Redacted, is no political activist… and not even a resident of the City of Spokane Valley!?!

REDACTED, is not really a political activist… and, especially not in the City of Spokane Valley… not past, not present, and probably not in the future.

So, why is Redacted constantly showing-up in front of the Valley City Council while claiming to be a resident of the City of Spokane Valley while denouncing Scott Maclay for racism or fascism or whatever when Redacted lives at the base of Mt. Spokane?

Redacted, and I were married for several amazing months, but the painful after-glow has continued now for well over a decade. Redacted was pregnant and I stepped-up – Redacted had a miscarriage while riding her horse – against my objection, and I stepped-out. And, I refused to pay Redacted the thousands and thousands of dollars that Redacted and Redacted family attorney constructed and orchestrated in an exorbitant and a phony legal action that lasted for years following months, of mindless and painful litigation.

I did not lie, cheat or steal, and minus any legitimate accounting on her part, I do not, today, believe that she was ever owed alimony, cash, or, now hush money. I did, however, give her a warm hug on my way out the door at the request of Redacted father and after surprising Redacted at her Mount Spokane residence with the very same moving truck that I moved in with.

Seriously, can Redacted claim  that Redacted has had a meaningful relationship with anyone, including; Deputy Pendell or Sheriff Knezovich in the Deputy Pendell Support page?

For the record, Redacted is NOT a resident of the CIty of Spokane Valley, and is not a disgruntled mother or wife or victim of any abuse other than that as self-inflicted before the City Council of the City of Spokane Valley while, like Knezovich, interfering into the affairs of others that Redacted shares no future with.

I would have been happy to have been the father of my child, and, if, in fact, Redacted could have listened to reason while persisting in horseback riding against my wishes, the father of our child, and with Redacted history with miscarriages.

If, working with a corrupt and murderous Sheriff, with blood on his hands, provides you with some sense of justice in standing against accountability, openness and transparency… then, let me just say that I made the right decision, and that I have absolutely… no regrets.

Redacted and her former service dog, Redacted. The dog had to be pulled from service after he was rushed too many times by “imposter” service dogs and became too reactive, Redacted says.

So, who is the real “impostor” Redacted? You, the dog, Phil Tyler and his phony anti-racist campaign against me – that you participated in while protesting out front of the Valley City Council while claiming to be a Valley Resident?

Maybe, Redacted, your dog, is an impostor too… just like the “Investigative Reporter” who wrote this article and is no longer employed at the Spokesman Review?


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