citizen Advisory Board Investigations continue… and while dead pastors, dead kids, veterans and even a Reserve Deputy from a neighboring County are the order of the day, with anyone asking anyone asking any questions bullied, intimidated and flogged by the Sheriff’s minions in the local press – like Brother Shawn Vestal of the Spokesman Review, Khq, Krem and Kxly. Unholy Alliances, that support an agenda of undermining ours and the future of the City of Spokane Valley…

Decide for yourself… here’s more of Knezovich on supporting Liberals, Democrats, Homosexuals, and Progressives and anyone, anyone who supports their agenda, and not ours…

All the Republican Sheriff’s Unholy Alliances pictured herein… Peetz, West, Chris and Democrat Leader Sally Jackson…

Does the Sheriff’s role as the area Director of FEMA interfere with his role as our elected Sheriff? Does a free press, like the Spokesman Review, demand the militarization of our law-enforcement to establish their agenda???

Sheriff Knezovich, and Chris Jackson. Same background, same location, and all the same Liberal, Democrats, Homosexuals and Progressives supporting the very same agenda… not ours. Is it an Unholy Alliance that serves as the Area FEMA Director while also serving as an elected official… and how much is Knezovich being paid to participate in this Unholy Alliance… do you know? So, what does Alex Jones/INFOWARS have to say about Knezovich?

Alex Jones/INFOWARS on Sheriff Knezovich.

And, what happened to Mayberry RFD here in Spokane County under Sheriff Knezovich… And, how do we get back to where we came from?

Shouldn’t patrol vehicles be “marked,” and that vehicle camera’s and body camera’s should replace the Sheriff’s “Last Chance Policy” between him and our Deputies – who should be held accountable and charged for their actions when breaking the law – especially, when it is the Sheriff himself.

That “Unholy Alliances” between the Sheriff, his CAB, his Endorsements in violation of the Department’s Policies and Procedures, the Press, the FBI, FEMA, and the Mormon Church in the Mormonization of the Department’s Command Staff, have not resulted in a safer community, and have only resulted in deeper distrust and divisions within the community. And that the separation of the Prosecutor’s Office from the Sheriff’s influence would result in more accountability, openness and transparency.

That “Centralized Control” in the exclusive hands of the Sheriff has served no-one, other than the self-serving needs in preserving the Sheriff, and that Diversification of Command and Oversight within the Department would result in more checks and balances, less abuses, with positive outcomes to the public.

When a picture says a thousand words…  Would Knezovich get down on his knees in a Mosque in exchange for their support???


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