NO DEATH THREAT against Scott Maclay – Sheriff Knezovich is now officially a Brady Cop… and may be soon de-certified.

Brian Breen likely saved Scott Maclay’s political career, and maybe his life!

WSP confirms NO “Death Threat” Investigation against Maclay.

Brian Breen is a retired SPD I/A Detective with a life-time of experience and doesn’t like being lied to. And, as Sheriff Knezovich is now painfully aware, his law-enforcement career may be over and his re-election bid highly unlikely as a soon to be a De-Certified Brady Cop involved in a costly Civil Rights lawsuit.

Today, and thanks to Breen’s on-going investigation, the WSP released Breen’s Public Records Request demonstrating that their is NO Record of any year-long investigation – as Knezovich stated in his Certified Statement – Under Penalty of Perjury – in instigating deputies to harass and arrest Maclay at the Samuel Strahan Memorial Event at University High School.

Breen’s investigation has demonstrated that their is no record of any investigation of “death threats” at the Spokane County Sheriffs Office, or the Spokane Police Department or the Washington State Patrol. So, is it likely that Knezovich, who visited the U.S. Attorney General’s Office just a couple of weeks back, can likely induce the FBI in creating a ghost investigation? Not legitimately likely…

Prosecutor Larry Haskell dismissed the Sheriff’s charges against Maclay… but at the Sheriff’s insistence, the charges were forwarded to the Pend Oreille Prosecutor’s Office for review. And, the Sheriff, and Bob West, and his supporters have deluged the Prosecutor with opinions, innuendo, and false testimonies – not consistent with the Security Videos that the Sheriff couldn’t manipulate.

Somewhere, in the very near future, Brian Breen will likely be carrying the results of his investigation to the appropriate authorities to demonstrate that Knezovich intentionally retaliated against Maclay, while providing him with a real public flogging, and while violated his Civil Rights. The end result will be devasting for Knezovich and the taxpayers who will again endure another costly lawsuit.

Thank you, Brian, for caring enough for the truth to endure the Sheriff’s relentless attacks and disparagement in staying focused on your investigation and in probably keeping me out of jail, on false charges, and in likely saving my life. The truth is worth it : )

Scott Maclay

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