By Ryan Holyk’s Mom…

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March 1, 2017
By Ryan’s Mom…

My goal in fighting for justice for my son was to make sure that the truth was out there. After three years of fighting, I feel like we have achieved that. I feel like the information that we have now is the same information that we would have by the end of a trial, and I don’t care to put my family thru anymore heartbreak.

Therefore, at the request of the defense, we decided to end it here. We successfully proved that Joseph Bodman, due to negligence on his part, did in fact hit my son with his car. After all the denials, and changes in stories, and crucifixion of my son’s character, I believe that we have the truth.

But that is not all I have been fighting for. I also chose to fight because no one took any responsibility for this, I never received an apology, no matter the situation. Even if it were purely an accident, I would still expect someone to say something to me.

Some of the investigators did express their condolences way after the fact, but had Bodman himself, or Ozzie bothered to show any kind compassion at all toward me or my family, things might have played out differently.

They wouldn’t even make eye contact with me during the depositions, in fact Bodman drove the car that he hit my son with to the deposition and parked it in front of the front door, so I had no choice but to walk past it. Not only did they not say a word to me, but they tried their best to blame the whole thing on my son.

Another factor in my choice is that the night of the accident, no one rendered aid to my son. Every single cop there just stood around trying to get Bodman off the scene, trying to cover for “one of their own,” while my son choked on his own blood and brain matter in the street. I am so thankful to the civilians who stepped in to be by my son’s side, to let him know that he wasn’t alone.

I can never repay that kindness.

Finallly, I am not claiming, nor have I ever claimed that Ryan had no responsibility in this. I don’t believe that he did everything perfectly, but I think that we have to look at this comparatively, Ryan was a 15-year-old kid, Bodman was a “trained” professional.

Overall, I believe that it was not intentional on Bodman’s part, but I do believe that he was negligent and that the way it was handled was nothing short of scandalous and heartless.

I fought not only for the truth, but to defend my son’s name, and to let him know that I will always and forever have his back!

Ryan’s photo below was posted on Facebook by the Holyk Family. Brandi Peetz, and her father, Bob West, both past Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) members have defended their exoneration of the Sheriff and Deputy Bodman – while Brandi even recently claimed to be a family friend while campaigning during her election (?).

Sheriff Knezovich had the audacity to claim that this kid simply fell off his bike… it was at this time that I determined to replace him… even if I must do it myself.

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