Welcome to DumpOzzie Dot Com – a community effort to expose and replace a corrupt and murderous Sheriff with innocent blood on his hands…

DumpOzzie.com and the Rattlesnakes MC are “Liked” by Anonymous – no political agendas here… just the truth, accountability, openness and transparency.

Welcome to DumpOzzie.com. I changed my name to DumpOzzie Dot Com and placed it on the ballot for Sheriff for just one reason… to bring your attention to the truth.

This is a community based campaign for the truth – accountability, openness  and transparency… and not about party politics and their selfish agendas. This campaign is simply about bringing attention to dead pastors, kids, veterans, reserve deputies, a multitude of dead and forgotten inmates in the Spokane County Jail, the Sheriff’s phony Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) Investigations, and all the continuing and costly lawsuits against all of us – the taxpayers! As, often ignored by the local de-Press-ed and their liberal agenda.

Is Knezovich really a Constitutional Sheriff, a Christian Conservative, or even a Republican? Is he a part of the Cowles and the Downtown Interests along with FEMA?

For Scott Maclay – DumpOzzie Dot Com, who has given the past 18 years of his life in standing-up to a corrupt and murderous Sheriff with blood on his hands… and why is this such a problem for the local de-Press-ed in disparaging him for simply asking the questions, and providing the answers, that they won’t address???

You will, most likely, will be in disbelief and shock when confronted with the primary source documentation and the truth that demonstrates that Knezovich is, in fact, a corrupt and murderous sheriff with innocent blood on his hands… as supported by the Cowles and their Downtown Agenda constructed in returning our tax revenues to their control and the Liberal, Left George Soro’s Agenda… decide for yourself!?!

On the local media; “Dirty, Godless and Hateful people” – Rep. Matt Shea. This would include the Spokesless-Review, the IN-Slander and the KKK = Khq, Krem and Kxly. That’s mild based on my experience – I call them “Blood-Sucking Zombies!” And here’s why…

To date: And, since determining to change my name to Dump Ozzie Dot Com and placing my name on the ballot for Sheriff  – in simply seeking to share the truth with you… I have endured a false defamation lawsuit by Deputy Pendell in the SFD Lt. Terry Canfield Murder, resulting in Pendell’s placement on the Brady Cop List for lying. 4 false Restraining Orders by Knezovich supporters, including; Bob West, Brandi Peetz, Laura Renz and Knezovich himself.  Several false investigations related to Knezovich and his supporters from the SCSO, the SPD, the WSP, Prosecutor Larry Haskell, a Formal Review by the Pend Orielle Prosecutor, and even the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force resulting in $30,000 in legal fees – while falsely arrested, flogged by the local de-Press-ed, and even falsely incarcerated… and with NO RESULTS! And, so Daniel Walters, who is really trying to kill who? Decide for yourself…

Why is the Sheriff, his busy Minions, his Invented Republican Party, and the local De-press-ed always trying to KILL me – for simply asking the questions they aren’t asking?

Is it because I am a Conservative Christian no agenda other than in exposing the Sheriff’s cover-ups, conspiracies, deaths, and costly lawsuits?

Why are they so afraid in being pressed for the truth… do they maybe have something to hide?

I  must have motivated Daniel Walters into action last Saturday night with that comment, after Happy Hour on a Saturday Night, who texted me in search of me “chiming in” for a “hit piece” he is doing against me and the GOP involving Brian Standow – a man with known “mental health breakdowns.” Say what? How many beers does it take to legitimate such an article Walters???

Nevertheless, as Walter’s likes to say when ignoring the truth… I determined to assist the IN-Slander in their thinking in trying to make “something” out of Standow’s political career that has become “nothing” since our Fake Republican Sheriff “tossed him under the bus” – along with the likes of Phil Tyler, Bob West, Brandi Peetz, Deputy Pendell, Rob Chase, Laura Renz, Sheri Herberholtz, John Mcgrath, and the women jailers now suing Knezovich in the Spokane County Jail, et al.

Brian Standow, traded the Zillmer shooting video to Knezovich and in spying on  DumpOzzie Dot Com as a paid informant (?) in exchange for restoring his own gun rights? Identified as a Fake Republican in losing his position as a Republican State Committeeman, and now as Daniel Walter’s bitch in a constructed “hit piece” against the Dumpster… smelly, very, very smelly. With friends like this, who needs enemies… right?

At the center of Walters upcoming article concerns Brian Standow – who has apparently informed him that I will kill Knezovich should I loose the up-coming election for Sheriff… Standow, a known Sheriff supporter and stated paid informant of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, who’s only apparent purpose was to keep me, The Dumpster, from placing my name on the ballot for Sheriff. A desperate act, by a desperate man, with mental instability who now recognizes that he has no political future… just like all of the other Sheriff’s victims… as mentioned above while Knezovich, who once again has tossed yet another delusional Ozlican under the bus while remaining completely “unscathed” by the local de-press-ed.

Apparently, the fact that this question has already been answered with “NO EVIDENCE” by a multitude of Formal Investigations, including; the SCSO, the SPD, the WSP, the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office, a Formal Review by the Pend Orielle County Prosecutor’s Office, the FBI/Joint Terrorism Task Force, and, most importantly, Brian Breen, a retired 40 year veteran and Internal Affairs Investigator, on his investigative blog with the link provided below… as insufficient for Walters who is now demanding my answer, on a Saturday Night, and before the throne of the IN-Slander – talk about “suspicious.” Nevertheless, folks, this serving as your Sheriff is just dangerous work for me and my family and with all these Terrorists, like Maclay, trying to hold me accountable in my cover-ups while trying to kill me – Sheriff Knezovich.

Bullsh#t! And, especially, in a political race against DumpOzzie Dot Com and a growing community interest in seeking the truth to a multitude of “suspicious” responses in far too many cover-ups, deaths, and costly lawsuits as outlined below… https://examplepro.me/2018/09/02/just-in-case-wwiii-breaks-out-and-my-allies-have-to-storm-the-beaches/

And, clearly, Walters rejected any suggestion that he review the already completed investigatory work of Brian Breen on Standow: https://examplepro.me/2018/08/30/it-looks-like-inlander-reporter-daniel-walters-didnt-read-my-brian-standow-stories/

Why? Because maybe getting to the truth really wasn’t Walter’s goal?

Why? Would anyone, namely; Daniel Walters, believe someone who is being denounced by both Knezovich and Maclay? And, while clearly benefiting, again, only Knezovich!?! Brian Standow has admitted to breaking the law in stealing proprietary evidence from the GOP that didn’t belong to him, and in making illegal recordings, while providing all of it to Knezovich – Brian Standow, is likely going to jail!

While Walter’s concludes that it is “suspicious” that I am offended in his personal inquiry that is somehow now a superior demand to all of those formal investigative entities that have already concluded otherwise… and he seems very offended that I am denying anything said about me, by Standow, while directing his attention to the thorough and previous investigation(s) painfully made against me, along with all of the proprietary documentation concerning Standow over on Brian Breen’s blog at https://examplepro.me/  – seriously, Walters, and you call my response “suspicious?” And, even when Knezovich has openly stated that Brian Standow is a delusional double agent!?! How can the IN-Slander even call this a legitimate article based on yet another one of the Sheriff’s “whack jobs?”

Was it at all “suspicious” that the medical report in the death of Pastor Wayne Scott Creach demonstrated that he was on his knees, with his hands in the air, when shot to death by Deputy Hirzel? And, that Sheriff Knezovich has never been able to supply the Formal Investigation from his Citizens Advisory Board (CAB). So, where is the Formal Report? And, why was there a 2.2 million dollar settlement with the Creach Family?






Was it at all “suspicious” that Knezovich and his CAB concluded that Deputy Bodman did not, after admitting that he did, strike and kill Ryan Holyk resulting in a 1 million dollar settlement to the Holyk family?

Army Veteran and Purple Heart recipient Zed Zillmer. Shot over 15 times by SCSO Deputies while on his knees, his hands in the air, and while surrendering… see link below. Is this “suspicious,” Daniel, how about doing a story on this… ?

Were you at all “suspicious” when… Knezovich didn’t submit the Zed Zillmer death to his CAB and as the Brian Standow video of his death went missing, and that was not submitted in the Sheriff’s Formal Investigation? And, as Standow began carrying a concealed weapon, with his gun rights apparently restored, while serving as a member of the SCSO and the  FBI/Joint Terrorism Task Force – while spying on me as a candidate for Sheriff, and his magical appointment to Republican State Committeeman with no Party Affiliation or any proven history or involvement?


Justice for Ryan… Justice for a grieving family, a grieving Joseph Bodman who told the truth, Justice for lying Sheriff Knezovich, Justice for the entire community… not that Daniel Walters gives a sh#t – no suspicion, no story!?!

Were you at all “suspicious” when… Knezovich retained Grant Fredericks to produce a phony video in the death of Ryan Holyk, at taxpayer expense, in again exonerating himself with the involvement of Bob West and his daughter Brandi Peetz, on his CAB, while getting himself re-elected, as we the taxpayers, were later tagged with a Million Dollar Lawsuit settlement as it was, in fact, determined that Deputy Bodman struck Holyk? Is it then”suspicious” to you, Walters, that Deputy Bodman is now, himself, missing from the SCSO? And, where did he go Sheriff???

William Berger… tazed and strangled to death by SCSO Deputies… with no CAB Investigation by Knezovich. Talk about “suspicious?”

Were you at all “suspicious” when… Knezovich stood behind his Deputies who “tazed and strangled to death” a Reserve Sheriff Deputy, William Berger, from the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office while simply leaving a visit to the gym on the South Hill? Nothing “suspicious” about a Reserve Deputy being tazed and strangled? What is wrong with you?


Suspicious!?! That Knezovich says there is no Policy or Procedure in a Deputy passing guns from the LVPD to a now covicted triple murderer of SFD Lt. Terry Canfield and his entire family? Daniel Walters… Really?What is wrong with you?

Were you at all “suspicious” when… Knezovich funded and supported a defamation lawsuit against Rep. Matt Shea and myself in the death of SFD Lt. Terry Canfield, and his family resulting in his placement on Prosecutor Haskell’s “Brady Cop List” for lying? Were you at all “suspicious” that Deputy Pendell gave the convicted murderer, Roy Murry, his guns back from the LVPD from his personal residence, in the middle of the night, without violating any SCSO Policy or Procedure or concern from Knezovich? And, are you at all “suspicious” that again Knezovich didn’t present this incredible event to his CAB?

Isn’t it even a little “suspicious,” Daniel Walters, that Knezovich (R) worked to replace all these Republicans with Liberals, Democrats and Progressives?

Were you at all “suspicious” when… Knezovich, an apparent fake Republican, endorsed Amy Biviano (D) over Matt Shea (R), and Candice Mumm (D) over Josh Kerns (R)… or an unknown like Brandi Peetz (Progressive) against Caleb Collier (R), or Chris Jackson (D), the grandson of Democratic Leader Sally Jackson over Rod Higgins (R). Or, finally, in supporting Linda Thompson (D) over Ed Pace (R)… all in violation of the Sheriff’s Department’s Policies and Procedures in making political endorsements… is any of this “suspicious” to you, Daniel Walters?

For Scott Maclay – DumpOzzie Dot Com, who has given the past 18 years of his life in standing-up to a corrupt and murderous Sheriff with blood on his hands…. and who has continued in interfering with the political outcomes in the City of Spokane Valley to control our law enforcement contract… is this even a little unwarranted and “suspicious?”

Were you at all “suspicious” when… Knezovich falsely arrested me, flogged me, and falsely incarcerated me for attending the Samuel Stahan Memorial, a public event, at a public high school that I once attended, where my kids and grand kids attended, for a public event… and because he was concerned I might talk to the Strahan family about his involvement in a cover-up concerning his Deputy who did not check the contents of a duffle-bag carried to school on the day the shooter returned from a mental evaluation for stating he planned on bringing weapons to school to shoot fellow classmates… is this seem even remotely possibly”suspicious” to you Daniel Walters?

Were you at all “suspicious” when Knezovich’s charges against me were all “dismissed” by Prosecutor Haskell? That at the Sheriff’s insistence a Formal Review was then initiated by the Pend Orielle County Prosecutor’s Office that concurred with Haskell’s dismissal? Were you at all “suspicious” that Knezovich, West and Peetz, initiated a failed Restraining Order during this very period along with Knezovich initiating a failed FBI/JTTF Investigation against me – does this seem even possibly seem “suspicious” to you – Daniel Walters?

Tom Clouse, the S-R, not one investigative article in any of these cover-ups, conspiracies and costly lawsuits! Like with Daniel Walters, absolutely no “suspicions” what-so-ever! None!?!

Were you at all “suspicious” when Knezovich and his supporter, my ex-wife, of a six to eight month marriage some thirteen years ago, conspired and initiated a Restraining Order against me… while the Spokesman-Review did a “hit piece” against me insinuating that I have been married eight times? With four bankruptcies?? Claiming I have no real estate or pilot or respiratory therapist licenses when I do??? That I like to party naked in a bar when, in fact, I have a known history of counseling others to live clean and sober as I have for the past 12 years???? ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER????? Does this even seem possibly “suspicious” to Daniel Walters?

The local de-press-ed likes to color me as many things… but not as a dad, a grand-dad, and even a great grand-dad with racially mixed great grand children… all residing here in the Spokane Valley… a City where I am considered a Formation Member and a graduate of CVSD. Seriously, Walters, you and Knezovich are the only aliens in the Spokane Valley!

Are you at all now even remotely “suspicious,” Daniel Walters, that Brian Standow is, in fact, a known Sheriff supporter whom he openly called his GOD, with a known motivation in trying to get his gun rights restored, an Ozlican in the service and support of Knezovich who assisted him in becoming a Fake Republican State Committeeman while he also was actively working as a paid informant of the SCSO and the FBI’s JTTF in working against my placement on the ballot for Sheriff – is this even somehow even a little “suspicious” as a legitimate basis for you in asking me if I ever stated that I may kill the Sheriff, if I am not elected? Seriously, Walters, I changed my name to DumpOzzie Dot Com and placed it on the ballot to draw attention to these stories that you have completely and suspiciously ignored…


Mark Fuhrman, Kxly and Mike Fitzsimmons… blindly support a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff… is this at all “suspicious” to you Daniel Walters concerning Knezovich who calls his detractors “bigots and racists?” What do the Aryan Nations, the Ku Klux Klan and the home of Spokane’s Singing Nuns have in common? Let’ ask Knezovich’s personal secretary – Shelly House – a member at Mt. Saint Michaels… http://What do the Aryan Nations, the Ku Klux Klan and the home of Spokane’s Singing Nuns have in common?

Daniel Walters… Is this really your first “suspicion” about me? In that I don’t want to answer your questions and your Fake News Reader – as related to Brian Standow – and while you haven’t had any other “suspicions” related to any of these stories? Is it any wonder that many in the community suspect that the IN-Slander has become a Communist, Leftist, Liberal and Socialist Tabloid? And, would it be reasonable, as based on all of this, that I may ask you if Knezovich, and his minions… who apparently includes you, are actively trying to kill me!?! And for simply asking these obvious questions?

And, who really cares about what Brian Standow is saying anyways? What about Knezovich’s good buddy Mark Fuhrman, and his personal secretary – Shelly House? Listed one of the Sheriff’s favorite organization in training his deputies in targeting Constitutionalists amassing guns and ammo in justifying his need for an MRAP. Daniel, is this at all “suspicious?”


Reverse Racism and Bigotry at it’s finest from Knezovich’s good buddy – Phil Tyler, who like Standow, and West hang-on to the delusion that Knezovich is going to save their political futures…

And, what about Knezovich’s good buddy Phil Tyler? Both now entangled in a lawsuit by female employees in the Spokane County Jail for abuse and discrimination? Daniel, is this at all even remotely “suspicious” to you?

Why not focus on anyone of these stories in pursuing some real truth?

No “suspicion” by Walters, the IN-Slander, Tom Clouse, the S-R or the KKK for any of the unknown inmates who have been murdered or committed suicide in the Spokane County Jail… none!

And, are you at all “suspicious” with the death of an “eighth” inmate in the Spokane County Jail, Walters, where the women inmates are suing Knezovich, who is clearly unable to manage his own minions, while the Command Staff is standing against him and not even the Spokane County Commissioners can stop it…

Walters, was it all “suspicious” to you that Knezovich said that this kid, Ryan Holyk, simply “fell off his bike?” Would Knezovich have ignored this kid’s death if he had belonged to a fellow Mormon Family?


And, all you can come up with is whether or not Brain Standow thinks I said I would kill the Sheriff… and, if, I am not elected? Unbelievable… may God forgive you… all of you… murderers, each and everyone of you! Dirty, Godless, Hateful people – in the support of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with blood on his hands – Ozzie Knezovich.

For all the up to the minute updates on all these developing stories, check in with Brian Breen, a Retired SPD Internal Affairs Detective with 40 years experience at https://examplepro.me even Daniel Walters is welcome : )

Daniel Walters, here is what a serious investigation looks like… just quote Breen, all the work and proprietary documentation has already been done for you: https://examplepro.me/2018/08/17/like-sr-columnist-shawn-vestal-im-just-seeking-clarity-directness-and-of-course-the-truth/

Scott Maclay – DumpOzzie Dot Com – 509.714.7974 Scott@scottmaclay.com

I’m here on the ballot for Sheriff for just one reason – to provide you, with the truth – and in pressing for accountability, openness and transparency.

Maybe, Knezovich, despite all your friends in the local de-Press-ed, you will be INDICTED for one of your many crimes, cover-ups, or conspiracies and before the end of this election is over. And, it is my “suspicion,” that Justice is Coming… for Pastor Creach, Ryan Holyk, Zed Zillmer, William Berger, SFD Lt. Terry Canfield, and too many other inmates to name who have died at your hands in the Spokane County Jail…

This is what Daniel Walters, and Tom Clouse of the S-R, HATES the most… Pro-Constitution, Pro-God, Pro-Gun, Pro-Life, and Pro-Truth, and why the local de-Press-ed is trying to “KILL” Scott Maclay – DumpOzzie Dot Com.

Editor’s Note: Scott Maclay – DumpOzzie Dot Com – is an Independent.


So, how will the Spokeman-Review respond should Sheriff Knezovich and Deputy Pendell be INDICTED in the death of SFD Lt. Terry Canfield? And just prior to the next election?

This would likely be the most embarrassing moment in the history of the GOP… and along with Knezovich’s endorsement of CMR – would terminate her political future as well. If, triple murderer Roy Murry can be convicted without a murder weapon, then why not Deputy Pendell who gave Murry his guns back from the LVPD, from his personal residence, in the middle of the night – guns that could have easily been converted to the caliber of the missing murder weapon – resulting in his placement on Prosecutor Haskell’s Brady Cop List for lying to Investigators, and should a Deputy on the Brady Cop List be a Resource Officer at Medical Lake High School? And, while Knezovich prematurely cancelled the Investigation… and immediately initiated defamation lawsuits against Matt Shea and Scott Maclay on behalf of Pendell for questioning his involvement? This isn’t FAKE NEWS folks, and one would have to question why the S-R is constantly creating FAKE NEWS against both Maclay and Shea – why is Tom Clouse and the S-R not investigating and reporting this story? CMR would be well-advised to distance herself from, and denounce Knezovich’s or the S-R’s endorsement. Stay tuned, for more details on these Unholy Alliances ; ) See the excerpt in the “blue box” from Examplepro.me by SPD Retired Detective, Brian Breen: https://examplepro.me/2017/10/page/1/


And, CMR, how could the S-R have missed all this… and, why would you even contemplate accepting an endorsement from, or endorsing Knezovich?


JUST RELEASED – More troubling developments for Sheriff Knezovich – the resurfacing of the missing Brian Standow Family Video of the execution of Army Veteran Zed Zillmer – not included in Sheriff Knezovich’s original Investigative Report with NO Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) Formal Review: https://examplepro.me/2018/08/17/like-sr-columnist-shawn-vestal-im-just-seeking-clarity-directness-and-of-course-the-truth/

Raising even more questions for the local de-press-ed in covering-up for a corrupt and murderous Sheriff with blood on his hands… you won’t find this in any of the local de-press-ed: https://examplepro.me/2018/08/15/the-now-infamous-standow-jed-zillmer-ois-video-is-available-to-the-public/

These are the Deputies who will shoot you even if your on your knees and with your hands in the air. Justified… Decide yourself!?! Apparently, surrendering is not always an option under the current leadership at the SCSO?

Other Daily News: And, while Spokane has become #3 in the nation for Property Crimes, it has become #1 in the nation for inmates killed in the Spokane County Jail… Seventh Inmate killed in Spokane County Jail in Fourteen Months  at the hands of Knezovich Minions… so, if it’s not too much inconvenience for the S-R, maybe, we could ask for the running total since Knezovich became Sheriff? http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2018/aug/09/seventh-spokane-county-jail-inmate-dies-in-14-mont/

A Message to Northwest GrassRoots… maybe, this is why Knezovich turned on a political entity that once supported him?

Meet the Candidate: Dumpozzie Dot Com (I)

Meet the Candidate: Dumpozzie Dot Com (I)Sheriff

Posted by Spokane Talks on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Spokane County: #3 in the Nation in Property Crimes… #1 in inmate deaths in the Jail – think about that for one more moment. How is Knezovich making you and your family more safe?

Post Election Results: Why Lisa Brown (D) should consider endorsing DumpOzzie Dot Com (I) and before Sheriff Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?) who really knows, targets in replacing her… and as he has rumored to do.


In Fleecing Sheriff Knezovich out of 27,500 votes – it didn’t cost us a cent in campaign costs. And, here’s how Lisa Brown (D) could best serve the community in assisting The Dumpster (I) in permanently removing our shared archenemy and FAKE Republican, Sheriff Oddly Knezovich (?). See my call out to my Democratic friends below…

We’ll look to Brian Breen at https://examplepro.me/ for the exact estimations in the morning, but based on the preliminary numbers, DumpOzzie.com has earned, and or cost Sheriff Knezovich in the Under Vote – voters who did not vote for either candidate for Sheriff – an estimated 27,500 votes!!! So, while he may be extremely proud of the wool he is pulling over the eyes of the uninformed voters, DumpOzzie.com is certainly giving him a fleecing : )

And, we didn’t spend a cent in accomplishing that deficit to Knezovich.

Folks, those voters aren’t coming back to Knezovich, so, imagine, what could be accomplished if each and everyone of you who voted for all of us informed or converted just a few uninformed voters in the next 90 days before the November election…

It’s inevitable that Knezovich will end up getting caught covering-up some conspiracy in the death of some innocent victim in that period… so, keep-up the good work, we can now begin to see the end of a corrupt and murderous Sheriff with blood on his hands – The Dumpster : )

To my friends in the Democratic Party: Some of you have expressed your concerns in supporting me as an Independent as you believe that I and Matt Shea are political allies – we are not friends and not by any definition. While Matt and I have served together in the trenches in demanding accountability, openness and transparency of Sheriff Knezovich (R), and in fighting his militarization of our local Law Enforcement, the MRAP, and his plans in the expansion of the Spokane County Jail… what Democrat would object to that… and we honestly haven’t communicated in well over a couple of years and while I haven’t even sought his endorsement for Sheriff. I have a Labor Degree from EWU, and interned under Sean Harrigan of the UFCW. I worked at URM Stores as a Teamster and served as the Shop Steward while today enjoying a partial retirement related to my condition with asbestos. I am not a member of Grass Roots, I am not a member or active in the local GOP/RSC – mostly made up of FBI Informants and Ozlicans anyways, and I have supported local Democrats like Char Lichty for Mayor and Jocelyn Cook in her bid for Spokane County Prosecutor and to replace Larry Haskell. I am an Independent, a conservative, and I often attend St. John’s Cathedral Episcopal Church – I am not that narrow minded – and I am my own unique individual. I am unique, with experience in both political parties and I am most comfortable as an Independent. I recently even stopped in and introduced myself at the Democrat Headquarters… and at Lisa Brown’s Headquarters… I am not a known supporter of CMR – who blessed Spokane County in assisting Knezovich in his appointment into his role as Sheriff and while remaining silent in his corrupt, murderous and costly lawsuits. And, it seems to me, that if politics can make strange bedfellows, and with the wave of Democratic victories tonight in the local primary… somebody ought to be thinking about what this The Dumpster (I) – who is an Independent for the truth and justice could accomplish with your support and with this opportunity to slay the most powerful, remaining Republican Monster that we will all will have to continue to deal with and for the next four years…

If, you truly care about accountability, openness and transparency, as I do… and without regard to party politics – then why not help me slay Knezovich now… if, you take the votes you earned and add them to the votes I earned and displaced tonight – Knezovich is likely history, think about it. Will deal with our differences later. You may not get another opportunity such as this, and it is his known intent to replace CMR or Lisa Brown… whichever comes first. So, why not assist me in replacing him first?

The Biggest Winner: as featured in yesterday’s S-R’s article – somewhat of a retraction – however, not on the Sunday front page edition: In this edition I am only referred to by the S-R as a “Conspiracy Theorist,” thankfully not as a “bigot” or “racist” or “psychopath.” This is a big improvement: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2018/aug/09/sheriffs-candidate-wins-legal-fight-to-avoid-perma/

The saddest loser in the S-R’s recent hit-piece against the Dumpster. My “estranged” sister, Sheri Herberholtz: Her biker bar, Cruisers, shut-down at Stateline, Idaho, for her own nudity, and permitting other females in doing so by the Idaho Liquor Control Board – along with a $25,000 dollar fine. She sold-out, moved to Florida, and then apparently had another unfortunate encounter with law enforcement there. As, I don’t drink alcohol and encourage others not to consume alcohol accordingly, I guess it’s kinda “strange” that the S-R didn’t Google her name and share this in their FAKE NEWS hit-piece against me while misleading all of you… Sad, very sad, Sheri stated in the article that she moved to Florida to get away from me… but apparently she took all her past problems with her and had to get naked again while being booked into the County Jail there : ) Sheriff Knezovich never denounces his supporters when he is “using” them – Phil Tyler, Deputy Hirzel, Deputy Bodman, Deputy Pendell, Bob West, Brandi Peetz, Laura Renz and Brian Standow?

Another, swing and a miss – this is well over three strikes!?! Another big loser in the recent S-R’s hit piece against me: Sheriff Supporter Laura Renz who now – along with the likes of Bob West, Brandi Peetz, and even the Sheriff… have all lost in their attempts to gain Restraining Orders against me and in silencing this website. So, who’s next? You would think that Knezovich would be “denouncing” any affiliation with this kind of on-going nonsense… Not so, FBI Informant and Ozlican, Republican, State Committeeman Brian Standow is likely next… stay tuned! And, who is fake Facebook Page, Barry White: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100025088732424

Primary Source Documents for this post available at:


And, finally, the FBI’s JTTF must be devastated… the resignation of Brian Standow… maybe, it would be easier, and a lot more affordable if they just recruited me… to spy on myself – just sayin : )

Called it, I seriously warned Brian Standow not to get involved with Knezovich and his band of Merry Ozlican’s… anyone, and everyone, is expendable. And, there is no loyalty to anyone, especially; Conservative Christian Republicans…


Scott Maclay – DumpOzzie Dot Com can be reached at 509.714.7974 or at scott@scottmaclay.com or Face Book at https://www.facebook.com/DumpOzzie/

Sheriff Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?), whatever, is the S-R’s Secret Weapon in returning control and the revenues of the City of Spokane Valley to the S-R and the Downtown Interests… to include our law enforcement contract.

Think about it! Sheriff Knezovich Fake (r)epublican, has been endorsing and supporting Liberal (D)emocrats and (p)rogressives while the Spokesman-Review (S-R (?) has been endorsing and supporting him since our Incorporation as a Valley City (?)… WHY??? I’ll bet Bob West and his daughter Brandi Peetz know… and will be supporting Knnezovich along with Liz Moore and the Rainbow Coalition on the 14th of August at the City of Spokane Valley accordingly…

So, why is Sheriff Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?) hanging out over at Democratic Leader Sally Jackson’s swimming pool with past Valley Legislator George Orr (D)??? Looks like some deal has just been struck between the Democrats and our Fake Republican Sheriff, and it doesn’t look good for Rod Higgins (R) or the rest of the REAL Republicans…

Apparently, Knezovich (r) spends a lot of time over at Sally Jackson’s house by  the pool – pictured here with her grandson Chris Jackson (D) who ran against Rob Higgins (R) in the last election, and maybe the next… Sheriff Knezovich seems to be spending a lot of time lately with Liberals, Democrats and Progressives… Knezovich, a true Ozlican (r)(D)(p)(?) true to the Republican Party that he, himself created – the Republicans of Spokane County (r)(D)(p)(?) whatever…

And, what happened to Knezovich for this picture? Maybe, he’s the one taking the photo : ) Hey, is that Bob West and Brandi Peetz? Smelly Sheriff Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?) preparing to again cross party lines to undermine the true Republican Party… Is this all a continuing attack on the True Republican Party and the City of Spokane Valley by the S-R and in their continuing agenda in returning control to the Downtown Interests and their agenda in maintaining control over us? Why, is Knezovich relentlessly dividing the Republican Party with an unwavering support from the S-R???

Sally Jackson and friends, including; Knezovich have opposed Valley Incorporation since day one… 18 plus years ago. As, a kid, I took swimming lessons from Sally… she now says she should of “drowned” me… who says stupid sh#t like this? And, talk about audacity – having your liberal, leftest, socialist group photo on the very sidewalk of a City Hall you didn’t even support – what a smelly bitch!?! And, where was her step-son, Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?), for this protest that he, himself, initiated against Higgins (R) and Chase (R)? Folks, this is an Ozlican… Not a Real Republican!?!


We Believe, We Vote, and We silence the voice of accountability, openness and transparency for a Murderous and  Corrupt Sheriff with Blood on his Hands!

We Believe, We Vote – denied a simple interview to DumpOzzie.com, his testimony in Christ, his experience in law enforcement, and in endorsing a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with Blood on his Hands: In the death of Pastor Scott Creach, a kid named Ryan Holyk, an ARMY Veteran named Zed Zillmer, a visiting Reserve Deputy from Whitman County named William Berger, a dozen deaths in the Jail that Sheriff Knezovich would now like to expand, and millions and millions of dollars in costly lawsuits… We Believe, We Vote, and We silence accountability, Openness and Transparency… God Bless!
Tiered of the Religious Heresy? Decide for yourself… there was NO apology from Sheriff Knezovich to this Pro-Life Protester or the Valley Activist who filmed it:
Do you really want these hypocrites making religious decisions for you?

And, who is the winner (Pic A (D) and who is the loser (Pic B (R) in Sheriff Knezovich’s personal vendetta in labeling his detractors Bigots and Racists while trying to create a new FAKE Republican Party that completely supports his endorsements and support of Liberals, Democrats and Progressives? I’m sure CMR is regretting the day she ever recommended and supported Knezovich for Spokane County Sheriff…

Here are the Top-Ten+ Pictures/Reasons not to vote for Sheriff Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?), whatever… these are the reasons why I placed my name on the ballot for Sheriff – to report the truth – decide for yourself.


Ryan Holyk, the victim of the Sheriff’s cover-up, conspiracy and phony video demonstrating that Holyk was not struck by Deputy Bodman… which raises another question in what Knezovich has done with Deputy Bodman – MIA from the SCSO? Sheriff Knezovich?

Pastor Creach, shot to death on his own property, at the Valley Plant Farm. The Medical Report says he was on his knees, and with his hands in the air, and with his own blood on the back of his raised hands!?! And what has become of the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) Report into his death? Crickets! Bob West, and Brandi Peetz say it exists, so where is it Knezovich?

Pastor Creach’s wife would like to know why it is so important to Knezovich to have unmarked patrol vehicles? I met with her with attending her church several weeks back. I promised her that as Sheriff I will comply with this community concern and make the necessary changes.

Ryan Holyk, does this look like a kid who simply fell off his bike as Knezovich asserts? Ryan died of massive head and chest trauma just days after Knezovich asserted that Deputy Bodman did not strike this child, and even though Bodman told the truth and is still trying to tell the truth while mentally recovering from this ongoing lie! The entire SCSO is outraged in Knezovich in insisting in maintaining Bodman’s silence while seeking to get re-elected – again!!!

SFD Lt. Terry Canfield, and his family were killed at their family home by convicted murderer Roy Murry. I reported that the convicted murderer was in the home of Deputy Pendell just prior in retrieving his guns from Deputy Pendell and the LVPD… Lt. Terry Canfield and his family were murdered, and I and Matt Shea got a defamation lawsuit supported entirely by Knezovich – and that has now resulted in Deputy Pendell being placed on Prosecutor Haskell’s Brady Cop List for lying!!! The Lawsuit is all but dead… as is the truth in this matter under a cover-up by Knezovich, but not when I am elected and I reopen this Investigation in search of Knezovich’s role in it, and his cover-up and conspiracy.

Matt Shea (R) has suffered at the hands of Sheriff Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?) whatever, and more that anyone else in simply wanting to preserve our local Republican Party and free of the FAKE Republicans that Knezovich has created in his Republicans of Spokane County (RSC). Which is made up of Liberals, Democrats, Progressives and host of other posers that Knezovich often calls on to run against the real Christian, Conservative, Republicans that Shea has established – like Ed Pace, Mike Munch, Caleb Collier and others that Knezovich often violates the Policies and Procedures of the SCSO in searching out candidates that will simply support his control of the City of Spokane Valley Police Department – a practice he has been actively involved in for 18 years, and since our inception as a City, I know as I have been fighting to install a more cost-effective law enforcement department and for all those years! Matt Shea on the local media: they are dirty, godless and hateful people – Amen!

Spokane County is #3 for property crimes in the Nation… and #1 for inmate deaths in the Jail. Can you imagine what would happen if the jail were to be expanded, at taxpayer expense, under the Leadership of Knezovich and his minions!?! As, your next Constitutional Sheriff, my office will be in the Jail, while available to any inmate contemplating suicide, and working towards taxpayer cost-saving “diversion programs” with NO JAIL EXPANSION!


Mark Sterk, is the past Sheriff of Spokane County, we haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but I do share his concern about the working conditions in the SCSO under Sheriff Knezovich. Recently, I have attended Sterk’s church in the Valley and attended his Bible Study on a couple of occasions. I have come to respect him, and will seek his presence on my Quality Management Board in running the SCSO.

The Mormon Lavoy Finicum Family… if, ever there a was evidence that Sheriff Knezovich is not a Constitutional Sheriff – or even a dedicated Mormon – this is it. During Knezovich’s last Threats we Face Event, Knezovich stated that he would have starved Lavoy out! Coming from a Sheriff who wouldn’t denounce a Deputy for stating that the MRAP is for Constitutionalists amassing guns and ammunition, left town to avoid an interview with INFOWARS, files Restraining Orders to take the gun rights away from his political opponents – like me, and denies PRR’s in determining his exact role with FEMA… this is not a Constiutional Sheriff or Constitutional anything.

My “estranged” sister, Sheri Herberholtz, who participated in a recent “hit piece” against me with the Spokesman Review. Had her biker bar, Cruisers, shut-down at Stateline, Idaho for nudity by the Idaho Liquor Control Board along with a $25,000 dollar fine. Sold out, moved to Florida, and then had another unfortunate encounter there. As, I don’t drink alcohol and encourage others not to consume alcohol accordingly, I guess it’s kinda “strange” that the S-R didn’t share this in their FAKE NEWS hit-piece against me in misleading all of you… right? Her arrest for in Florida is somehow probably my fault too? But, Sheriff Knezovich never denounces his supporters when he is using them… right… Phil Tyler, Deputy Hirzel, Deputy Bodman, Deputy Pendell, Bob West, Brandi Peetz, Laura Renz and Brian Standow.

Phil Tyler looking to Jesus for help with the pending Discrimination Lawsuit filed against him and his buddy the Sheriff by the women in the Spokane County Jail… when caught in an embarassing situation like this, the Sheriff just starts calling everyone else bigots and racists and white nationalists…

Sheriff Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?) whatever, endorsing Amy Biviano (D), the wife of Andrew Biviano the leader of the local Democratic Party, as pictured on her mail-out to the voters in her recent bid against Rep. Matt Shea (R)… you would think this would be a concern to the local GOP? r=fake republican, D=democrat, p=progressive, which leaves you with ?=WTF? Which is what most real conservatives are asking about the Sheriff’s formation of his own Republican Party called the Republicans of Spokane County, or RSC, who supports him and the fake republicans he supports for offices like Brandi Peetz, Linda Thompson, and Chris Jackson – Valley Democratic Leader Sally Jackson’s grandson.

Another Knezovich (r) endorsement to Candice Mumm (D) over Christian Conservative Republican – Josh Kerns (R), of his own Republican Party. Is anyone starting to question why our Fake Republican Sheriff is endorsing Democrats over established Christian Conservative Republicans?

Rob Chase (R), selected by the local GOP PCO’s to replace Shelly O’Quinn… but not acceptable to Knezovich (r) who supported yet another Fake Republican with absolutely no proven credentials – Mary Kuney (?). This pattern is undeniable and certainly a menace to the Real Republicans in the local GOP diligently working for the good of their own future.

Bob West “fired” by the City of Spokane for misuse of public computers and proprietary programs in assisting his daughter, Brandi Peetz (?) in stealing an election from Caleb Collier (R) in the City of Spokane Valley with the endorsement and support of Sheriff Knezovich (r)(D)(p)(?) whatever, while violating the SCSO Policies and Procedures in doing so. Bob West and Brandi Peetz, both hand-picked members of the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) in throwing Ryan Holyk back in the street to make sure he was good and dead while exonerating Knezovich – that, folks, cost us a million dollars in a legal lawsuit.

And, what has become of Deputy Bodman… who struck Holyk and told the truth that “he just hit a kid?” Now missing from the SCSO as Knezovich glides towards yet another re-election? Knezovich silenced Bodman in the last election, and is permanently silencing him in this one – now permanently missing from the SCSO for mental issues related to this on-going cover-up and conspiracy at the hands of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with the Blood of Ryan Holyk on his own hands. Do you think this outcome would have been the same if this had been some Mormon’s kid?










A corrupt and murderous journalist… with blood on his hands. A requirement in blindly supporting a corrupt and murderous Sheriff?

Tom Clouse, and the Spokesman Review: As, It is now a matter of Public Record that Laura Renz lost her appeal today, before Judge Price in seeking a baseless Restraining Order – the fourth such failed attempt by Ozlicans since placing my name on the  ballot for Sheriff, and for the truth… I would simply like to thank you for constructing a public flogging against me for simply being community minded and in wanting to share the truth about Sheriff Knezovich.

All, I am trying to do, in changing my name to DumpOzzie Dot Com, is in making more voters aware of the truth about our corrupt and murderous Sheriff by asking the questions that you, and the rest of the local de-press-ed won’t ask, and in exposing the truth about Sheriff Knezovich… so, thanks for the public flogging – that’s just so community minded of you.

For the record, I have NO criminal record. NO active restraining order against me, and despite multiple recent attempts by Bob West, Brandi Peetz, Sheriff Knezovich and Laura Renz.

I have had two completed medical bankruptcies related to my diagnosis with Asbestos. I am on SSDI and a patient at the Center for Asbestos Related Diseases in Libby, Montana. I do not consume alcohol, and I actively assist others in achieving the same outcome – I do not party naked or have had anyone hold a gun on me or do I even play with guns – and I have a legal Concealed Weapons Permit.

I worked for the Sheriff’s Department for 3 years as a Field Agent for the SCSO under Capt. Corky Braun in dismantling the Aryan Nations and the Order – I was there. I have an “inactive” Washington Real Estate Broker’s License that I may activate at will. I am an accomplished licensed pilot and worked at Rocket Engineering/Jet Prop at Felts Field.

I was a Registered Respiratory Therapist with an Acute Cardiac Life Support Certification, a BLS/CPR Instructor, a Pediatric and Neo-Natal Specialist working in a Critical Access Hospital in the E.R. until your article resulted in my “termination.” You should be proud.

Do you enjoy disparaging the handicapped and the truth?

Is this why you became a professional Journalist? Now it’s my turn to target you and the Spokesman-Review through a “defamation lawsuit” – against you and everyone who participated in your “con” against the community.

I will be elected as Sheriff, and I will prevail in suing you and yours accordingly. Seriously, what is wrong with you people in protecting a corrupt and murderous Sheriff at all costs???

Scott Maclay / DumpOzzie Dot Com, 509.714.7974 Scott@scottmaclay.com

As your Constitutional Sheriff, I will “terminate” this cozy relationship between the local de-press-ed and Sheriff Knezovich that has never, ever resulted in a real investigation against him by the Spokesman Review in all his cover-ups, conspiracies, unexplained deaths, phony CAB Reviews, and costly lawsuits… as exposed here on DumpOzzie.com


Why, should I even talk to the local media? Matt Shea doesn’t…


As Sheriff, here are the changes I will implement along with my silent supporters in the SCSO and the Community… in restoring accountability, openness and transparency to the Sheriff’s Department.


Meet the Candidate: Dumpozzie Dot Com (I)

Meet the Candidate: Dumpozzie Dot Com (I)Sheriff

Posted by Spokane Talks on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Scott Maclay pictured left. I love working with neonates, children, and the elderly… and I am certified and licensed as a Registered Respiratory Therapist accordingly. But, I almost didn’t make through medical school as Knezovich personally attempted to have me bounced in keeping me from achieving this day – in placing my name of the ballot for Sheriff.

I am pro-God, pro-His Word, pro-Constitution, pro-family, pro-gun, and pro-life. I am a dad, a grand-dad, and even a great grand-dad – and I have been active in this community most all of my life. And, Dumpozzie Dot Com is collectively the movement of everyone pressing for accountability, openness and transparency in the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

I will not support expanding the Spokane County Jail – as we cannot even manage the one we have. And, my office with be in the Jail, and anyone arrested, for any reason by a SCSO Deputy, will need to be cleared by me, personally, in gaining access to the jail and in remaining there. Clearly, there are too many people being processed through the Jail that have no business in staying there. And I will work diligently towards establishing a Night and Weekend Court in processing citizens who really don’t belong there – and that we really can’t afford in keeping while expanding home monitoring for those of lessor offenses.

I will seek to restore the trust of the Spokane County Commissioners in regaining control and responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the Jail Facility and in eliminating deaths and the resulting costly lawsuits, as experienced under Knezovich and funded by you, the taxpayers.

If, you are arrested by a SCSO Deputy, you will be read your Constitutional Rights, and you will be informed of your charges, and assisted in procuring legal representation prior to any containment in the Jail – Constitutional Rights that have been eliminated by our so-called Constitutional Sheriff – and as experienced in my recent false arrest and false containment in the Jail, at his hands, following the Samuel Strahan Memorial.

I will eliminate the Sheriff’s Last-Chance Agreement with the Spokane County Sheriff Deputy’s Association – a cozy relationship that hasn’t resulted in a single, arrest or charge of any of the 60-70 Deputies terminated by Knezovich in his entire tenure as Sheriff. And, Prosecutor Haskell will finally be free to conduct investigations and in filing charges without any undue influence by Knezovich, or me, as your new Sheriff. If, as a Deputy, you have an illicit sexual affair with a minor at any High School, or drive too fast at night without lights and sirens in striking a child, or in driving way too fast while chasing a suspect the wrong way down a one-way on Live PD, or violate the SCSO Policies and Procedures, you will be arrested and charged – including; me, as your new Sheriff.

There will be no more violating the Policies and Procedures of the SCSO. No more endorsing or supporting candidates or interfering in the political affairs of the Independent Municipalities within Spokane County. No more posting the Sheriff’s image on Crime Check Billboards, No more posting politically motivated materials or videos on the SCSO’s Facebook or  Webpage. No more discrimination of women Jailers in the Jail. No more using the Public’s gas card in putting gas in the Sheriff’s private vehicle. And, no more seeking to become the Chief of the SPD while serving as the Sheriff of Spokane County. No more violations of the SCSO Policies and Procedures or in seeking to have anyone “denounced,” or sued, as in a defamation lawsuit, by anyone affiliated with the SCSO, including the Office of Sheriff, and under any circumstances.

There will be body cams and patrol vehicle dash cams – and they will work properly or the Deputy in operation will be held accountable, and all patrol vehicles will be properly marked! There will be a Citizen Review Board that is not under the control or influence of the Sheriff or the Sheriff’s Office. It will be truly independent, possess investigative power, and make independent and disciplinary recommendations accordingly that will be accepted.

I will eliminate SCOPE – that has become nothing more than Knezovich’s community re-election campaign offices. I am going to introduce and press for a new Citizen Deputy Program that provides limited legal authority to Citizen Deputies in policing their own neighborhoods and in participating in assisting actual Deputies in patrol assignments. I will look to institute a program where neighborhood pastors will serve in this same role and working in assisting and resolving issues and problems within their own nieghborhoods.

There will be no more clandestine relationships between the Sheriff’s Office and the local de-press-ed… in protecting and promoting the Sheriff in cover-ups and conspiracies, at all costs, over the truth. The truth will come first, and the Sheriff’s personal outcome – last.

I will terminate Knezoivch’s Recruitment Office in the Spokane Valley Mall and also the billboards at taxpayer expense. Their will be no more costly lawsuits related to dead pastors, dead kids, dead veterans, and dead visiting reserve deputies from neighboring counties… just accountability, openness and transparency.

And, if there is a successful lawsuit, and a condemning Report from the Citizen’s Review Board, someone may be getting terminated and prosecuted – period. And, there will be apologies when apologies are due! I will decentralize the leadership in the Department and institute more checks and balances. I will demilitarize the working environment that welcomes casual dress, and a commitment in returning Spokane County to the Mayberry RFD community that it used to be… before Knezovich. And, the MRAP will be sent back… and, there will be no more SCSO participation in the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

I will introduce a SCSO School Safety Support Program in utilizing the Sheriff’s Training Facility for School Districts who want to expand my Citizen Deputy Program into their respective districts and in arming school teachers accordingly. And, yes, I am pro-NRA. I will support a Constitutional Carry County – or at the very least, on-line gun permits for law abiding citizens… and you will not be cited for sipping a latte, or talking on a hands-free cell phone, or, more importantly, for using your weapon in stopping a crime that threatens anyone’s life, liberty… or property!

Justice for Pastor Creach, for Ryan Holyk, Zed Zillmer, William Berger, and Sheriff Knezovich. And, namely, you the taxpayers of Spokane Co.

And, you have my word on all of this, and as a life-long resident of Spokane County… my word is my bond. No one, that has ever been a candidate for Sheriff has ever proven their commitment to self-defense more than Scott Maclay… the press will try to say otherwise, but I have no problem in anyone in pulling one’s concealed weapon and “threatening” to use it… against anyone who is also “threatening” to take anyone’s life, liberty… or property! Any questions? If, we are to preserve the values that mean the most to us here in Eastern Washington, we must work to become the 51st State of Liberty.

You can reach Scott Maclay – Dumpozzie Dot Com – at 509.714.7974 or at scott@scottmaclay.com


Sheriff Knezovich is actively funding Deputy Pendell’s lawsuit in suing Matt Shea and Scott Maclay for calling him out in the missing murder weapon in the death of SFD Lt. Terry Canfield – and even though the Court has ruled that Pendell is a Public Official with no future prospect of any economic outcome, and as Pendell now finds himself on Prosecutor Haskell’s “Brady Cop List” – for LYING!

The Sheriff’s Mormon Brother Deputy Pendell participated with Sheriff Knezovich in initiating a Defamation Lawsuit against Scott Maclay in attempting to silence his inquiries into the missing guns in the Terry Canfield triple murder. But, in the end, it is Pendell who finds himself now on the Prosecutor’s “Brady Cop list” for lying. Are both the Sheriff and Pendell involved in a cover-up and a cover-up and a conspiracy in the Canfield murders? I think so… and as Sheriff, I will re-open this investigation.

I am really not surprised. As Sheriff, my office will be in the jail, and any inmate placed there by any SCSO Deputy, will have to be approved by me to be admitted. And, any Inmate who needs consultation will have direct access to me accordingly. I will press for a Night, and Weekend Court, and anyone who doesn’t really belong in jail will be booked and released, and I will seek to expand home monitoring accordingly.

Four deaths – four suicides, and in recent months. And, on top of all the others and costly lawsuits against Sheriff Knezovich, Spokane County, and you the taxpayers. When is enough, enough?



Spokane is now #3 in the Nation in Property Crimes… but clearly this has nothing to do with Knezovich… right?

SPOKANE NOW #3 IN THE NATION FOR PROPERTY CRIMES!… and Senator Michael Baumgartner couldn’t hold back on the criticism of Knezovich beginning back in 2016.

The Senator had nice things to say about Knezovich, but also unspooled a litany of critiques: He pointed out that Knezovich hadn’t succeeded in getting his police accountability bill through the legislature.

“I liked the bill, but Ozzie was unable to build much of a coalition behind the bill,” Baumgartner says. “He just doesn’t have much experience in actually building a coalition to turn ideas into actual laws.”

He suggested that Knezovich hasn’t been battle-tested in a tough election. He noted that Knezovich has been pushing for a new jail for years, but has never been able to gather enough support for a tax increase to make it happen.



Sheriff Knezovich: can’t control his deputies, claims to have fired some 60-70 deputies – without a single charge from Larry Haskell – and can’t recruit deputies!?! Nothing is going to change in the SCSO until the environment changes, and that’s not going to change as long as Knezovich is Sheriff. Had enough? Vote: DumpOzzie Dot Com.

My good friend – Ryan Holyk’s father, Aaron, at the front doors to the City of Spokane Valley Police Department… this is not why we Incorporated the City of Spokane Valley… we deserve our own Police Department – and I am the perfect candidate in doing so. Photo posted on Facebook by Tim Viall… 










Stay informed on our daily updates on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/DumpOzzie/?ref=bookmarks

DumpOzzie Dot Com – A Documentary of Sheriff Knezovich’s abuses, deadly debacles, cover-ups, conspiracies, unholy alliances, and costly lawsuits, and one man’s passion for the truth, accountability, openness and transparency. Decide for yourself…

The Honorable Judge Eric Dooyema,  Spokane County District Court. Wasn’t much impressed today with my request in changing my name from Scott Maclay to DumpOzzie Dot Com – Flat turned me down three times before being persuaded by my sincerity and my passion for accountability, openness and transparency in the Sheriff’s Department.

Disclosure: This post is often updated… local press and their inquires with added notes at the bottom.  It is incomprehensible that the S-R would print such a character assassination against me with all these facts at their fingertips – and which confirms their Liberal Agenda in support of a Corrupt and Murderous FEMA Sheriff…

The Sheriff’s Department is irreparably broken under the leadership of Sheriff Knezovich… and along with supporters within the SCSO and the informed community, I am going to return integrity, accountability, openness, and transparency back to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

And, so a 18-year battle and campaign, in a journey to replace Sheriff Knezovich now begins!

I am placing my name on the Ballot for Spokane County Sheriff… I am Pro-Constitution, Pro-God, Pro-gun, Pro-family, Pro-Life, Pro-NRA and Pro-God’s Word… and truly Anti-Knezovich in standing against his Ozlican’s who support him at any cost to you, the taxpayers, and – because he’s just Un-Republican… decide for yourself:

I presented this morning in the District Courtroom of the Honorable Judge Eric Dooyema. I sat patiently, waiting for my turn, which turned out in being called last in the Courtroom for the purposes of changing my name – from Scott Maclay – to DumpOzzie Dot Com. Making it much harder for the local press in freely misrepresenting the facts surrounding the Sheriff’s cover-ups and conspiracies and distain for my ongoing efforts in holding him accountable, open and transparent.

Judge Dooyema, and I, shared in a laugh as it was fairly evident that he had, in fact, saved my request for last…  and even though he was more than honorable in his treatment of my request, he flat denied my request at least three times, as I continued to argue that I presented my request before him with NO criminal construct or orchestration in deceiving the public.

Last Sunday morning at Donna’s Restaurant in the Spokane Valley. Scott Maclay has changed his name to DumpOzzie Dot Com. No matter what is said about me… you will always know where to come for the truth. And, for accountability, openness and transparency you will never get from Sheriff Knezovich.

I think, Judge Dooyema originally thought I intended some political stunt, but it ended with his sincere belief in my genuine and passionate approach towards conducting a political campaign as DumpOzzie Dot Com – and my efforts in standing against Knezovich over the past 18 years. And, today, I am not alone in this campaign – with the support of for the truth in Law Enforcement, and on all levels of the community, in exposing the Sheriff’s false allegations, false arrest, false charges, and a complimentary public flogging and along with my false incarceration against me at the Samuel Strahan Memorial – https://examplepro.me/

Samuel Strahan, like Ryan Holyk, another victim of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff’s cover-up and conspiracy in getting re-elected in 2018.

I am placing my name on the Ballot in exposing the truth in what happened at Freeman High School. The District had sent Caleb Sharpe for a mental evaluation, as he had made threats against other students.

On his return to too school, one of two things happened… either he was greeted by the Resource Officer, Deputy Nye, who accepted Sharpe’s response that his large duffle bag was full of golf clubs, that Nye did not verify, or that the Deputy didn’t even present to greet him – Sheriff Knezovich didn’t want me asking these questions of anyone at Samuel’s Memorial at University High School… so he falsely incited his deputies into believing I was under investigation for making death threats against him, his wife, and his children… and into supporting him in falsely harassing, arresting, flogging, incarcerating and silencing me in solitary confinement while violating my Constitutional Rights – https://examplepro.me/

In fact, Sheriff Knezovich did not even charge me or read me my rights in delivering me to jail – apparently not reading one their Constitutional Rights or presenting the accused with their charges is no longer a requirement with our so-called Constitutional Sheriff, and now a standard operational procedure?

In either outcome, the  SCSO is going to bear liability, which is very concerning to Knezovich in an election year.

Knezovich attempted to cover his tracks, including; pressing for an FBI, Joint Terrorism Task Force Investigation against me, and a Formal Review of his “dismissed” charges to Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell to the Pend Oreille County Prosecutor – who along with the FBI both sided against Knezovich and his actions.

While I have NO criminal history, if has become painfully apparent that Knezovich would like to have created some for me… as I have prepared for this announcement. And, our relationship over the past 18 years in my efforts in trying to free the City of Spokane Valley from his undue influence, and costly control, of our law enforcement contract. Which, as a past member of the City’s Law Enforcement Committee, is known to be costing Valley Taxpayers an additional 2 million dollars a year – and with deadly outcomes to pastors and kids.

Not disclosed in the S-R article is the fact that Scott Maclay, is a Registered Respiratory Therapist, an Acute Cardiac Life Support Specialist, Pediatric Acute Life Support and  Neonate Resuscitation Program Specialist, and an Instructor. A past Board Member of the Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce, a Formation Member of the City of Spokane Valley and a Past Director of Sales for Rocket Engineering for JetProp. And, for two decades, was the leading real-estate broker in the Spokane Valley.

It wasn’t long, before the Spokesman-Review became informed of my accomplishment, in changing my name, and called me to ask if I will be announcing for Sheriff in placing my name on the Ballot next week. Well, I will most likely being doing so in taking a stand against Knezovich and his Unholy Alliances with the local press, but here are some of the highlights of my up-coming announcement:







DumpOzzie.com and our support group the Rattlesnakes MC are “Liked” by Anonymous. The Rattlesnakes MC exposed the Sheriff in the MRAP protest featured on INFOWARS concerning Deputy Moffit and his comments that the MRAP was for Constitutionalists amassing guns and ammo that Knezovich declined to denounce.

I am placing my name on the Ballot because I disagree with Knezovich’s, and his friend, Phil Tyler, in their unfair and illegal treatment of the Female Jailers in the Spokane County Jail. When elected, my office will be in the Jail, and I will take back the responsibility, taken away from Knezovich, in running it responsibly… and in deciding who does, and who doesn’t get into it, and when arrested by anyone in the SCSO. There will be NO Jail Expansion, NO more inmate abuses and unexplained deaths, and NO new taxes to you, the taxpayers, accordingly.

Mike Mauer tells Scott Maclay to keep up the good work while stopping to talk to members of the Rattlesnakes MC at Riverside and Monroe… and on his way to the Spokane Club… I personally appeared and argued against the Sheriff’s Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) in their decision in prematurely exonerating Knezovich, and his phony reconstructed video, built at taxpayer expense. The S-R was all too eager to assist in the death and cover-up of a child that was later  re-investigated and determined that Ryan was, in fact, struck by Deputy Bodman. Today, in this election year, Bodman is gone from the SCSO and Knezovich isn’t talking!

I am placing my name on the Ballot because I believe the SCOPE Program has become nothing more than costly neighborhood, re-election campaign offices, for Knezovich. And, I will be replacing it with a far more affordable and effective community-based policing program with the assistance of a past SCSO UnderSheriff. That will welcome more citizen involvement and without these on-going, and unnecessary, exorbitant costs.

Scott Maclay, standing beside the entrance to the family State Park on the Banks of the Bitterroot River outside of Missoula, Montana.



I am placing my name on the Ballot to eliminate Knezovich’s phony Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) that continues in serving NO other purpose other than exonerating him in his controversial cover-ups and costly conspiracies. And, despite the fact that he has cost us, the taxpayers, millions and millions of dollars in taxpayer funded settlements. I will replace his CAB with one that is truly independent and arms-length from the Sheriff’s position and Knezovich’s phony control in exonerating himself.

Pastor Creach, Greenacres Baptist Church, and the Valley Plant Farm… would Deputy Hirzel have been permitted to go on vacation the following day following his shooting of Pastor Creach if this had been a Mormon Bishop? I doubt it!

I am placing my name on the Ballot to “demilitarize” the SCSO. In sending the MRAP back to the Federal government, and in encouraging a work environment for the SCSO with “decentralized” control, and a relaxed dress code that encourages more of a Mayberry RFD environment – and there will be NO more “unmarked” patrol vehicles.

I will support Constitutional Carry in Spokane County – no more gun permits – or at the very least, on-line gun permits for all law-bidding citizens… but I will fight any State Regulation of our Constitutional Rights and will encourage relaxed enforcement accordingly. And, I personally support the 51st State of Liberty in eliminating those permits completely.

Mrs. Wayne Scott Creach a widow of Knezovich’s support for unmarked vehicles and Deputy Hirzel who shot her husband while he was on his knees, with his hands in the air, on his own property… possibly stopping a Deputy from loading flowers into a City of Spokane Valley Patrol vehicle to take home to his residence in Hayden, Lake… Idaho. At Taxpayer Expense!









A photo taken in Hayden, Idaho as a SCSO Deputy is returning to his private residence, so why is he taking my picture in simply holding him accountable? How long has this been going on – at taxpayer expense? Well, despite the fact that Knezovich claims to have fired Deputy Hirzel for the very same reason… the practice continues today – and your paying for it!

I am placing my name on the Ballot in terminating Knezovich’s Last-Chance Arrangement with the Spokane County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, and their participation in funding candidates who support Knezovich in interfering in the affairs in the independent municipalities of Spokane County and his continuing interference towards controlling their law enforcement contracts. And, as Sheriff, I will obey  the Policies and Procedures of the SCSO in not endorsing or supporting any political candidate or political cause accordingly.

I am placing my name on the ballot in ensuring that you are read your rights, and that your Constitutional Rights are preserved in any interactions with SCSO Deputies. I will not tolerate breaking the law, shooting pastors, running over kids, or in not using any lights and sirens at night, while driving at unsafe and unnecessary speeds in the community. Or, in tolerating Resource Officers entering into sexual relationships with high school students in committing Statutory Rape without prosecution Resource Officers, or in driving 90 mph on the Couplet while going the wrong way and while being filmed by Live PD. If, you break the law, under my command, you will be held accountable like any other citizen.

The Sheriff placed a mysterious letter on the SCSO website claiming I had been asked to cease and desist by the Holyk family… from protesting against him and pressing for the truth in the death and cover-up of Ryan Holyk… but unknown to Knezovich was that members of the family were actually funding our protests and in our efforts in pressing for a re-investigation that eventually resulted in a One Million Dollar Settlement. What is truly amazing, is that Knezovich was actually acting like he was working on the behalf of the Holyk family!?! And, so we coined the term – A Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with Blood on his hands!

I am placing my name on the Ballot as I will not tolerate the shooting of Veterans, like Zed Zillmer, who was on his knees with his hands in the air while surrendering in front of the Spokane Valley Mall, or in chocking to death a Reserve Deputy from any neighboring county – as with Will Berger who was basically murdered on the South Hill by City of Spokane Valley Deputies.


WARNING: The Missing Brian Standow Video in the murder of Zed Zillmer, an Army Veteran in the Spokane Valley – courtesy of Brian Breen. Is this why Sheriff Knezovich really terminated Deputy Hirzel? And, not because he was driving his patrol vehicle home to his residence in Hayden Lake, Idaho… like a number of other deputies who continue in doing so at public expense?

Knezovich claims to have “fired” some 60-70 Deputies – but without a single resulting charge or conviction (?) – And, I will not interfere with the Investigations of the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office, or Prosecutor Haskell and his subsequent decisions accordingly.

Does this bring back any memories… Scott Maclay, pictured left, and members of the Rattlesnakes MC who threatened to toss teal volleyballs in front of speeding deputies breaking the Policies and Procedures of the SCSO and the law!
Sheriff Knezovich treated the Teal Volleyball press campaign to keep the Holyk matter alive before the press in threatening to arrest Scott Maclay and members of the Rattlesnakes MC.
Knezovich says this mailer was not an endorsement of Mumm (D) over Republican Josh Kerns (R). What Republican does this?

Sheriff Knezovich silenced Deputy Bodman who initially admitted to dispatch in saying that “I just hit a kid.” Knezovich silenced Channel 4 News in personally yanking Bodman’s statement that had already aired once. And, then hired Grant Fredericks, at public expense, in building a phony video in demonstrating that Holyk – “simply fell off his bike!?!” And, while later dying, on a ventilator, of massive head and chest injuries.

And, while Knezovich lied to the family and the public in getting re-elected, and in getting exonerated by his Citizen’s Advisory Board while I personally argued before them against their decision and in pressing for a re-investigation… that later resulted in the truth and a ONE MILLION DOLLAR settlement. But, with NO APOLOGY from Knezovich, and who has now rumored to have silenced Deputy Bodman into mental instability with his sincere guilt in being forced to remain silent with the lies – resulting in his decision in quitting his position with the SCSO, and as Knezovich is again to looking to get re-elected.

I am on the Ballot for Sheriff for one reason – in exposing the truth about Sheriff – and in this regard, I have already won this election in surviving all of Knezovich’s efforts in keeping me in enduring to provide you with the truth – and $25,000.00 in legal debts thus far in standing for the truth. And, all his bullying, disparagement, denouncements, false arrests, public floggings, intimidation, falsely placing me in solitary confinement, and in subjecting me to an FBI Investigation that resulted in support for his Corrupt and Murderous actions, with blood on his hands.

And, there will be NO more costly Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuits against the Citizens of Spokane County involving Sheriff supported cover-ups and conspiracies without complete accountability, openness and transparency. And, there will be apologies and when apologies are due.

It’s getting very difficult in ignoring these multi-million dollar lawsuits against Sheriff Knezovich over at KXLY 4 News, now even involving the women working in the Spokane County Jail…
Jesus, really, another one… So, how are we going to “spin” this one??? Nevertheless, maybe, we could get Daniel Walters to help us out in deflecting this one over at the Inlander… this is sooo Un-Republican!!!

As Sheriff, there will be No more Unholy Alliances between the Sheriff’s Office and the local Press in promoting cover-ups, conspiracies or in just plain in ignoring or in the construction, manipulation, orchestration or misrepresentation of the truth from the public we serve.


Unholy Alliances… Knezovich supports Amy Biviano (D), who’s husband is the leader of the local Democratic Party and against Republican Matt Shea (R) ?

I am placing my name on the Ballot as we will have body cams and dash cams. And, Citizen Deputies working in the support of Deputies while also living in, and assisting in protecting all our neighborhoods.  And, who would stand against such a sensible and cost-effective method in protecting our neighborhoods? Hopefully not the Spokane County Deputies Association. And, I will NOT encourage the enforcement of distracted driving citations for sipping a latte or in speaking on a hands-free cell phone while driving your vehicle in Spokane County.

Mary Kuney over Republican Favorite Rob Chase. The daughter of Bob West and former Sheriff’s CAB member – Brandi Peetz – over the Christian Conservative Republican favorite – Caleb Collier. Chris Jackson (D) over Pastor Ed Pace (R)… and the list of the Sheriff’s Unholy Alliances goes on and on and on…

Knezovich often ignores the Republican Party as in their recent decision to support Mary Kuney, for County Commissioner, over the Republican Party favorite – Spokane County Treasurer, Rob Chase.

Often, Knezovich ignores party decisions in endorsing Liberals, Democrats, and Progressives with absolutely no proven Republican History: like Brandi Peetz and Democratic Party Leader; Sally Jackson’s Grandson, Chris Jackson. Anything, to unseat the Christian Conservative or anyone else not cooperating in delivering their Law Enforcement Contract to his control… no matter the cost, and no matter who gets killed in the process. In fact, while the City of Spokane Valley makes up the vast majority of Knezovich’s operation budget, it is the rest of Spokane County that is funding his debacles and costly lawsuits in the Valley… think about it!

Brother Deputy Pendell participated with Sheriff Knezovich in initiating a Defamation Lawsuit against Scott Maclay in attempting to silence his inquiries into the missing guns in the Terry Canfield triple murder. But, in the end, it is Pendell who now finds himself now on the Prosecutor’s Brady Cop list for lying. Are both the Sheriff and Pendell involved in a cover-up and a conspiracy in the matter related to Roy Murray and weapon used to kill the Canfield Family? I think so… and as Sheriff, I would re-open this investigation. Other than the Sheriff now trying to sweep this entire matter under the rug, and his full knowledge of it, this lawsuit is now dead with the recent Court Decision that Pendell is, in fact, a public official – imagine that : ) How long do you think Pendell will last now that he is a complete liability to Knezovich in this election year?

In reality, Knezovich has had more to do in assisting Hillary Clinton, and her agenda, than Trump and his… In fact, Knezovich has no proven history in even supporting Trump. But, he’s certainly tried to be the best Sheriff the Democrats could hope to support – even stating that NO Republican could ever even hope to ever get re-elected… as a Republican (?). So, what is he really, a Democrat, a Liberal, a Progressive or ? Clearly, he’s a chameleon with NO allegiances to anyone!

And, so begins the era of what many are labeling as Ozlicans… Ozzie must be obeyed and supported with No accountability, No openness or transparency and without regard to any integrity – they will say anything, do anything, and whatever it takes to maintain control – and no matter what deadly outcome must be covered-up, or what conspiracy, or how much it ends-up costing you as a taxpayer! Scott Maclay, DumpOzzie Dot Com, clearly is choice in restoring accountability, openness and transparency to the SCSO. This is now more than one man’s passion for truth and justice, but a growing community effort now involving Law Enforcement.


Alex Jones/INFOWARS on Sheriff Knezovich and in support of Scott Maclay’s efforts to give the  MRAP back… apparently acquired by Knezovich to be used against Constitutionalists amassing guns and ammo in Spokane County. What more: simply Google Spokane MRAP on Youtube and decide for yourself… https://www.infowars.com/?s=Sheriff%20Knezovich

I will be adding to this growing list through-out my campaign, and in responding to the Press that is blindly in complete support of Knezovich’s questionable agenda. I have been disparaged, denounced, harassed, falsely arrested, accused, flogged, and falsely incarcerated. Along with failed allegations and even an FBI investigation and even a failed Restraining Order by Knezovich, Bob West and Brandi Peetz… for simply asking the appropriate questions and standing for re-establishing accountability, openness and transparency in the Sheriff’s Office.

Scott Maclay and his great grand-daughter…

No matter what is said about me by the local de-press-ed, remember that I would never, ever, participate in the cover-up and conspiracy in the death of a pastor, a kid, a veteran or a reserve deputy sheriff from a neighboring county or all the costly legal outcomes. All the supporting facts, to all my assertions, can be found here on DumpOzzie.com or as supported by Brian Breen, a retired SPD Internal Affairs Detective, at https://examplepro.me/

Decide for yourself… Knezovich and Tyler who tired to have the Valley City Council denounce me for racism?


The Lavoy Finicum Mormon Family. Sheriff Knezovich says he would have “starved” Lavoy and the others out! Who says things like this? Certainly, no self-proclaimed Constitutional Sheriff…

Sure, as a life-long resident of the Spokane Valley I have made my fair share of mistakes… but, I have never done anything that compares to any of this. And, wear is the Mormon Community on Knezovich and all these costly and deadly debacles anyways? This is so Anti-Christian and Anti-Family.



Can you imagine what would happen if the jail were to be expanded, at taxpayer expense, under the Leadership of Knezovich and his minions!?! http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2018/aug/26/spokane-county-jail-records-eighth-inmate-death-in/


Lt. Terry Canfield and his family were murdered in the middle of the night at their family home by a convicted triple-murderer, Roy Murry, who did, in fact, receive his guns back for the Las Vegas PD from Deputy Travis Pendell. Who had accepted them through a licensed firearms dealer here in Spokane County and then provided them to Murry, in the middle of the night, and from his own family residence.
Guns, that could have easily been converted to the caliber used at the Canfield murder scene… and what does Knezovich have to say about this? Concerning Murry, whom he must of had a role in appointing to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force… Crickets!
Is it any wonder that Knezovich put a diabolical plan into motion in having Deputy Pendell sue Legislator Matt Shea and Scott Maclay in a distracting and phony defamation lawsuit!?!

So, why was Arlington Richards Investigated and Fired by the County? When Sheriff Knezovich doesn’t properly respond to his PRR’s, then no one else in the County does either and tyranny prevails… with NO answers provided!

A Pro-life protester harassed and detained in violation of his Civil Rights… If, it wasn’t for a Valley Activist, Kayloni Bonner, this individual likely would have been arrested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4I8Pk4nKj98








As, for me, I am placing my name on the ballot for Sheriff as I have no secrets, just kids, and grand-kids, and even great grand-kids… and a sincere interest in accountability, openness and transparency… and in restoring Mayberry RFD – the way it used to be before the militarization of our law-enforcement by Knezovich.

The local de-press-ed aren’t going to talk about any of my offered solutions to these on-going and outrageous problems caused by Knezovich and his apparent George Soro’s Agenda – none.

So, please consider joining the movement to replace a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with Blood on his hands… Do it for Pastor Creach, and Ryan Holyk, and the so many others and their families. Stand with me in standing for accountability, openness and transparency… and in restoring Mayberry RFD to Spokane County… the way it used to be before Sheriff Knezovich.

Scott Maclay – DumpOzzie Dot Com

Knezovich vs. DumpOzzie Dot Com – the Main Event… stay tuned!

I’ll replace Knezovich with leadership within the SCSO that will stand for accountability, openness and transparency.

And, who will stand-up in taking individual authority and responsibility in decentralizing power in managing the SCSO.

My name is Scott Maclay, let’s do this together – DumpOzzie Dot Com!


Their is only one thing more dangerous than a man with all the resources… and that’s a man with nothing to lose – Scott Maclay – DumpOzzie Dot Com.

You can contact Scott Maclay – DumpOzzie Dot Com – at 509.714.7974 or email at scott@scottmaclay.com.

Daniel Walters, the Inlander – There is no love loss between the local de-press-ed and Scott Maclay – and there will be continuing contempt without investigation, and all journalistic values will be constructed, orchestrated and beautifully misrepresented – which may be viewed as an improvement to what hasn’t happened in any of Knezovich’s continuing debacles. No matter what is said about me, know that I have never participated in the deaths, cover-ups, and conspiracies of dead pastors, children, veterans or even a reserve deputy of a neighboring county and then lied to you, while asking you, the taxpayers, in paying for settling my lawsuit! And, where was the local de-press-ed on any of these costly cover-ups involving Knezovich – Crickets! But, oh, no… when in comes to Maclay… the clowns are finally going to be permitted to act like real journalists! So, refreshing, right!?!

Notes to the De-Press-ed: I have never been a Confidential Informant for any Law Enforcement Agency. I was recruited as a Field Agent to the SCSO by Captain “Corky” Braun, and where I served for several years as a clandestine member of the Federal Task Force that dismantled the Aryan Nations and the Order. I continued in that position until the retirement of Captain “Corky” Braun with the SCSO, who had placed me in URM Stores in the warehouse, and where I eventually retired with a partial retirement and until entering into my successful role as a Real Estate Broker – two decades as the leading resale, real-estate broker in the Spokane Valley.

I was offered, employment with the CIA on the completion of my Degree in Economics and Labor Relations from EWU.

Notes to the De-Press-ed concerning an active Restraining Order: Currently being sought against me by a women who was my wife for some 6 months, some 13 years ago, and who is currently an ardent Sheriff Knezovich supporter! This matter was discussed extensively with Judge Dooyema in his decision in allowing me to change my name to DumpOzzie Dot Com, as well as, the fact that I am represented by a very capable family attorney respected by Court – Eowen Rosentrator.

Notes to the De-Press-ed concerning Matt Shea: I have never been a bodyguard for Matt Shea, which is hilarious as the S-R is now quoting their own false stories in this current construction against me. But, I have played a role as Sheriff in protecting my community from alien invaders and poser Republicans… like Sheriff Knezovich : )

Notes to the De-Press-ed concerning my Residency: I have been a legal resident of the Spokane Valley and Washington State for over 45 years. While I spend a significant amount of time in Montana and Idaho, I do not participate as a legal resident in those States, and I purchase non-resident hunting and fishing licenses there accordingly. I have Asbestos from my early exposure in Libby, Montana, and have a terminal diagnosis. In learning to live with Asbestos, I experienced 2 Medical Bankruptcies – and a devastating period in my journey towards becoming a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

Clearly, you would wonder why any Investigative Reporter, like Daniel Walters of the Inlander, in using this photo wouldn’t have asked why I was wearing this kind of full-body armor protection while speaking to a crowd of some 800 Constitutionalists, at the City of Spokane Valley Police Department. In protesting the Sheriff’s need for an MRAP, and his refusal in denouncing the Deputy who claimed that it was for Constitutionalists amassing guns and ammo!?! Daniel, seriously? Minus 100 pounds of body kevlar and steel plates, I only weigh some 200 pounds…

I spend a lot of time at outlying hospitals, in Idaho, working as a PRN Trauma Respiratory Therapist… and sometimes even stay in those outlying cities for extended periods – but, I’m still a legal resident of the City of Spokane Valley. Yes, I did stay with an elderly lady in CDA, at her beautiful home on the lake… like many other non-residents who stay on Lake Cda, and for an extended period of time, and for the purpose of serving as her personal overseer and as a Licensed Idaho CNA and RRT – and until she passed, but I did not become a resident of Idaho where I continue in purchasing non-resident hunting and fishing licenses… and remained a legal resident of the City of Spokane Valley while remaining politically active.

I also spend a lot of time in Montana with family, and I have family in Idaho and a lot more family in the City of Spokane Valley… where I remain a legal resident.
 With my terminal case of asbestos from my early years in Libby, Montana, I cannot reasonably look forward to ever purchasing a home again. However, I would note that Sheriff Knezovich doesn’t own one here either… and isn’t the subject of any inquiry or investigation… so why me?
My medical support network, and insurance network, related to my terminal lung disease and over the past 20, or more, years since being diagnosed with asbestos, is also based in Spokane. And, as demonstrated
by the Sheriff’s use of Deputies in his on-going harassment of me in my preparation in running for Sheriff, including; in falsely arresting me, flogging me, and falsely incarcerating me while falsifying “Death Threats”
to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, exemplifies my need for kevlar as demonstrated in the recent photo by the Inlander where I am wearing full body armor while speaking to some 800 Constitutionalists against the Sheriff and his need for an MRAP for Constitutionalists amassing guns and ammunition in Spokane County – without any denouncement of his Deputy who said it. Why?
Clearly, I am not safe in Spokane County, for holding the Sheriff accountable while preparing to place my name on the Ballot against him. So, why is it a concern to anyone that I am cautious with my actual
location or living arrangement at anytime, and why is it a surprise that I have become clandestine and wear kevlar. For the record, I am always close by, and ready to give an account of my decision in placing my name on the Ballot for Sheriff. But, I am never alone, always protected, and anyone to attempts to violate my privacy, or in interfering into my private relations, will be rudely awakened to where I may actually be residing at the moment and if you come looking for me.
So, who, may I ask is harassing who? And, who is actually making “Death Threats” against whom?

Notes to the De-Press-ed concerning name changes: I was born to my parents in Missoula, Montana as Michael Scott Maclay. At about age 10 my mother and step-father changed my name to Michael Scott Dunwell. I carried this name throughout all my school years here in the Spokane Valley and including through my graduation at Central Valley High School. When my children were about to begin attending University Elementary… I changed our last name back to Maclay and now benefit from relationships with both my father and my step-father. During my years with the SCSO, my name was Neil Armstrong, as given to me by Captain “Corky” Braun. My name, was never changed to hide any criminal conviction.

I was convicted of trespassing in the early 1980’s, and the Court provided me with an opportunity to have the matter “purged” from my record in exchange for 6 months of Community Service. I completed over 5 years of volunteer service while working as a Teacher’s Assistant with troubled youth in the Spokane County Juvenile Justice Facility School and under the Direction of Rosemary Bippes – and was awarded a Spokane County Distinguished Service Award for my volunteer commitment. Other, than what the Sheriff may falsely drudge-up against me, I have no criminal history as demonstrated by the lack of any records accordingly in the Record’s Division in the Public Safety Building – therefore, I have NO criminal history.

Notes to the De-Press-ed concerning my Real-Estate Licensing: I do not own or have any ownership interest in any real-estate in any State.”

My Washington Real Estate Broker License is currently in “Inactive Status.” Over the 20 years as a Real-Estate Broker and even a RE/MAX Franchise Owner – with 25 agents and staff, I only endured 1 successful complaint against my brokerage with well over 5000 transactions.

My Idaho Real Estate License was revoked by my competitors on the Idaho Real Estate Commission without any criminal charges, and who have now adopted all my suggestions in conducting Flat Fee Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Access – as I successfully did in Washington without any issue.

Pictured above: Governor Butch Otter, and I, at the home of Duane Hagadon discussing the over-reach of my competitors on the Idaho R.E. Commission in revoking my license. Governor Otter agreed with me that the Commission likely erred in over-reacting in protecting their own individual economic interests, and those of the real-estate companies they represented… and he has promised to intervene accordingly.

Today, and as a result of this public flogging, all the Citizen’s of Idaho may enjoy the cost-saving benefits of Flat Fee Access to the MLS.

If, I think of anything else I have possibly ever done wrong, over the 45 years of my residency in the Valley, or could be constructed or orchestrated into something it is not… I will post it here.

Hit Piece #1 – Daniel Walters and the Inlander… May 17, 2018:


If, you want the truth, accountability and transparency… you will not find it at the Inlander who has never offered a truly Investigative article, as demonstrated in this Blog, concerning any of Sheriff Knezovich’s deadly and costly debacles. Why are these 800 people in attendance of an event I sponsored at the Spokane Valley Police Department in demanding accountability of Sheriff Knezovich? In denouncing Knezovich and his MRAP as necessary for Constitutionalists amassing guns and ammunition… as your new Sheriff, I will send the MRAP back!

Who are these some 800 people in attendance, in the Spokane Valley, in listening to me speak? Why is INFOWARS there in my support and why  must I wear full-body kevlar? And, most importantly, where was Dan Walters and the Inlander?

Blatant Lie #1. Maclay is not a tormentor, but a supporter of the truth, and a life-long resident of the Spokane Valley. A CVHS graduate, a dad, a grand dad, and even a great-grand dad to a large family here in the Spokane Valley. A past Valley Chamber Board Member, a formation member of the City of Spokane Valley, the past leading real-estate broker in the Valley for two decades, and as a Registered Respiratory Therapist – with No criminal history.

Blatant Lie #2. I was born Michael Scott Maclay, but was given the name of Neil Armstrong as a recruited Field Agent in working with the SCSO in participating in the Federal Task Force in dismantling the Aryan Nations and the Order.

Blatant Lie #3. I refused the Spokane County Deputy’s Association, and then Deputy Knezovich’s endorsement – the only one of the initial City Council Candidates (that included Diana Wilhite and Mike DeVleming)… and his control of our Valley Law Enforcement Contract that continues in costing us 2 million dollars or more a year, than what we promised the taxpayers that we could deliver in forming our own City of Spokane Valley PD. The resulting math: 18 years x 2 million dollars a year = 36 million dollars, a dead pastor, a dead kid, a dead veteran, and even a dead reserve deputy killed by Deputies as provided to us by Knezovich who are all also residents of North Idaho – and not residents of the City of Spokane Valley. And, no there were no tossed teal volleyballs in our efforts that led to the re-investigation of the Ryan Holyk murder, and a 1 million dollar settlement for Ryan’s family.

Editors Note: Knezovich, and the Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputys Association has spent 10’s of thousands of dollars, while violating the Department’s Policies and Procedures, in basically “bribing” and endorsing candidates like Bob West’s daughter, Brandi Peetz, towards guaranteeing that our law enforcement contract would be delivered to Sheriff Knezovich… while interfering in the cost-cutting measures of the Valley Voters in voting for Incorporation.

Blatant Lie #4. At the Sheriff’s own humiliating experience, and in violation of my Civil Rights, the Sheriff has falsely arrested me, publicly flogged me, and falsely incarcerated me at the Samuel Strahan Memorial – find out why below on this Blog – with all his charges “dismissed” by Prosecutor Larry Haskell following an FBI Investigation that he pressed for resulting in the fact that he lied, and that I have made NO death threats against anyone. The Inlander has been provided all this documentation by Brian Breen, a retired SPD Internal Affairs Detective with some 40 years experience as also documented on the link below to his posting.

Blantant Lie #5. I do not plan to “kill” Knezovich – I just simply plan on replacing him as Sheriff, and the Spokesman-Review’s agenda towards Dis-Incorporating the City of Spokane Valley.

As Sheriff, and in my push for returning Spokane County to Mayberry RFD, I will be “demilitarizing” the SCSO… and sending this weapon of mass destruction back to the FBI… along with their Wyoming Invader – Sheriff Knezovich.

Blatant Lie #6. This is not Journalism and a new low for Daniel Walters and the Inlander. So, why do I not agree to interviews with murderers like Knezovich and their supporters, like Walters,  as demonstrated here – decide for yourself…https://examplepro.me/


Apparently, Knezovich believes a lot of people are making “Death Threats” against him… and Alex Jones responds to the Sheriff’s involvement with the Southern Poverty Center!

When it comes to accountability, openness and transparency… Scott Maclay is already the Sheriff of Spokane County.

I spend a lot of time, today, in North Idaho and Montana where I have family and employment as an RRT. The Sheriff will be quick to point out that I do not own a home in Spokane County, but neither does he… and while the City of Spokane Valley is my legal residence… I seriously doubt I would even be alive, today, if I spent too much time there with his Ozlicans always seeking to harass me.

DumpOzzie.com is about the story of Scott Maclay and his journey in standing for accountability, openness and transparency with a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with Blood on his hands. Decide for yourself…

I attended Opportunity Elementary, North Pines Junior High, University High School, and then graduated from Central Valley High School.

I attended SCC, and graduated from EWU with a degree in Economics and Labor Relations. I worked full-time for U.R.M. Stores in the Warehouse as a member of the Teamster’s Union, where I earned a retirement pension, while raising a son and a daughter who also attended Valley schools, and remain here in the Spokane Valley while now raising my grandchildren – and in the very community and in the very schools that we all attended.

I am the direct descendant of Senator Samuel Maclay, Pennsylvania, who was their first Senator and attended Congress in New York City. Historically, he was the most Anti-Federalist of all our Forefathers, and the Godfather of our Jeffersonian, or Republican-Democratic system. And, I completely share in all his heritage; Pro-God, Pro-gun, Pro-life, and less government.

I interned under Sean Harrigan of the UFCW, and later became the leading, resale, real-estate broker in the Spokane Valley, for nearly two decades, and served as a Board Member on the Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce while working towards Incorporation of the Valley, and in establishing the City of Spokane Valley where I still legally reside today. And, contrary to a recent article in the Spokesman-Review, my Washington, Real-Estate Broker’s License is currently in Inactive Status with the DOL.

I also worked for a short period as the Director of Sales for the Mid-South Region for Rocket Engineering in the sales of JetProps and in my continuing love of flying.

Scott Maclay is not a racist… but Knezovich and Tyler did abuse and discriminate against the female employees in the Jail…

After being diagnosed with Asbestos from my early childhood years in Libby, Montana, and between my fifth and seventh grades as my step-father and mother worked for U.R.M. Stores there… I was confronted with the reality of adjusting to my developing, complicated health and lung issues, costly hospital stays with pneumonia, bankruptcy, and then in returning to SCC to complete two years of advanced classes in A&P, Biology, Chemistry, Math, and was accepted to medical school graduating with a Degree in Respiratory Care while completing successful clinicals in all the local area hospitals.

Today, I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist, working ER, PACU, Trauma, and as an Acute Care Life Support Specialist, a Certified Pediatric Acute Life Support Specialist, a Neonatal Resuscitation Program Specialist, and a Basic Life Support Instructor in outlying Critical Access Hospitals and local hospitals as well. I am currently licensed in Idaho and Washington.

Daring to tread… in attempting to squash the Rattlesnakes MC in holding Knezovich accountable. Who else, but Scott Maclay has been able to get to the truth?

I began confronting, then, Sergeant Knezovich, and his interventions into the City of Spokane Valley’s development as a member of the Law Enforcement Committee. I had served the SCSO as a volunteer member of the Dive Team, and while working undercover in the Federal Task Force that dismantled The Aryan Nations and The Order. My experience resulted in my selection and an employment opportunity with the Central Intelligence Agency, and my placement in the USAF Honorary Commander Program.

Me and a good friend of the Spokane Valley riding the North Fork of the CDA River.

I was well equipped to challenge then Sergeant Knezovich who represented the Spokane County Sheriff Deputy’s Association, and who was busy in, basically, “bribing”  candidates for our new Valley City Council in return for control of our Law Enforcement Contract – a practice that continues today – and that has resulting in the payments of thousands, and tens of thousands of dollars from the Deputy’s Association into the unwarranted interference in the affairs of the City of Spokane Valley, and while openly violating the Polices and Procedures of the SCSO. In fact, of the initial candidates that were elected, I was the only candidate who didn’t accept any contributions – but ask Diana Wilhite and Mike DeVleming how much they accepted next time you see them.

And here’s the math, to date, and over 18 years, this practice has cost us, the taxpayers of the City of Spokane Valley, 2 million dollars a year – which has now accumulated to some 36 million dollars, over the past 18 years, that Knezovich, who is not even a resident of the Spokane Valley, has continued in doing so… a total disrespect for the determination of the Voters in the Valley in Incorporation…

A City of Spokane Valley Police vehicle on his way to work early one morning in North Idaho – how much is this really costing us, the taxpayers, and why was Deputy Hirzel “fired” for this very same reason? Often, these Deputy’s can be seen speeding with their lights and sirens in the State of Idaho where they have absolutely NO authority. As Sheriff, this practice would come to an immediate end!

In effect, and since the Incorporation of the City of Spokane Valley, Knezovich has participated in undermining our cost-savings proposals to the taxpayers  while “bribing” Liberal Democrats and Progessives to run for offices in the Valley as Republican’s, and with no Republican history or values, against our Christian Conservatives while taking a stand against our Valley Legislators, while endorsing and supporting candidates who always vote for his costly law-enforcement contract and with deadly outcomes – and while violating the Sheriff’s Departments Policies and Procedures.


I orchestrated a protest at the Spokane Valley City Police Station, and with over 800 local citizens in attendance, and Deputy Moffett’s comments in that the MRAP was necessary for Constitutionalists amassing guns and ammunition – and why you never even disciplined the Deputy who said it. Here are some clips worthy of your consideration:

So, what has Sheriff Knezovich given us in return for our support?

A phony Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) and Investigations that even includes a missing Report in the Pastor Creach assassination…  shot on his knees with his hands in the air… while Knezovich scoffed at the taxpayers who endured a costly lawsuit and settlement while he continues in defending unmarked patrol vehicles – maybe, because, he drives one (?).

Your lucky I didn’t f#cking shoot you! Your SCSO Deputies under the leadership of Sheriff Knezovich. This is what happens when you “militarize” your local law enforcement department. No apologies… even when we do f#cking shoot you!

“Your lucky I didn’t f#cking shoot you,” Deputy Robert Brooke told the homeowner, who’s home his partner Deputy Evan Logan had just entered from the back through an unlocked door.

The only problem is, they’re snooping around the wrong house while investigating a potential burglary. They had been given the correct address, but they couldn’t find the house and assumed the caller was mistaken. Deputy Evan Logan walks around back and shines his light through the windows. He checks the handle on the double French doors that lead into the basement, and finding it unlocked he enters and begins to search the home!

Conner opens the door, and he’s ordered out of his house and onto his knees. The deputies put him in handcuffs at gunpoint, according to court documents. Conner filed a federal civil lawsuit against Deputy Robert Brooke and Deputy Evan Logan and Spokane County, including; claims of assault and battery, false arrest and imprisonment and negligence in a lawsuit that a Federal Judge ruled in June of 2015 – may be pursued – and with a likely outcome at taxpayer expense.

And, what leadership and integrity has Knezovich provided concerning these two deputies… not even an apology to their victim – Real Mormons do not commit assault and battery, false arrest and imprisonment and negligence without seeking restitution… just sayin Sheriff. Is anyone noticing a pattern here?


Brian Standow, now State Committeeman for the local GOP… filmed the execution style death of Zed Zillmer in the Spokane Valley… he subsequently lost his guns and his gun rights under questionable circumstances… along with the video of the Zillmer execution. He now can be found carrying a concealed weapon, supporting Sheriff Knezovich, but, hasn’t got a clue what became of the Zillmer Video… Unholy Alliances… right?

Brian Standow filmed the shooting of Zed Zillmer at the Spokane Valley Mall – claims to have given a copy to Treasurer Rob Chase, but he isn’t talking either. I’ve personally seen his video that shows Zillmer on his knees with his hands in the air. It appeared that possibly one Deputy may have accidentally fired one round… followed by a multitude of Deputies shooting Zillmer at least a dozen times… Standow then lost his guns and his gun rights at the hands of Knezovich under circumstances that would offend any law bidding citizen – along with the video of the Zillmer shooting. A coincidence?

Whether or not Standow will use his new position as a Republican State Committeeman in pressing Knezovich for accountability, openness and transparency, or in just becoming a part of the on-going problems in the GOP is now well understood… Standow’s desire to conceal carry a concealed weapon without a permit is apparently being permitted by Knezovich in exchange for Standow’s support of him in the Republican Party… more Unholy Alliances… right?


Phil Tyler, looks to Jesus for saving grace… and finding none, he looks to his good brother Sheriff Knezovich… who just like with Bob West, is dug-in over at the Sheriff’s Office waiting to see what everyone else knows before emerging in playing a role as a phony Mormon Saint.

Well, it is an election year, and a good time to practice cultural diversity… unless, it’s with Knezovich’s good friend Phil Tyler, and their cover-up of abuse of the female employees in the Spokane County Jail.


Mark Fuhrman supported Sheriff Knezovich….

Mark Fuhrman and Sheriff Knezovich have been friends for years… Fuhrman supported Knezovich for Sheriff… and just like with Tyler, Knezovich doesn’t say much about their relationship anymore…


Another 2.25 Million Dollar Settlement at the cost of the Taxpayers! Again, Knezovich is always in support of Deputies that really should have been held accountable, and fired!

Intentional cover-ups and conspiracies are taking the life and liberty of too many Spokane County Citizens to ignore. And, are costing us, the taxpayers, millions and millions and millions of public taxdollars!

This story really sums-up why I am preparing to run against a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff:


A Pro-life protester harassed and detained in violation of his Civil Rights… If, it wasn’t for a Valley Activist, Kayloni Bonner, this individual likely would have been arrested.

“This man (Deputy Lawhorn) should be disciplined by God himself,” can be clearly heard by the author who captured it and who has become one of the Valley’s most respected Activists – Kayloni Bonner.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Department recognizes the right of persons to lawfully record members of this department who are performing their official duties. Members of this department will not prohibit or intentionally interfere with such lawful recordings – SCSO Standard of Conduct. Yeah… right!?! And, another law biding citizen is denied his Constitutional Right for standing on the Word of God without any concern or intervention by Sheriff Knezovich.

At this point, you must be asking yourself the obvious question – why are there no video cameras in any of our City of Spokane Valley Patrol Vehicles or Body Cams on any of our City of Spokane Valley Police Officers? And, I think the answer is also obvious, because, dead Pastors, kids, and the violation of Citizen Rights would not be happening if Deputies/Officers were held accountable…

Decide for yourself, and ask yourself, how long will it be before Deputy Lawhorn gets himself into progressively deeper problems just like Deputy Hirzel did… ?

One thing we’ve learned by now with Sheriff Knezovich, is lessons unlearned in giving deputies complete freedom with no supervision, are lessons to be repeated. I thought most Mormons were pro-life? Apparently NOT according to Sheriff Knezovich… but, he’s not a real Mormon anyways is he? Watch the video and decide for yourself…


Rob Lee, pictured left, Matt Shea and Scott Maclay in the foreground were all in, in holding Knezovich accountable when it involved his son… but, not so much when it comes his best friends Maclay and Shea, and now that he has his settlement.


Sheriff Knezovich claims to have fired some 60-70 Deputies… but not one, not a single one, has ever been convicted for anything? How can you trust the integrity of your Sheriff’s Department under these circumstances???

Not even Deputy Cole Speer who committed Statutory Rape with a female student well over 5 years his junior – a legal requirement justifying Prosecution. Or Deputy Bodman, now missing from the SCSO in this election year for driving 75 m.p.h. down Sprague Ave., in the dark, with no lights and sirens in striking and killing Ryan Holyk – why does Prosecutor Haskell keep giving Knezovich these free passes? As Sheriff, this bullsh#t comes to an end.

Sheriff Knezovich says Ryan Holyk just fell off his bike… can you imagine what would of happened if he had said this to one of his fellow Mormon Families about their Mormon child?

The Sheriff placed a mysterious letter on the SCSO website claiming I had been asked to cease and desist… but unknown to Knezovich was that members of the family were actually funding our protests and our efforts in pressing for a re-investigation. What is truly amazing, is that Knezovich was actually acting like he was working on the behalf of the family!!!

I objected to Knezovich that Ryan Holyk had simply fell off his bike – suffering massive head and chest injuries, intubation and mechanical ventilation, and massive head and chest injuries… Knezovich threatened to arrest me and even stated that the Family wanted me to Cease and Desist. I appeared before the Sheriff’s CAB and demanded the truth, and that they not prematurely exonerate Knezovich as based on his own provided evidence… they didn’t listen.

Justice for Ryan… justice for Joseph Bodman… and, most importantly – Justice for Sheriff Knezovich.

And, nobody is listening to them now. A costly lawsuit and a Million dollar settlement was achieved for the family, and at taxpayer expense… but with no apology from the Sheriff. Who even built a phony video, at taxpayer expense, in staging a false outcome while misleading the public in getting re-elected. Who does this? Well, Sheriff Knezovich does this… all the time.

Knezovich has asked many, many community leaders to “denounce” Scott Maclay. Yet, other than for Phil Tyler, none have… why is that? Could it be because most of them also want the truth?


Sheriff Knezovich has asked the entire Valley City Council to “denounce” Scott Maclay, and specifically, Caleb Collier.

In fact, Knezovich has even texted me a number of individual demands to others… but, never a confirmation from any elected official.

Respect is earned, and even though there are those who don’t agree with my tactics… no one has even said that they disagree with my results!



I’ve asked to participate in the Sheriff’s Citizen’s Academy, and was rejected. I asked to participate in his CAB and was denied. I questioned his version of the truth in a multitude of outcomes with deputies that were never disciplined – not one – and while being disparaged for doing so.

Brother Deputy Pendell participated with Sheriff Knezovich in initiating a Defamation Lawsuit against Scott Maclay in attempting to silence his inquiries into the missing gun in the Terry Canfield triple murder. But, in the end, it is Pendell who now finds himself on Larry Haskell’s Prosecutor “Brady Cop List.” Are both the Sheriff and Pendell now involved in a cover-up and a conspiracy with criminal implications?

I’ve endured a baseless defamation lawsuit, and with the assistance of a team of people interested in the truth, we have proven the truth in precise detail… resulting in Deputy Pendell being placed on the Spokane County Prosecutor’s “Brady Cop List.” And, of all of Knezovich’s fears in this election year, the possibility that Deputy Pendell did, in fact, personally hand over a gun to Roy Murry in the middle of the night, at his personal residence, that was capable of being converted to the murder weapon in the SFD Terry Canfield family murders… is now very likely. Resulting in very serious criminal implications for the both of them. As Sheriff, I would get to the bottom of this matter and Knezovich and Pendell’s role in it. Brian Breen, a retired SPD Internal Affairs Detective with 40 years experience engages Knezovich:


Samuel Strahan, like Ryan Holyk, another victim of a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff’s cover-up and conspiracy in getting re-elected in 2018. Did Deputy Nye check Caleb Sharpe’s golf bag when arriving at Freeman High School, or didn’t he? The School District had sent Sharpe for a mental evaluation… and knew he had made death threats… and even when he was returning to school. So, either way, the SCSO shares liability with all the victims in this incident, including; Caleb Sharpe. Where were the adults?

In detail: On the 23rd of September, 2017, I attended the Samuel Strahan Memorial at University High School. A public memorial, at a public high school that I once attended, as my kids, and even my grand kids.

I was surprised to see Knezovich there with a large contingent of City of Spokane Valley Police Officers. Knezovich, incited the Officers by stating that I was under investigation by the SCSO for making death threats against him, his wife, and his family.

Incredible and outrageous allegations that have now been proven completely false by the FBI. The Deputies harassed me while, as my public servants at a public event at a public high school, threatened to arrest me for Trespassing if I didn’t immediately leave… and I didn’t.

Knezovich initiated an incident in shoving me following the event, and while his Officers falsely arrested me, while giving me a very public flogging followed by solitary confinement in the Spokane County Jail. The Spokane County Prosecutor “dismissed” his charges the following Monday – and a Civil Rights lawsuit is now being formulated.

Bob West, past Co-Chair of the Sheriff’s Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB), “fired” from the City of Spokane for accessing City Computers and providing proprietary information to his daughter, Valley City Councilwoman Brandi Peetz in stealing an election from Caleb Collier… both were members of the Sheriff’s CAB that often exonerated Knezovich in matters like Ryan Holyk.

I personally appeared before the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) in urging the Board not to close the Holyk Investigation and in exonerating Deputy Bodman and Knezovich. I asked, with Knezovich in attendance, why the Board would even make this decision with an active lawsuit against the SCSO and Knezovich? Knezovich asked me what could possibly be missing from the evidence as provided in the three-ring binders in front of each and every one of his appointees to the Board? I asked if I could have one of the binders to inspect for myself in answering his question… and he replied… NO! Well, today, we know what was missing. It was the hat-band imprint from Ryan’s cap on Deputy Bodman’s Patrol Vehicle… and now even Deputy Bodman is missing from the SCSO???

Brandi Peetz, were still waiting… you participated in unethical activities in stealing an election while endorsed and supported by Sheriff Knezovich in violating the Policies and Procedures of the SCSO… you should step-down!

Bob West, misusing his position as Co-Chair, now past co-chair, of the Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board… in contacting Brooks Clemmons – Pend Oreille County Prosecutor. Your tax dollars hard at work… right?


For all the up to the minute updates on all these developing stories, check in with Brian Breen, a Retired SPD Internal Affairs Detective with 40 years investigative experience at https://examplepro.me


Brian Breen is the King of the Sheriff’s Deplorables. Without his continuing dedication, guidance, spiritual inspiration and involvement in pressing Knezovich for accountability, openness and transparency, I am sure I would personally be in jail… or even worse.

I’ve never met Brian, and he doesn’t even call me a friend. He is dedicated to the truth, and anyone who is a friend of the truth… well, he tolerates. If you want detail, and the documented facts on all these stories as provided here on DumpOzzie, then stay informed and decide for yourself… https://examplepro.me

When confronted with the truth, no one should be forced by a Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff in remaining silent… and that is why many in the Sheriff’s Department and our Community are supporting me and will benefit from new, decentralized, Leadership. Please vote for Scott Maclay and DumpOzzie Dot Com. The truth is now in your hands, and the truth will return us to Mayberry RFD.









Maclay vs. Knezovich – The Main Event… Coming in May. Are you ready?

So, who will it be? A Corrupt and Murderous Sheriff with Blood on His Hands from Wyoming? Or a man with passion and a vision for accountability, openness and transparency from our own City of the Spokane Valley? The choice is coming… and the choice is yours!?! Also stay informed with Brian Breen at:


Justice is coming for Ryan Holyk… and it’s me. Mathew 5:5

Scott Maclay

Editor’s Note: Scott Maclay has served as a Field Agent for the SCSO on the Federal Task Force that dismantled the Aryan Nations and the Order. He was never a Confidential Informant or a member of the FBI’s JTTF and regardless of what the local reckless press may construct, orchestrate, or otherwise misrepresent – I present with no criminal convictions.

More Unholy Alliances – Sheriff Knezovich says that no one can get elected as a Republican – but, maybe as a little bit republican (r), a lot Democrat (D), a Progressive (p) or whatever (?) works – the Fake Republicans = Ozlicans!

Sheriff Knezovich has said that no one can get elected as a Republican. So here is the Sheriff’s new approach in convincing Liberal Democrats, Progressives, and even Immigrants in voting for him…

Fake Republicans Bob, West, and his daughter Brandi Peetz, hanging out at Democratic Leader Sally Jackson’s home in the Spokane Valley as Republican Sheriff Poser Knezovich snaps the photo.

First you got make the Democrats believe that your… really a Democrat. Here is a picture of Bob West, fired from the City of Spokane, for improperly using proprietary computers and information in the service of his daughter, Fake Republican Brandi Peetz, who used the intelligence while running against a known Valley Christian Conservative – Councilman Caleb Collier. Caleb lost to Peetz who apparently didn’t lose any integrity while appearing at Valley Democratic Leader, Sally Jackson’s, home while posing for a picture with Sally, her father, and Sally’s grandson – Chris Jackson (D).

But, sometimes, that just not enough in convincing the Democrats, so Knezovich took an additional step at Sally’s home embracing past Valley Democrat Legislator – George Orr. But why not Valley Republican Legislators Matt Shea, Bob McCaslin Jr., or Senator Mike Padden?

Sheriff Knezovich has developed a healthy appetite for Democrats in the Spokane Valley as in this mailer for Amy Biviano – over the Valley’s favorite Republican son – Matt Shea. And, when Knezovich is confronted with the truth about Biviano – we get this nonsense:


And, Knezovich kicked Republican County Commissioner, Josh Kerns, to the curb over Democrat Candice  Mumm. Most all these photos can be found on Dump Ozzie on Facebook.


In fact, Knezovich supported Ben Wick for Valley City Council over Conservative Republican Ed Pace. And, as Wick, campaigned and worked hand-in-hand with Peetz while often waiving on street corners and in yard sign placement and maintenance – a first even in the Spokane Valley!

And, Knezovich endorsed yet another nobody with absolutely no Republican experience in Brandi Peetz. Brandi, and her father, Bob West, were both on Knezovich’s Citizen’s Advisory Board exonerating Knezovich while the rest of us funded his costly debacles in both the Pastor Creach and Ryan Holyk – in his cover-ups, conspiracies and costly lawsuits. And, while kicking yet another established Republican and Christian Conservative, Caleb Collier to the curb.

Finally, in violating the Policies and Procedures of the Sheriff’s Department in each and every one of these examples in endorsing and supporting candidates, most Democrats, who are as equally desperate in re-gaining their stronghold in the Spokane Valley as Knezovich is in holding on to control of our Law enforcement contract – which represents some 70% of his budget. Knezovich endorsed Linda Thompson – another Republican nobody – over established Republican, and Christian Conservative, Mike Munch.

Clearly, if ever there was a “snake in the grass,” Knezovich is fully prepared and willing to shoot any pastor, or run down any kid, or bully and intimidate anyone, anyone who gets between him and the Valley’s law enforcement contract. And, the beatings will continue, until he has complete control of our Valley City – and, even if that costs us an additional two million dollars, a year, and year after year after year, over forming our own Police Department as we promised the Voters in achieving Incorporation. Welcome to the new world of our Ozlican Sheriff.

Even, if, he has to create his own FAKE Republican Party to achieve it.


To be continued… stay tuned.